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06/02/19 • 215 min

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This giant episode collects every interview I’ve done on “How to Get Rich.” It includes 10 minutes of unreleased material—at the end—on “Finding Time to Invest in Yourself.”


Seek Wealth, Not Money or Status 1:30

Make Abundance for the World 6:40

Free Markets Are Intrinsic to Humans 10:21

Making Money Isn’t About Luck 14:19

Make Luck Your Destiny 19:25

You Won’t Get Rich Renting Out Your Time 24:00

Live Below Your Means for Freedom 28:40

Give Society What It Doesn’t Know How to Get 31:01

The Internet Has Massively Broadened Career Possibilities 33:44

Play Long-term Games With Long-term People 38:23

Pick Partners With Intelligence, Energy and Integrity 44:24

Partner With Rational Optimists 49:09

Arm Yourself With Specific Knowledge 54:34

Specific Knowledge Is Highly Creative or Technical 1:00:53

Learn to Sell, Learn to Build 1:06:24

Read What You Love Until You Love to Read 1:10:59

The Foundations Are Math and Logic 1:12:00

There’s No Actual Skill Called “Business” 1:16:48

Embrace Accountability to Get Leverage 1:20:06

Take Accountability to Earn Equity 1:25:37

Labor and Capital Are Old Leverage 1:30:06

Product and Media are New Leverage 1:35:01

Product Leverage is Egalitarian 1:39:42

Pick a Business Model With Leverage 1:44:56

Example: From Laborer to Entrepreneur 1:50:51

Judgment Is the Decisive Skill 2:01:15

Set an Aspirational Hourly Rate 2:07:41

Work As Hard As You Can 2:11:26

Be Too Busy to “Do Coffee” 2:16:34

Keep Redefining What You Do 2:20:38

Escape Competition Through Authenticity 2:22:41

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes 2:28:17

Eventually You Will Get What You Deserve 2:30:53

Reject Most Advice 2:35:00

A Calm Mind, a Fit Body, a House Full of Love 2:37:55

There Are No Get Rich Quick Schemes 2:42:02

Productize Yourself 2:46:42

Accountability Means Letting People Criticize You 2:48:55

We Should Eventually Be Working for Ourselves 2:55:33

Being Ethical Is Long-Term Greedy 2:56:58

Envy Can Be Useful, or It Can Eat You Alive 3:00:23

Principal-Agent Problem: Act Like an Owner 3:03:51

Kelly Criterion: Avoid Ruin 3:10:33

Schelling Point: Cooperating Without Communicating 3:12:03

Turn Short-Term Games Into Long-Term Games 3:13:55

Compounding Relationships Make Life Easier 3:16:36

Price Discrimination: Charge Some People More 3:19:04

Consumer Surplus: Getting More Than You Paid For 3:20:14

Net Present Value: What Future Income Is Worth Today 3:21:03

Externalities: Calculating the Hidden Costs of Products 3:22:05

Bonus Material: Finding Time to Invest in Yourself 3:23:47

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Happiness is returning to a state where nothing is missing.


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04/08/22 • 46 min

Introduction 0:00

Haseeb’s background 0:22

Vitalik’s background 2:43

A blockchain you can build any app on top of 7:02

Eth trades efficiency for transparency 10:18

Like plain text, Eth is simple and efficient 12:41

Only high-value transactions can afford the blockchain 13:08

Doing away with ‘trusted’ third parties 14:09

Trading performance for security 14:43

‘Impregnable castles made of math’ 16:23

Ethereum’s limitations are latency and privacy 16:56

There are ways to get back your privacy 19:32

Can Eth provide a high level of decentralization and a high level of scaling at the same time? 20:39

Sharding leads to more centralization 21:49

Verifiability at the expense of scaling 24:00

How much decentralization is the right amount? 25:11

What happens when subsidies to join nodes disappear? 27:07

Stateless clients make it possible to verify the chain with very little on your hard drive 28:18

Staking culture is difficult to cultivate 28:52

New blockchain players tend to go for minimum viable decentralization 29:54

People don’t value privacy until somebody goes to jail over it 30:32

Eth is ‘simple at the base’ 31:12

Social recovery wallets make it easier to be your own bank 31:44

Block space is getting expensive 32:41

There’s not a lot of innovation on Bitcoin, by design 33:35

Blockchain’s ‘free-rider effect’ 34:57

Innovation is slowest at Layer 1 35:34

Layer 2 moves faster because it’s permissionless 36:59

What if we froze Layer 1 today? 37:25

Data for computation trade-off 38:57

Benchmarking blockchains apples-to-apples 40:02

Enshrining decentralization 41:43

Tensions between scaling and preserving value 42:27

There will be multiple stores of value 43:54


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Picking partners with high intelligence, energy and integrity is the three-part checklist that you can't compromise on.

• Pick business partners with high intelligence, energy and integrity 0:00

• Motivation of the people you work with has to come intrinsically 1:18

• Integrity is what someone does, despite what they say they do 2:18


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Arm yourself with specific knowledge. It can't be trained but it can be found by pursuing your genuine curiosity.

• Arm yourself with specific knowledge 0:00

• Specific knowledge can't be trained 1:47

• Specific knowledge is found by pursuing your curiosity 2:34

• Building specific knowledge will feel like play to you 3:53


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episode art

03/22/19 • 5 min

Don't partner with cynics and pessimists. Their beliefs are self-fulfilling.

• Don't partner with pessimists 0:00

• Partner with rational optimists 1:20

• We're descended from pessimists 2:28

• BOCTAOE 4:13


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03/31/19 • 5 min

Learn to sell. Learn to build. If you can do both, you will be unstoppable.

• Learn to sell, learn to build 0:00

• The Silicon Valley model is a builder and seller 1:07

• If you can do both you will be unstoppable 1:52

• I'd rather teach an engineer marketing than a marketer engineering 2:48

• Building is better when you're starting out, sales scales better over time 4:33


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You should be able to pick up any book in the library and read it.

• Read what you love until you love to read: 0:00

• Read the original scientific books in a field: 1:44

• Don't fear any book: 2:43

• The means of learning are abundant, the desire to learn is scarce: 3:54


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You’re not stuck at your current level of happiness.


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Specific knowledge tends to be creative or technical. It's on the bleeding edge of technology, art and communication.

• Specific knowledge can be taught through apprenticeships 0:00

• Specific knowledge is often highly creative or technical 0:45

• Specific knowledge is specific to the individual and situation 2:02

• You can't be too deliberate about assembling specific knowledge 3:01

• Build specific knowledge where you are a natural 4:44


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