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Passion To Profession

Ash Rao

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Join Ash Rao as she explores what it takes to live a passionate purposeful life. Podcast will showcase experts ranging from creative entrepreneurs, artists, authors and change makers who are making a difference in this world in their own way. Host will dig deep into guest interviews and their journey from passion to profession and ultimately finding life purpose. Show will have expert advice, life stories, success habits and routines along with fun facts like favorite book, quote and so on that subscribers can learn and apply in their own life. This show will be fun and lively and will ignite a spark within you!


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“Don’t be defined as what you see as an opportunity.
Instead, be willing to create your own”

- Heather Monahan

This episode covers the incredible comeback story of Heather Monahan – a former C-level executive who successfully climbed the corporate ladder , shattered glassceiling to claim her spot in C-suite and then after being named as ‘One of the most influential women in Radio ‘ in 2017 faced an unexpected and sudden termination from employment !

Heather shares with Ash -

· Her initial years of working in various sales jobs and then working her way up to be the chief revenue officer / VP of sales at online media/radio business

· Climbing through the corporate ladder, becoming a c-level executive and winning several awards including ‘ One of the most influential women in Radio’ in 2017

· Her bitter experience of getting fired unexpectedly soon after she received the award which left her shocked and led her to pursue her own business ‘Boss in Heels’

· Initial struggles and challenges she faced on her way through writing her first best-selling book ‘Confidence Creator’ and becoming a Keynote speaker!

Heather’s work is featured in CNN, Forbes, Fast Company and many top publications!

Her first book - ‘Confidence Creator’ was ranked #1 in amazon business category and she is now launching her second book – “Overcome your Villain” which is now available for pre-order here!

Episode highlights /Timelines

9.41 – Tips for building high self-confidence

14.31 – Tips for public speaking

15.24 – About Heather’s new book ‘Overcome Your Villains’ and her 3-step process to overcome adversity in life and business!

18.50 – rapid fire fun question round

For more details visit -

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This episode is part of special series called 'Women Of Substance' on Passion To Profession Podcast which covers woman-centered stories!
Stories of success , resilience , courage , breaking stereotypes , building strong identity, overcoming adversities and many more !
This episodes features Devina Kaur - Founder of Sexy Brilliant Global revolution initiative which aims to remove toxic shame and raise human consciousness to live life authentically.
She is also author of spiritual self-help book-
Too Fat
Too Loud
Too Ambitious
Through this book, Devina encourages you to be unapologetically brave and courageous and to accept yourself completely.
In this candid conversation with Ash , she shares her journey -

  • Her initial years - born and raised in a traditional punjabi family in India and having an arranged marriage
  • Seperation from her husband and her journey of self-discovery that led her down the path of finding Sexy Brilliant Global Revolution
  • Her awakening moment in life when she was sitting by a river and thought of jumping in ending her life but instead decided to give life another chance !
  • Quitting her job in banking industry to become a fulltime dog walker.
  • Her path to find purpose and meaning overcoming depression, addiction and having suicidal thoughts and turning her life around becoming a powerful influencer, motivational speaker , author and inspiring others to live their authentic life through her Sexy Brilliant initiative !

You can learn more about her work and connect with her on

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This is a Holiday Special episode sponsored by "Magic Mind " where host Ash shares 6 best lessons learnt from guests on the show !
Episode Highlights!
1.37 - Lesson#1 on Fear
Feel The Fear and Do It AnyWay

Ash narrates her own experience of facing fear of public speaking by quoting examples of her book launch conference in London where she was invited to speak about her book!
3.53 - Lesson#2 on Opportunity
This piece of advice came from guest Heather Monahan on Episode # 29 where heather says "Do not wait for an Opportunity to come to you . Instead Create Your Own"
5.41 - Lesson#3 on Consistency
Ash narrates how her guest Srinivas Rao on Episode # 21 shared on the show that single most habit that helped him through his initial years of struggle was "Writing 1000 words every single day!" - this consistency paid off as he was able to publish many best seller books, run a top podcast, create online courses etc based on this single habit!
7.48 - Why we love the Productivity Drink "Magic Mind"!! Silicon Valley's new Morning Elixir that will increase your focus and clarity!! check out use the discount code PassionToProfession20 to get 20% off your order!
10.35 - Lesson#4 on Motivation
Motivation is not the spark but success is !!
Ash shares about her conversation with Inc magazine most celebrated columnist /contributing editor Jeff Haden who in episode # 15 explains how to create your own motivation!

13.00 - Lesson # 5 on Power of Persistence
"Energy and Persistence conquers all things " - Benjamin Franklin
Back in episode # 19 , Founder of TheBetterIndia, Dhimant Parekh shares the story of when he along with his wife launched the positive news platform in 2008, there were not any key metrics favorable to them . Infact mainstream media told them that positive news platform will not have much audience - yet they persisted and continued to share stories of changemakers, unsung heroes and all of the positive things happening in India and today TheBetterIndia has become Asia's largest positive news media platform driving large scale social impact across the country!
Check out their new book "The Book Of Hope" - which is a curation of some of the best positive stories published by The Better India!
15.30 - Lesson # 6 on following your Passion
"Stop Hiding!"
This piece of advice is from guest Amy Blashcka from episode #20 where she shares the best advice for success . Amy is a Forbes Leadership contributor , social media ghost writer who followed a rather nonlinear path working working in agencies and even leading a non profit until she found her true calling . If you are passionate about something and would like to pursue that then only way to progress is when you "stop hiding" and start sharing your work. You will then be able to attract the right people , you will be able to make progress based on audience feedback and build a supportive community around you!
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Starting a brand-new season here on “Passion To Profession” Podcast with a fresh perspective and insight into how to make 2022 your Best Year Yet!

In this episode, host Ash shares with you her approach and the 5 things you should NOT do this year and What to Do Instead!

Episode Key Takeaways:

1. ❌DON’T make New year Resolution
✅Do a Past Year Review!

2. ❌DON’T Consume a lot of Content
✅ Instead Create your own Content!

3 . ❌DON’T make Big Goals
✅Build your Systems!

4. ❌ DON’T Overthink
✅ Do More!

5. ❌DON’T Chase Perfection
✅ Focus on making Progress!

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In this episode , Inc Magazine's most celebrated columnist , contributing editor Jeff Haden shares his journey and provides insights on how to develop sustained motivation leading to fruition of your goals.
In his conversation with Ash , Jeff shares

  • His initial years of working in manufacturing industry
  • Transition point in career when he decided to pursue writing.
  • His deep research and insights about motivation and how to create and develop sustained motivation
  • Morning routine of doing the critical task first which has signifcantly improved his productivity leading to success.

Big takeaways of the podcast episode

  • Motivation is not the spark, Success is ! So you dont need to wait for that big jolt of inspiration to strike, instead follow a consistent process and celebrate small wins along the way not worrying about the huge goal ahead of you. Those small wins will provide the motivation you need to go further and that is how you can create and develop motivation !
  • Have a big goal to accomplish ? Ask a Pro - by following a pro , you will not necessarily get motivation, but you will get a plan which is what is needed . Motivation is on you to develop along the way !

Useful Links :
The Motivation Myth -
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This episode showcases International TEDx speaker , Best selling Author and Leadership Coach , Heather Younger
Heather shares her Passion to Profession Story with host Ash as they discuss what it takes to build high performance teams .
Episode covers

  • Heather Younger backstory
  • Transition from lawyer to leadership consultant , becoming an author and speaker
  • Why Employee experience and loyalty is crucial for building high performance teams and
  • Role of leadership in delivering best employee experience
  • Her classic work - "The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty" and her upcoming book "Art of Caring leadership"

Ash and Heather also talk about success habits, balancing career with life as a mom, success habits , importance of sleep and morning routine.
Connect with Heather >
Connect with Ash >
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This episode of 'Passion To Profession' Podcast focuses on the art and entertainment industry and showcases the journey of
Austin-based Pageant winner / Show Host / Public Speaker - Pragya Sen!

Pragya is an IT professional but her passion and creativity goes beyond that.

She is a Pageant winner and holds 3 titles-

  • Mrs. Asia Pacific International 2017
  • 1st runner up Mrs. Bollywood international USA 2016
  • Mrs. Bollywood Austin 2016

Her most recent accomplishments are receiving ‘Woman of Substance’ award and
'Beauty with Purpose' Award!

And recently she opened her own entertainment called PS Productions where she has hosted many elite guests from Bollywood industry

She is passionate about public speaking, writing, acting, and philanthropy and she is a strong advocate for child education and women empowerment for which she has actively contributed to several local charities like Hindu Charities of America , CRY etc
More about Pragya Sen and her latest work can be found here -
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Twitter :
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This episode features interpersonal catalyst , Keynote and DisruptHR speaker -
Garry Turner , who is passionate about enabling connections, innovation, and growth in individuals and teams through a mix of workshops, thinking partnerships, keynote talks and live events.
Garry shares

  • His years of following traditional path of success - striving for more money , higher job titles, better lifestyle etc
  • His 'mid-life awakening' moment when everything felt hollow except genuine human connections
  • How he blended his passion for people/culture / organization development with his international sales experience to carve out a unique path for himself
  • How he balances fulltime corporate job and his passion
  • 'Change is an inside job' - His new book which sharing his life experiences along with 35 other leaders who have shared their experiences about how to deal with change

Garry's Best Tips covered during this conversation

  1. For Overcoming negativity : 'Sit in, Process your feelings and then let go' - become self aware
  2. For dealing with change : 'Change is an inside job. Environment may be negative, but your reaction or response need not be negative '
  3. For converting Passion to Success: 'Do your best not to imitate others. Be Creative . Most important of all , know that you are enough' .

To learn more about Garry and his work, check out
More about Passion To Profession-
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In this episode , host Ash sits down with Kevin Monroe as he shares his Passion to Profession Story .
Kevin Monroe is the host of "Higher Purpose" Podcast , host of " The Extraordinary Life" Community, a coach, community builder , people connector and Purveyor of Purpose and Positivity!
Episode highlights his passion to help people and businesses find their higher purpose.
As a coach as a business consultant , kevin helps companies become

  • purpose driven
  • people focused
  • value based

And strongly believes that businesses thrive only when people flourish .
Big Takeaways:

  • Secret to one big successful idea? Have lots of ideas , experiement , take action and see what clicks
  • Imperfect action always triumph over perfect plan
  • Purpose is "Pain Refined"

More about Kevin:

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Episode 12 features Joe Kwon, the connection counselor who is passionate about helping others unlock their personal superpowers.

In this episode, we discuss mainly about two such superpowers – Charisma and Executive Presence

Joe shares his journey with Ash and walks through

1. His initial years of life and career

2. Corporate role as a privacy attorney

3. His true passion of helping others unlock their powers

4. His work on coaching, authoring and speaking about leadership principles, Charisma and Executive Presence

Joe explains the concept of Charisma as it applies to workplace and leadership in his book ‘Unlock your Charisma’

‘Charisma is the ability to sense and ultimately deliver exactly what is needed from an emotional perspective in a given moment’

Joe’s latest book ‘Unlock your Executive Presence’ which covers the six principles of being not doing that will increase your executive presence

‘Executive Presence is the ability to inspire confidence that you can lead in any situation’

More about Joe Kwon here

Unlock your Executive presence

Unlock Your Charisma

More about PassionToProfession:
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How many episodes does Passion To Profession have?

Passion To Profession currently has 33 episodes available.

What topics does Passion To Profession cover?

The podcast is about Business, Careers, Entrepreneurship, Productivity and Motivation.

What is the most popular episode on Passion To Profession?

The episode title '029#: Passion To Profession: Confidence Expert , Founder of Boss in Heels Heather Monahan on confidence and finding success after an unexpected job termination #WomenOfSubstance #Series' is the most popular with 1 listens, 1 ratings and 1 comments/reviews.

What is the average episode length on Passion To Profession?

The average episode length on Passion To Profession is 39 minutes.

How often are episodes of Passion To Profession released?

Episodes of Passion To Profession are typically released every 16 days, 9 hours.

When was the first episode of Passion To Profession?

The first episode of Passion To Profession was released on Jan 25, 2020.

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Kai Bobbi


Mar 10

Great interview questions! Very helpful and very approachable. Little bite episodes that get you thinking. Going to listen to a few more right now and we'll definitely be back!

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