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Have you ever become obsessed with a topic and taken a deep dive into consuming all you could uncover about it? Media Path podcast is here to indulge your obsessions. hosted by Fritz Coleman and Louise Palanker, the show takes you along on a scenic tour through books, movies, TV, podcasts and music related to a given topic of captivation. We are exploring entertainment, politics, history, true crime, world events and all of their intriguing intersections. Fritz Coleman is a legendary Los Angeles weatherman/humorist. Louise Palanker is a filmmaker/columnist and co-founder of Premiere Radio. Hop aboard. Discover more layers, intrigue and substance. Go beyond binging with Media Path.

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We welcome radio royalty. Two kings, baring gifts of knowledge, experience, stories and maybe some myrrh. Guy Zapoleon, President of Zapoleon Consulting, is a veteran of almost 50 years in the business. He’s programmed and consulted major radio stations including KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, Z100 in New York and KZZP in Phoenix.

Jhani Kaye is the longest running Program Director of a music station in the country’s largest market, Los Angeles, working with KOST-FM for 23 years.

Guy and Jhani tell us what drew them to radio, how they started, what they’ve learned, the hit records they launched and, within an era of streaming media, what is to become of radio!?

We get way into the fun and fantastic heyday of radio replete with big personalities, big hits and bigger hair. The promotions and publicity stunts, the 10-year music cycle, what the future looks like and so much more.... plus, our co-hosts weigh in with their own radio background stories, Fritz having started his media career on the air, on a ship in the Navy and Weezy as co-founder of Premiere Radio Networks, now part of iHeartMedia!

All of that plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending 'Sr.' on Netflix + 'Spector' on Showtime.

Path Points of Interest:

Guy Zapoleon

Guy Zapoleon’s 2021 10-Year Music Cycle Update

Music Cycle Updated, Part 1

Music Cycles, Part 2

Sr.- Netflix

Spector on Showtime

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In 1951, 15-year-old Bruce Belland sneaked into a backstage door at Ciro’s Nightclub to get a glimpse of his idols, The Mills Brothers. That fateful night inspired Bruce to form The Four Preps and forge a vocal harmony career that brought us the hits, “26 Miles” and “Big Man.”

Bruce has spent 70 years loaded with questions for his musical heroes and, at long last, he gets to pose them to John H. Mills II, the son of original Mills Brother Donald Mills. John toured with his father for 17 years and he’s got answers!

We hand our fanboy the reins and these two harmony kings go deep into shop talk, discussing style, phrasing, timing, technique and arrangements. They share road stories, talk about John’s childhood with his trailblazing father and uncles and explore how each of them related to their larger-than-life fathers.

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman and Avatar: The Way of Water.

Path Points of Interest:

The Mills Brothers

The Mills Brothers on Wikipedia

Mills Brothers Documentary Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

John Mills in a Tribute to Glenn Miller and the Vocal Groups - Feb. 19th

Bruce Belland

The Four Preps

Avatar: The Way of the Water - In Theaters

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman

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In 2009, Tom Vann and Daniel Dennis left their corporate radio gigs and ventured boldly into the great unknown of podcasting with their under promisingly titled show, A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.

Armed with only their well-honed rapport, technical know-how, business acumen and a hearty helping of tenacity, Tom and Dan have successfully transitioned, along with their Orlando, FL fan base, from terrestrial radio to streaming audio, bringing their charismatic, easy chemistry and fearless candor to a devoted following who have endearingly labeled themselves, “Scumbags.”

It hasn't been easy. T & D have sacrificed and faced difficult decisions. They’ve contended with legal entanglements and crash coursed the basics of running the sales & marketing end of their business. Tom and Dan join us to talk about everything from publicity stunts to, baring their souls to podcast monetization!

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Tár, now in theaters and God Forbid: The Sex Scandal That Brought Down a Dynasty on Hulu.

Path Points of Interest:

A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan

A Mediocre Documentary with Tom and Dan

About Tom and Dan

Tom and Dan on Twitch

Tom and Dan on Youtube

Tom and Dan on Facebook

Tom and Dan on Twitter

A Corporate Time With Tom and Dan

Tar - In Theaters

God Forbid: The Sex Scandal that Brought Down a Dynasty

Off The Deep End:

Jerry and Becki Falwell and the Collapse of an Evangelical Dynasty

Hillsong Exposed

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At the age of 19, David Leaf created a To-Do list:

1) Write about Brian Wilson

2) Become his friend

3) Help him finish SMILE.

Mission accomplished.

You may know Brian as an extraordinary artist who spread surf, song and Southern California style around the world, but there is SO much more to uncover.

David has released an expanded version of his seminal tome entitled ‘God Only Knows” The Story of Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys and the California Myth,’. First published in 1978, and updated in 1985, the story continues to unfold and this definitive opus has been extensively bookended with what amounts to an entirely bonus book of Brian Lore.

David joins us for an in-depth conversation, digging into Brian Wilson's artistry and influences as we explore his relationships with family, fellow Beach Boys + the triumphant hero’s journey of 'SMiLE’.

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending 1899 on Netflix and the movie 'She Said', now in theaters.

Path Points of Interest:

David Leaf

God Only Knows by David Leaf

Long Promised Road Trailer

Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road

Beautiful Dreamer: The Story of Smile Documentary

I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (Don Was's Brian Wilson Documentary)

BBC production of God Only Knows

God Only Knows Reader’s Guide

VIP Experience for purchasing the book

David Leaf at UCLA

1899 - Netflix

She Said - In Theaters

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John Sebastian’s rich musical catalogue reflects a life deeply steeped in craft, cultural resonance and history. John’s career has taken him from The Lovin’ Spoonful to Bob Dylan to Mama Cass to Woodstock to movie soundtracks and beyond.

John joins us to share stories of his creatively colorful Greenwich Village childhood, surrounded by folk and classical luminaries, his harmonica virtuoso father, his screenwriting mother and his Godmother, Vivian Vance!

His talent and experiences inspired him to write and record an ecclectic array of hits including: Summer In The City, Darlin’ Be Home Soon, Welcome Back, Nashville Cats, You Didn’t Have To Be So Nice, Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind, Do You Believe In Magic and a bunch more.

And John comes to us brining word of his newest album with Arlen Roth called John and Arlen Explore The Lovin’ Spoonful Songbook.

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Harry and Meghan on Netflix and Harry Chapin: When In Doubt, Do Something, on Prime Video. Also, we introduce our first Helping Folks Help charity partner, Children's Burn Foundation.

Path Points of Interest:

John Sebastian

John and Arlen Revisit The Lovin' Spoonful Songbook

John Sebastion in The Songwriters' Hall of Fame

J.B.s Harmonica by John Sebastian

Darlin' Be Home Soon Live On The Ed Sullivan Show

Harry and Meghan - Netflix

Harry Chapin: When In Doubt, Do Something

Children's Burn Foundation

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Shawn Pelofsky and Vicki Barbolak are fellow standup comedy besties who are taking their friendship to the next level. Yes, they would like to announce their podcast.

Shawn and Vicki host Trailer Park Diaries. Partly truth, mostly make believe, as if Prairie Home Companion moved into a double wide.

We go behind the trailer with Shawn and Vicki to learn just how much of their diary stories are true and how much is merely aspirational. We’re also talking about the spine strength either required or acquired by women in comedy. We discuss crowd work, improv rules and knowing your audience.

And Shawn confesses that she is as hooked on The Real Housewives as they appear to be on wine. Weezy’s reality drug of choice is The Bachelor. We’ve all watched Harry and Meghan and we have opinions!

Plus, Fritz and Weezy recommend The Order of Myths and Descendant on Netflix, HBO's Pelosi in the House and 'Mercury Pictures Presents' by Anthony Marra.

Path Points of Interest:

Trailer Park Diaries

Trailer Park Diaries on Youtube

Shawn Pelofsky

Social Media Meltdowns

Vicki Barbolak

Vicki Barbolak on Youtube

The Order of Myths - Netflix

Descendant - Netflix

Mercury Pictures Presents by Anthony Marra

Pelosi in the House

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Judy Norton launched herself into pop culture history at the age of 13, when she earned a part on The Waltons in 1971 and spent the next nine years of her young life portraying Mary Ellen Walton. Grown up Judy is an actor, singer, writer, director and athlete. She also participates in projects involving her cast mates and thus remains forever a Walton. Judy’s pandemic born Youtube channel answering fan questions about the show is a smash and she shares some of her more treasured memories with us right here! And, Fritz and Weezy are recommending The Forest of Vanishing Stars by Kristin Harmel, The Many Saints of Newark on HBO Max and Acapulco on Apple+. All that plus, Weezy's emoji fueled Twitter exchange with Cher!

Path Points of Interest:

Judy Norton

Judy Norton's Youtube Channel

Judy Norton on IMDB

Judy Norton on Wikipedia

Judy Norton on Twitter

Judy Norton on Facebook

The Many Saints of Newark - In Theaters on on HBO Max

The Forest of Vanishing Stars by Kristin Harmel

Kristin Harmel's Amazon Author Page

Friends and Fiction Facebook Group

Acapulco on Apple+

Cher on Twitter

Cher and Weezy's Twitter Exchange

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Brad Onishi and Dan Miller are authors, scholars, educators and thought leaders who share similar histories as Christian ministers who have migrated beyond their flock. From this unique and compelling perspective, they are perfectly positioned to observe and discuss the rise and current political influence of Christian Nationalism. Their hit podcast, Straight White American Jesus explores the Christian Right’s emerging influence in shaping our political landscape.

We chat with Brad and Dan about their experiences within the church and its teachings and why their perspectives began to shift. We delve into the role played by Orange County, California in the birth of the religious right, (Brad preached at a Yorba Linda megachurch). We consider how Evangelicals square their values with their votes for Donald Trump and so much more.

Plus, Fritz and Weezy recommend Rachel Maddox’s new podcast ULTRA and Geoffrey Berman's book, Holding The Line.

Path Points of Interest:

Straight White American Jesus

Brad Onishi's Website

The Orange Wave - A History of the Religious Right Since 1960

SWAJ Live Event

SWAJ on Patreon

Preparing for War: The Extremist History of White Christian Nationalism--and What Comes Next by Bradley Onishi

Daniel Miller on Amazon

Rachel Maddox’s new podcast ULTRA

Holding The Line by Geoffrey Berman

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We are three guests deep, welcoming Guy’s Guy, Robert Manni whose brand and purpose are all about guiding men and boys through an ever-changing cultural landscape towards a better understanding of themselves, women and our collective human experience.

From there, we’re backstage with The Cowsills who are bedecked with jolly and about to take the stage for the Andy Williams Moon River Theater Christmas Extravaganza in Branson.

The Cowsills just dropped brand new music with their album, Rhythm of the World, they share a special history with our co-host Louise Palanker who directed the doc, Family Band: The Cowsills Story, they are armed with teen idol memories and ready to play Teen Mag Trivia AND, they will close out their appearance here with a helping of Christmas Carol!

We culminate with KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis, host of Greater L.A. and a man who truly understands Los Angeles on a granular, neighborhood level. What do Angelenos need and expect from their local NPR station? How is public media structured? What is the news/music/information mix that suits listeners? And how can public radio best entertain and inform the people it serves?

Plus Fritz and Weezy are celebrating British women of particular note and character, recommending The Crown and Enola Holmes on Netflix and PBS’s Miss Scarlet and The Duke.

Path Points of Interest:

The Cowsills

Rhythm of the World

Rhythm of the World on Youtube

The Cowsills Podcast

The Happy Together Tour

Family Band: The Cowsills Story on Prime

The Andy Williams Moon River Theater

The Cowsills on Facebook

Susie squeals on The Cowsills

Bob Answers 80 Intimate Questions

Our Hates and Loves by The Cowsills

Fritz and Weezy on The Cowsills' Podcast

Robert Manni

The Guy's Guy Guide To Love by Robert Manni

Guy's Guy TV

Guy's Guy Podcast

Fritz and Weezy on Guy's Guy TV

Fritz and Weezy on Guy's Guy Podcast

Robert Manni on Instagram

Robert Manni on Twitter

Robert Manni on Facebook

Steve Chiotakis


Steve Chiotakis Socials


Steve Chiotakis on Facebook

Born and Razed

Greater L.A.

Fritz and Weezy on Greater L.A.

Miss Scarlet and The Duke on PBS

Enola Holmes on Netflix

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01/05/23 • 68 min

We welcome the new year with a rich buffet of guests, starting with husband and wife filmmaking team, Anayancy and Jess Thomas whose project, God & Salsa tells the story of a grieving therapist and a troubled teen who save each other. The film explores suicide, depression, divorce, parental alienation, narcissism, hope and healing.

Next, we are joined by Dr. Logan Westbrooks a groundbreaking black music executive and industry veteran with over 50 years of experience launching careers, making history and positively changing our music and civil rights landscapes.

Dr. Westbrooks joins us to talk about his newest book, 'Power 101: The Harvard Report, Soul Music, and The American Dream', which examines the controversial 1972 Harvard Report which studied and forcast how black folks would be consuming music.

Dr. Westbrook’s journey took him from a childhood in Memphis to the boardrooms of major record labels. He was assigned to oversee The Harvard Report by Clive Davis and CBS Records and he helps us understand how black music and our nation’s trajectory were impacted by one another, pulling us towards a greater understanding of race and destiny in America.

Plus, Fritz and Weezy recommend Babylon, now in theaters and If These Walls Could Sing on Disney+ and Hulu.

Path Points of Interest:

Logan Westbrooks

Power 101: The Harvard Report, Soul Music, and The American Dream
by Dr. Logan H. Westbrooks and Schuyler C. Traughber

God And Salsa
Jess and Anayancy Thomas

Babylon - In Theaters

If These Walls Could Sing

Children's Burn Foundation

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How many episodes does Media Path Podcast have?

Media Path Podcast currently has 170 episodes available.

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The podcast is about News, Media, Streaming, Podcasts, Books, Movies, Tv, Arts and Politics.

What is the most popular episode on Media Path Podcast?

The episode title 'Making Air Waves & The Golden Age of Radio featuring Guy Zapoleon and Jhani Kaye' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on Media Path Podcast?

The average episode length on Media Path Podcast is 64 minutes.

How often are episodes of Media Path Podcast released?

Episodes of Media Path Podcast are typically released every 6 days, 23 hours.

When was the first episode of Media Path Podcast?

The first episode of Media Path Podcast was released on Jul 11, 2020.

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