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268 Espree Devora - Leading with Honesty, Passion & Service

Podcast Junkies
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07/16/21 • 74 min

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06:36 – Harry welcomes back to the show the very first guest in Podcast Junkies history, Espree Devora, who shares her background as a professional podcaster and her passion for spotting the latest trends

20:25 – Espree talks about what excites her the most about the still growing podcast industry

26:29 – Why Espree considers herself an artist, first and foremost, and her aspiration to become a writer

34:40 – Espree talks about being vulnerable

48:25 – Espree opens up about her childhood and how her experiences impact her today as an adult

57:31 – Espree shares the inspirational story of Call Her Daddy and its creator, Alex Cooper

1:04:51 – Espree encourages frustrated podcasters to continue on your own unique journeys

1:12:04 – Harry thanks Espree for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her


“This is a little trivia, ‘Where was the first interview on Podcast Junkies recorded?’ In my car, at night in Silver Lake. This sounds so sketch by the way. Across the street from a restaurant. Why did we do it that way?” (10:10) (Harry & Espree)

“I’m gonna say something that I probably shouldn’t say out loud but eff it. I feel like now that everybody’s in podcasting I kinda want to move on to the new.” (18:22)

“We have those same opportunities now to create what the business models are as podcasters. And that’s extremely exciting to me.” (22:17)

“I consider myself an artist. I’ve always described podcasting as painting audio.” (26:33)

“I’m interested in guiding people how to create deep, meaningful relationships and helping others to do so, to make it more of a viral effect and scale human connectivity.” (31:55)

“The skills that we developed by having the personality types that surrounded us ended up creating skills within us as adults that we maybe weren’t aware of.” (48:45)

“If I could embrace the journey rather than be attached to my idea of the outcome and just embrace that my whole life is a story and I don’t know how it’s gonna unfold, maybe I would feel a lot more peace.” (1:03:42)


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Women in Tech

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