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Political Spirits podcast

Franklin Rye

Why the Left and the Right should have a few drinks and talk. An experienced professional who spent years working public policy matters at the local, state and federal level talks about how our system is malfunctioning and the simple solutions that we need to employ to fix it.


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Attacks on Freedom of Speech

Safe space craziness

Law school weakened

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The Great Reset & its Link to Covid Restrictions

World Economic Forum & use of Covid to remake Capitalism

How far journalism has fallen

Rare to find actual journalists

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My election predictions

Democrats & the Left are aligned & have gone insane

Censorship & suppressing speech

Big tech

Is New Mexico in play for Trump?

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Was there Election Fraud?

What are Trump's chances to win his election challenge?

The impact of the internet on journalism

Wild Sidney Powell developments

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Timing for when we will learn about voter and election fraud

Frightening globalist environmental criminal prosecution proposal

The Republican Populist future

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Trump challenges vote counts in multiple states

Ballot and election fraud alleged

Hammer & Scorecard software

Senate election results

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episode art

11/30/20 • 20 min

Supreme Court smacks down NY Governor Cuomo

Justice Gorsuch blunt concurring opinion

New Trump Election challenge developments

Pennsylvania developments

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Disturbing entanglement of media and federal bureaucracy

Why most polling is useless but Rasmussen rebounds

Latest instance of Twitter Anti-Republican Bias

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Biden Scandal big picture breakdown

How the election is like the movie Caddyshack

Shocking new polls boost Trump

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Impact of SCOTUS rejection of TX case on Trump odds

Tulsi Gabbard Bill re Transgender Sports

Democrat Restriction of Bars & Restaurants for Covid prompts analogy to Soviet Union

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How many episodes does Political Spirits podcast have?

Political Spirits podcast currently has 127 episodes available.

What topics does Political Spirits podcast cover?

The podcast is about Beer, History, News, Military and Politics.

What is the most popular episode on Political Spirits podcast?

The episode title 'Political Spirits Ep 119 - Freedom of Speech Threatened & Snowflakes Practicing Law' is the most popular with 1 listens and 1 ratings.

What is the average episode length on Political Spirits podcast?

The average episode length on Political Spirits podcast is 23 minutes.

How often are episodes of Political Spirits podcast released?

Episodes of Political Spirits podcast are typically released every 7 days.

When was the first episode of Political Spirits podcast?

The first episode of Political Spirits podcast was released on Jan 27, 2019.

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