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The 318 Project

Ryan Hare

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Ryan Hare brings The 318 Project podcast that is designed to help equip men through Godly kingdom principles to grow as husbands, fathers and sons. We will help you to grow in your Christian faith and also tips on how to mentor and disciple other men to reach their full potential. We will have tips, discussions and interviews on various topics that we, as men, face in our daily life.
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07/01/21 • 26 min

Do you feel like what you are doing for God is not having an impact or recognition?
Maybe, You got to that point where you felt completely empty and dried up.
Well, you aren't alone.

I will share how an image from an old movie about the desert revealed to me how God uses men and women throughout the Bible as a vessel for Him.

In John Ch 4: 7-15, Jesus spoke about the living water that He had to the Samaritan woman, and it is that same water that flows in those that are saved.

Jesus said we would have rivers of living water flowing from our belly (John 7:37-39).

This is a representation of the Holy Spirit that is poured out in us and flows through us.

Jesus said that we as Christians would do greater things than He. Not because of our abilities and power, but from the Holy Spirit working through us.

We are the vessel. When the Holy Spirit moves through us to speak into someone or over them (prophecy) or a message of tongues and interpretation, We are simply being a willing vessel. Jesus told those that followed Him to go to the upper room . (Acts 1:8)

What God showed me was a water canteen? Just as a canteen carries water to refresh and bring life to a thirsty soul, so are we a vessel that brings living water (the Word) to a lost and thirsty world.

II Corinthians 4:7‭-‬10
II Timothy 2:20‭-‬21

It is the water that brings life and gets the honor, not the vessel. The same goes with us. It is Jesus who gets the glory and honor by the Holy Spirit working through us as the willing vessel.

Like in those movies, like the westerns or others where they are stranded on the desert with only that one canteen. It is great for them while there is water in it, but Once the vessel runs dry it is worthless till they find an oasis or water supply to refill it.

The same applies with us. While we have the Spirit living in us to help uplift others, we too need a refilling of the Holy Spirit to continue on and refill our vessel so that we don't run dry and become worthless.

Jesus talked about that in the parable of the old wineskin in Luke 5:36‭-‬39. This same parable is mentioned in Matthew 9:17 and in Mark 2:22

In Matthew 23:27-28, Jesus even called out the Pharisees about their outer appearance

But again it is the Holy Spirit flowing in and through us that the world needs to see.

Even in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit was placed on men and women at special times to prophesy and speak judgement from God.

In Ezekiel, God shows the prophet of an example of how the Holy Spirit can bring life to dead souls when in Ch 37 God commands him to speak to the valley of dried bones.

Then we see when Jesus is with the disciples at the Last Supper and he begins to wash their feet. In John 13:5-9, Peter tells Jesus not only to wash his feet by his hands and head.

Finally the Holy Spirit gives us an unlimited supply source that never runs dry. However, at times we may become tired, discouraged, run down or overwhelmed, but that is when we need to go back to that water source to refill.

The same thing with those movies when the character finally finds a well or oasis. They drink as much as they can to

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The Loving Life Podcast with Pastor René François offers faith-based solutions to...

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06/17/21 • 61 min

In this episode, I talk with Clifford Hare, my dad and President of Faithful Men Ministries; and David Hare, my brother.
We talk about the importance of a father's blessing of affirmation in a child's life. The meaning of affirmation and where we first hear of the father's affirmation, or blessing, in the Bible.
Cliff shares about how he grew up in a non-christian home and had caring parents, but never had that affirmation of you are a good son.
Many people grow up with an image of the only way we get affirmation, or love, is out of fear unless we accomplish goals in life. Other times we may have a fear that we never measure up to receive that love and affection.
As men, we must allow ourselves to be vulnerable in front of our children and those we mentor. This isn't to show weakness, but that we have difficult time and how we work through them.
The origin of the father's blessing goes back to the book of Numbers 6:23-27 when God speaks to Moses and shares with him the Aaronic Blessing. Later we see when Jesus is being baptized by John that as He comes up from the water that God speaks and tells Him, "This is My Beloved Son, in whom I AM well pleased." This comes before Jesus has done the first miracle, sermon or teaching; yet God was affirming him as his son.
Our identity in society come from the father. This comes with us going back to learn to hear the voice of the Lord.
The way to truly know of that love is not just by having a conversation with God, but having those intimate times with Him; whether in prayer, praise, both or simply just resting in His presence.
Even for Jesus after was affirmed by God, he went into the wilderness that brought a time of testing a walking by faith that we see that Jesus had confidence in His heavenly Father.
Clifford Hare has been married to Patricia Hare for 48 years. They have 2 sons, 1 daughter-in-law, 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. Cliff took over Faithful Men Ministries for Jack King in 2016. He serves as an elder and pastor at the Springs Church in Jacksonville, Florida.
David has works for the Florida State Corrections 6 years and has also is an ordained minister for almost 10 years.

Loving Life Podcast with Pastor René François
The Loving Life Podcast with Pastor René François offers faith-based solutions to...

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What is the first thing you do when you get home with your new phone, car or any electronic device?
Do you stop to read the instructions from the owner's manual, or just start messing with it to figure out all the options that it has on your own?
I remember as a kid, that as soon as I got home with a new video game that I would plug it into the game console and start playing it without reading the book to know the purpose for each level and what some of the options available to help defeat the game. Even when I got Legos, I would open the box and dump all the pieces out and start building what I saw on the box. But, about half way through it looked nothing like what was on the box cover.
That was when I went and got the instruction book or owner's manual out of the box to see what I need to defeat the game or the step-by-step instructions to build the Lego ship.
Even as we get older, we buy a new cellphone or car and immediately start trying to look at what all we can go with it to make us feel comfortable.
Later on when we have an issue arise or help on how to fix it, where do we go?
It is the same thing with our lives and our spiritual walk with Christ. We give our hearts to Him and ask for forgiveness of our sins and start growing. But, over time we get into a routine and then all of a sudden we face a crisis or an issue arises that we don't know how to handle or fix.
Much like when we see a indicator light come on the dash of the car, we can go to the owner's manual to see what the problem may be and what we need to do to fix it.
That owner's manual is the BIBLE!
God's word has so much for us to help guide and lead us in our daily walk. Yes, many of us may read the word in a daily devotion plan. You and I may take the time to pray everyday; even listen to praise and worship music while doing activities. But do we know all the options that are available to us from GOD?
Even for many seasoned Christians that have been saved and serving God for many years will tell you that God is still revealing new things to them when they read His Word. That is the beauty of the Bible is that it is God's breath and is alive for us and in us.
As we read and grow from reading the Bible, God reveals all the options and daily instructions that are available to use that will help us each and every day as we face life.

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05/20/21 • 42 min

In this episode, I talk with Tony Rorie, founder and President of the Men and Ladies of Honor.
Tony talks about the program and how he saw a need in the public school system to help mentor and train young people to understand that they are CHAMPIONS.
Tony is married to his wife Melissa and they have 4 children and one grandson. They live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.
Tony was involved with youth ministry at the church they were attending over 30 years ago when the youth leader transitioned to the family life pastor and the senior pastor asked him to take over.
During that time, Tony was a public school principle for a Title One (at risk) in the Dallas area, when he began to see the need to help troubled young men in his school because many didn't have dads in the home. He began being a surrogate dad to many of the students. Then he took 4 of the worst boys in the school and began to start teaching them the basics of manhood, etiquette and chivalry.
From those four young men the group then grew to around 50 boys and at the end of the school year, the county school leaders asked him what he was doing to see such a dramatic change in these boys grades, attendance and behavior. He shared the program, since most school boards know that the more kids that attend brings more money to the county, and they began to implement his program in several pilot schools, which ended up having better results that what he had done.
The Men and Ladies of Honor goal is to teach young people to honor God, honor themselves, honor parents and then when honor comes it changes everything. Tony tells that the definition of ministry is seeing a need and meeting it. The kids don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. This comes through with affirmation.
Dr. Cole said "When you accept another man's philosophy, you also accept his consequences." And that is what many young people settle for in today's society.
Jack King told Tony "that the #1 job of a father is to affirm our children to greatness."
As the young men and women go through the program, they learn and implement to honor themselves and show respect.
Most young men are looking for affirmation through a parent(mainly their father), a teacher or coach and if you don't get it they will go somewhere that they can find it, which usually is in the gangs. They also want to be recognized for doing the right thing.
From that original pilot program in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area the program has been used in school districts in East Texas area, Oklahoma, Michigan, South Africa, Swaziland, Honduras and Belize.
With the program, it starts with them going through three magazines that help them learn to read the Bible, memorize verses and develop a daily reading and prayer time. Once they finish that segment, the young men earn a dagger as a symbol of honor and then advance to the next level, which is to complete six books from the Dr. Edwin Cole Majoring in Men's Curriculum and then earn a full sword for the boys and a shield for the young ladies.
At the beginning of the program, they take they young men and women, separately, to a weekend camp. On Friday night they talk about salvation and pray with those that haven't received Christ, since many that come have never been raised in a Christian environment. Saturda

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The Loving Life Podcast with Pastor René François offers faith-based solutions to...

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05/06/21 • 71 min

In this episode, I have a conversation with Pastor David Bendett, of Rock City Church in Corpus Christi, Texas.
Pastor David shares his testimony of how he was born in Miami, Florida till he was 5 years old. His father left him and his mother when he was small till she met his step-dad and they moved to the Excelsior Springs, Kansas, where he grew up for most of his teenage life.
After several years, his mother divorces and moved back to Miami, where David went back after High School. It was during this time that he became addicted to drugs and alcohol and also was arrested with LSD and sentenced to jail. It was while he was in jail that he gave his life to Christ at the prison chapel during a Gideon's service. During this time he began to teach other inmates how to read by using the Bible as he was growing in his faith from reading the Bible.
After his time in jail, David decided he wanted to go to Bible college when the Lord directed him to go to Oral Roberts University to get his Business Degree. David then served in ministry at various positions when a friend asked him to move to Corpus Christi to help be a campus pastor for a satellite church.
After nearly six and a half years the senior pastor from the home church, which was based in Oklahoma City, decided to close the church. It was from there that Pastor David and the congregation launched and started Rock City Church that has grown from a school cafeteria to now owning a strip mall that the church is in.
Pastor David shares about his family. His wife Amber, who he met at the church plant, have been married 10 years. They have a daughter, Cadence age 8, and son, Zion age 6. They are currently in the process of adoption.
David talks about one of the darkest times in the life when Amber had to deliver their daughter Eden Grace, who was a still birth at 32 weeks. Through that tragedy, Amber began writing and share their story. From that she wrote a children's book called The Lost Crown and how it is a story of trading ashes for beauty.
David then tells about how the mission field is in our backyard then into the world. He talks about how through the church they are not just active in the community, but also that he owns 2 coffee shops, voted best in Texas, and even sits on boards and committees for the city.
Pastor David shares how Rock City Church believes in the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and that is shouldn't be an oddity, but as they have coined the phrase "Super Normal Natural". It should be natural just as Jesus and later the church did and that the Bible is full of the supernatural.
He talks about how God wants and army and not an audience and that as Christians we should not be consumer, but wind driven. He shares that the fulness of the Holy Spirit comes when we are saved and that initial filling of the Holy Spirit; but that God has more for us through the gifts that we are greater equipped and not all about salvation.
He uses an illustration of how God is a gardener and that is represented in Genesis 1:27 as the job title; but that the job Description of God is defined in Genesis 3:27 in the five fold ministry of being fruitful, multiply, replenish, rein and dominion. This, he relates that God took it from the Garden Commission the the Great Commission and that the same five fold mi

Loving Life Podcast with Pastor René François
The Loving Life Podcast with Pastor René François offers faith-based solutions to...

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04/22/21 • 66 min

Paul Cole is a co-founder and current president of Christian Men's Network. He is a husband to Judi Cole for almost 50 years. Father to 2 sons, Brandon and Bryce and 1 daughter, Lindsey, and grandfather. He is a speaker, preacher and author. Paul has written 2 books entitled "Just a Bartender" and "Daring".

Christian Men's Network was started after Dr. Edwin Louis Cole spoke at a men's event at an Oregon men's camp in the summer of 1977. His passion for men to reach their full potential as Godly men was birthed at that moment.

Dr. Cole wrote the book "Maximized Manhood",that has sold millions of copies and been translated in 36 languages. From that, he also wrote several other books and workbooks to form the Majoring in Men's Curriculum as a tool to help mentor and disciple men.

Christian Men's Network is operating in 134 countries and the books have been translated into 36 languages.

In this episode, Paul talks about what CMN is doing currently with reaching men and families around the world.

We talk about the lack of father's in the family has led to many societies issues of incarceration, gangs, drug abuse, premarital pregnancy and fatherlessness in the home.

The emphasis of CMN is to help pastors and leaders to be able to train the men in their congregation through discipleship.

Paul states, "Many pastors are trained to preach sermons but not how to train men.”
“The immaturity of men has led to the mediocrity of men.”

“God wants us to have a Maximized Manhood and God wants every man to be three things. Consistent, decisive and strong. Consistency, decisiveness and strength are the hallmarks of a mature man”.

Why so many men have struggles in life is because they don’t know their identity. Many have a mid-life crisis because they haven’t found their identity.

“Pressure doesn’t make a man. Pressure only reveals a man for who he really is”.

Paul shares the definition of maturity. Maturity isn’t about age, but the acceptance of responsibility. Maturity is the strength to make the right choice even when the emotions or context of the moment would cause you to do something different”.

Paul also shares how the word “Peace” is misunderstood or misinterpreted. By society’s standard, Peace is the absence of conflict, the absence of storms, the absence of problems. However, “Peace” in the Word of God and lived out in the life of Christ never meant the absence of conflict, it always meant the presence of God even in the middle of the conflict”.

We discuss what CMN is now doing with their Dangerous Nations and Global Fatherhood Initiative. Their goal is to go into the 50 most dangerous nations to help equip 50,000 pastors in the next five years in countries such as Nigeria, Bulgaria, Vietnam and Iran.

Paul also shares stories of men that have over the years had a heart to reach men and change their countries. Men like Pastor Eddie Leo in Jakarta, Indonesia and Alex Mitala in Uganda.

Through the “Majoring in Men” in Uganda, they have seen the AIDS rate go from 33% to 6.4% over a 28 year period by teaching men the honor and respect of women and virginity.

Paul tells how men 30 years ago wanted 3 things:

  1. Success
  2. Respect
  3. Legacy

But, today they are looking for:

  1. Identity
  2. Purpose
  3. Brotherhood/Belonging
Loving Life Podcast with Pastor René François
The Loving Life Podcast with Pastor René François offers faith-based solutions to...

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How do you respond when you learn you have a special needs child?
In this episode, I talk with Paul and Maria Muzichuk as they share about what God has done for them during this season of life with a special needs child.
Paul was born in the Ukraine and moved to the United States with his family when he was 4 years old. Maria was born in Estonia and her family moved to the United States while she was young. Both were raised in Christian homes and met at a Bible College on the West Coast in 2004 and were married in August of 2006. They have 4 children, two girls and 2 boys, ages 13, 10, 5 and 2 1/2 years old.
Both Paul and Maria have a heart for mentoring and counseling. They lead the Arise Biblical Counseling at the Springs Church in Jacksonville, Florida, which they started in 2018.
They both had spiritual mentors that poured into their lives as teenagers and young adults that have helped drive their passion to help others dealing with personal, marriage, mental, emotional and spiritual struggles.
Nathan is their third child and he is 5 years old. At around 2 years old Maria began to notice that Nathan wasn't developing as the older children had at the same age and wasn't talking much either. A worker in the church even noticed that he had minimal interaction with other children in the nursery and mentioned to them that Nathan may have a form of Autism.
When Nathan was around Three and a half years old, Paul and Maria took him for analysis at a place called Childfind, which after a year and a half, said Nathan had a speech delay and possible autism.
In August of 2020, Paul and Maria took Nathan to the University of Florida Pediatric Neuro-Developmental Facility where they performed an extensive testing for 9 months and was then diagnosed with Global Development Delay and Autism Spectrum Disorder.
During the testing they were told that Nathan was having 800 screaming or squealing episodes during a 7 hour period, making it difficult for them to take him places. In November of 2020, Nathan started ABA Therapy working on different cognitive and motor skills and the screaming and squealing episodes dropped down to 10-15 episodes during a 7 hour period.
Paul and Maria talk about how they each individually and as a couple and family sought help through each other, mentors, pastors, family and friends. They talked about have even in moments of questioning and fear, they turned to God and allowed Him to speak and share how even in these moments God has a purpose and plan for each of His children, even those with Special Needs.
This has helped then as counselors to be more authentic and open with those that are counseling and understand the struggles and pain they are going through also.

Loving Life Podcast with Pastor René François
The Loving Life Podcast with Pastor René François offers faith-based solutions to...

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In this episode, I talk with Eddie Taylor, co-founder of Taylor Ministry Group, about his and his wife, Beth, and their ministry that is a vision to help every leader live from a healthy core and to do that by reaching, reproducing and resourcing healthy leaders though mentoring and discipleship.
Eddie and Beth have been married for over 33 years and have three sons. Eddie has been a lead pastor, writer, conference speaker and sits on several ministry boards as an advisor and counselor. Eddie was born and raised in Waycross, Georgia.
Early in their marriage, Eddie and Beth were prophesied over that their marriage would one day be their ministry and today they are fulfilling that calling with The Taylor Ministry Group that believes it takes healthy spiritual leadership to promote church revitalization and evangelism for around the world.
Eddie talks about how his brother Kevin led him to the Lord and how he went to a revival service and was saved on November 2nd, 1986 and then on December 31st was filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit at a youth event when he heard a message given out from the Holy Spirit to receive the Holy Spirit and a calling into the ministry.
He tells about Ray Owens, that mentored him and many others, and how he impacted his life even to this day that they still talk. He didn't just give him encouragement, but also at times that they would go for a ride and he would rebuke, or correct, Eddie in love over a comment or action that he had said or done. This was a father's love of correction and not out of hate and spite.
Eddie also talked about how we should have 3 significant people in our lives and relationships. There are those who are a Barnabas, Silas, or a Timothy. They may be someone that is in your life for a short time that pours into your life or vice versa. Then, there are those that are in your life for a long period of time as either a mentor or disciple.
Eddie planted and started a church in in 2000 till they stepped down in 2018 to start their next season in ministry.
Eddie shared that he has an acronym for mentoring and discipleship. This may be a lifelong or for a season for building and developing a protégé. It is call F. A. T.
F- Faithful ( in that those you are mentoring should be faithful not just to you but in their walk with Christ.)
A- Available ( are they willing to make time for you to pour into their lives and not as a servant to meet your needing.)
T-Teachable ( are they willing to be taught. You can't teach an expert. Looking for those that are hungry to grow in their spiritual walk.)
Eddie shares that when you are mentoring you should always be closing and always looking for the next Timothy. He shared a quote from Mike Breem, which says, "If you attempt to build a church you will rarely make disciples; but if you attempt to make disciples, you will have a church."
Eddie shares what him and Beth do it to teach what you know, but you reproduce everywhere else and who you are. You impress from a distance but impact up close.
He talked about how pastors and leaders should look at attendance or budgets to gauge the health of a church or ministry, and that size and health of a church are two different ideas of ministry.
What discipleship and accountability relationships

Loving Life Podcast with Pastor René François
The Loving Life Podcast with Pastor René François offers faith-based solutions to...

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03/11/21 • 40 min

Are you Puffed Up or Built Up?
Do you know what foundation your faith is built upon?
In this episode, I talk about knowing and building upon a firm foundation in Jesus Christ.
In the fire department, for a promotional exam we have to study a building construction book. The book talks about the 5 different types of building construction. They range from a Heavy timber down to a light-weight frame (basic home frame). One type that I remember studying about was the membrane structure. This type of building is nothing more that a cloth type material that is inflated with positive pressure air to keep the structure up while keeping you protected from the elements and weather; but once the air is stopped, the structure deflates much like a bounce house.
Same with you faith. What is it built on?
Is it built on the Word of God or just on the next fad or wind of doctrine that you like and makes you feel good, but doesn't truly build your faith?
In Luke 6:48-49, Jesus tell the parable of the wise man, who builds his house upon the rock, and the foolish man, who builds his house on the sand.
A high rise building must have a deep foundation to be able to hold the weight and forces that will come against the building and can be several stories large below the surface of the ground. We also need to have a deep foundation in Christ.
1 Corinthians 3:10-15 talks about the wise master builder and the foundation that will last the test of time.
In the building construction book, it tells that a concrete foundation takes up to 28 days to properly cure and set. If not, then you will have cracks, air bubbles, air pockets and unlevel floors. If this isn't corrected early on then you will have bigger issues later on as the building settles.
This is where older Christians feel that they need to step in after a new convert gets up from the alter and they want to tell them what they need to change or fix in their lives before God and the Holy Spirit can work in their lives.
We see that with any building the first stone that is set in place will determine how the rest of the construction can go. This is called the cornerstone.
Acts 4:11 and Psalms 118:22 tell us the Jesus is that chief cornerstone in our lives and faith.
The Leaning Tower of Pisa started being built in 1173 A.D. and in 1178 the builder realized that the building had started leaning after only building the first 3 floors. This was due to the soft ground that consisted of clay, fine sand and shell. Over the next several hundreds of years the shifting soil has destabilized the foundation of the tower.
The builder even tried to compensate with the remaining floors to prevent it from leaning more, but to no avail. It has continued to lean even with the builder taking extra precautions to maintain the center of gravity.
So, how do you build a FIRM foundation on Jesus in you life?
Here are 4 steps to help you.

  1. F- Faith (scriptures for reference: Matthew 16:17-18; Hebrews 11:1-3; Ephesians 2:8)
  2. I- Inspiration (II Timothy 3:16-17)
  3. R- Read God's Word (Deuteronomy 17:19; Psalms 119:11,16; Jeremiah 36:6; Mark 12:10; Ephesians 3:4)
  4. M- Meditate on God's Word( Psalms 1:2, Psalms 119:15;
Loving Life Podcast with Pastor René François
The Loving Life Podcast with Pastor René François offers faith-based solutions to...

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07/15/21 • 63 min

In this episode, I have the privilege of talking with Chris Newton. He is a firefighter/Engineer for the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department.
Chris shares his testimony of growing up and not really experiencing church till around the age of 10.
He tells how the message was of Heaven or Hell and felt more of a pressure to not choose Hell. Even with this decision, he still lived a reckless life for the next 28 years.
Finally in September of 2015, Chris hit a low point in his life going through a second divorce.
It was during this time that he found an old Bible someone had given him and fell down on his knees in a spare bedroom and sincerely gave his heart to God.
Chris has a wonderful wife, Arline, of 2 years, and has 2 sons from his previous marriage and 2 step-daughters.
Chris has been in the fire service for almost 25 years and shared how a ride along at fire station inspired him to pursue a career in the Fire Service.
He shares about the moment in November of 2015 how he has a "Road To Damascus moment" with God will on a hunting trip with his dad.
He tells about those that have been a mentors and influence in his Christian walk and how his desire is to see the needs of those on the job as well as in the community and be there to help.
Verses Reference:
2 Corinthians 5:17
John 15:5
John 10:10

Loving Life Podcast with Pastor René François
The Loving Life Podcast with Pastor René François offers faith-based solutions to...

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The 318 Project currently has 57 episodes available.

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The podcast is about Christianity, Faith, Religion & Spirituality, Mentor, Podcasts, Religion and Spiritual.

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The episode title 'Are You An Empty or Overflowing Vessel For God?' is the most popular.

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The average episode length on The 318 Project is 35 minutes.

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Episodes of The 318 Project are typically released every 14 days.

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The first episode of The 318 Project was released on Mar 28, 2020.

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