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Have you ever become obsessed with a topic and taken a deep dive into consuming all you could uncover about it? Media Path podcast is here to indulge your obsessions. hosted by Fritz Coleman and Louise Palanker, the show takes you along on a scenic tour through books, movies, TV, podcasts and music related to a given topic of captivation. We are exploring entertainment, politics, history, true crime, world events and all of their intriguing intersections. Fritz Coleman is a legendary Los Angeles weatherman/humorist. Louise Palanker is a filmmaker/columnist and co-founder of Premiere Radio. Hop aboard. Discover more layers, intrigue and substance. Go beyond binging with Media Path.

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Kelly Lange began her trailblazing TV career when women in broadcasting were treated as a “novelty.” But armed with brains and ingenuity, Kelly carved out a career path which led to her becoming the first female news anchor in Los Angeles and a nightly fixture at KNBC.

Kelly and our cohost, former KNBC weatherman Fritz Coleman are back together at long last, recounting story after memorable story which weave into a brilliant retrospective of broadcasting in the Los Angeles market and primetime news through the decades.

Take, for example, Kelly’s plucky resolve to become the KABC traffic copter girl, “Dawn O’Day” and the only-in-Hollywood tale of how she landed her anchor spot at KNBC.

Kelly and Fritz were broadcasting nightly into the homes of L.A.’s most notable citizens, prompting calls from Bette Davis and Marlon Brando and fanboys like Jimmy Stewart and Orson Wells!

Did you know that Jane Fonda shadowed Kelly for a week in training for her role as a newscaster in The China syndrome?

We learn how Kelly began her latest chapter as a mystery writer and we even get to hear about her boyfriend Jim's TV writing career as Kelly switches smoothly from interviewee to interviewer!

Plus, our recommendations this week are the autobiography Spare by Prince Harry and the movie All Quiet On The Western Front on Netflix.

Path Points of Interest:

Kelly Lange on Wikipedia

Kelly Lange on IMDB

Kelly Lange Books

Kelly Lange Books on Amazon

Kelly Lange on What's My Line

Spare by Prince Harry

All Quiet On The Western Front

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At the age of 19, David Leaf created a To-Do list:

1) Write about Brian Wilson

2) Become his friend

3) Help him finish SMILE.

Mission accomplished.

You may know Brian as an extraordinary artist who spread surf, song and Southern California style around the world, but there is SO much more to uncover.

David has released an expanded version of his seminal tome entitled ‘God Only Knows” The Story of Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys and the California Myth,’. First published in 1978, and updated in 1985, the story continues to unfold and this definitive opus has been extensively bookended with what amounts to an entirely bonus book of Brian Lore.

David joins us for an in-depth conversation, digging into Brian Wilson's artistry and influences as we explore his relationships with family, fellow Beach Boys + the triumphant hero’s journey of 'SMiLE’.

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending 1899 on Netflix and the movie 'She Said', now in theaters.

Path Points of Interest:

David Leaf

God Only Knows by David Leaf

Long Promised Road Trailer

Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road

Beautiful Dreamer: The Story of Smile Documentary

I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (Don Was's Brian Wilson Documentary)

BBC production of God Only Knows

God Only Knows Reader’s Guide

VIP Experience for purchasing the book

David Leaf at UCLA

1899 - Netflix

She Said - In Theaters

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Warning: Listening may result in an overwhelming compulsion to read! First, Diane Bay finally received her birth mom’s name from the state of Illinois. She nervously typed it into Google... Her birth mom is New Hollywood darling and cult movie queen, Karen Black, who starred in Easy Rider, The Graduate, Five Easy Pieces and so much more!

Diane’s journey to self discovery pulls her from elation to despair when she learns that her mom is dying. Their heart wrenching year together is chronicled beautifully in Diane’s book, Finding Karen Black. Joining us for the episode is Karen’s best friend, actor Lee Purcell who is uniquely positioned to provide us with Karen’s emotionally wrenching perspective.

Then we welcome finance insider Richard E. Farley who is winning our favorite book title of the year award with: Gonzo Wall Street: Riots, Radicals, Racism and Revolution - How the Go-Go Bankers of the 1960s Crashed the Financial System and Bamboozled Washington. Richard takes a long look at Wall Street in the 1960s, and finding that the precident for the 2008 bailouts was set when the corrupt Wall Street investment banks of the 1960s held Congress over a barrel and got an outrageous taxpayer-funded bailout of what THEY owed their customers.

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Jon Meacham's And Then There Was Light - Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle and Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus.

Path Points of Interest:

Finding Karen Black by Diane Bay

Diane Bay

Finding Karen Black Website

Diane Bay on Social Media

Karen Black Wikipedia

Karen Black on IMDB

Lee Purcell

Lee Purcell on IMDB

Lee Purcell on Social Media

Carol of the Bell's Trailer

Lee Purcell & Andrea F. Friedman in Office Scene From "Carol of the Bells”

Donna Mills & Lee Purcell in scene from Joey Travolta's "Carol of the Bells”

The Making Of "Carol of the Bells" Promo

Hollywood Radio Players

Hollywood Radio Players on Youtube

Make a tax deductible donation to Hollywood Radio Players

Richard E. Farley

Richard E. Farley on Amazon

Gonzo Wall Street: Riots, Radicals, Racism and Revolution

How the Go-Go Bankers of the 1960s Crashed the Financial System and Bamboozled Washington by Richard E. Farley

Gonzo Wall Street Article

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garums

Bonnie Garmus's Amazon Author Page

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Michael Learned is remarkable in her entirety. Growing up in Vienna, Austria, she despised her masculine name, developed nervous shakes and discovered that her “diplomat” father was a CIA spy. Her mother swore her to secrecy and sent her to a British boarding school where she developed a love and talent for acting.

Theater work led to an invitation to audition for a part as the mom to a brood of depression era children in a show that was not given much hope of lasting beyond half a season. She drove down from San Francisco and landed the iconic role of Olivia Walton which earned her three Emmys. The Waltons premiered in 1972 and quickly became a piece of our American cultural fabric.

And in an impressive demonstration of range, Michael recently won much acclaim for her portrayal of Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandmother in the Netflix original series, Monster.

With much to discuss, Michael joins us to talk about juggling her real-life kids with her TV family, she takes on a round of Waltons Trivia, shares her favorite Waltons episode, and divulges her authentic love for TV husband, Ralph Waite.

We also welcome Charity Buzz winner Susie Mains who talks about her experiences as a child actor talent rep.

In recommendations: Weezy's pick is Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano, now an Apple+ series and Fritz suggests the Hulu doc series, Stolen Youth.

Path Points of Interest:

Michael Learned on Wikipedia

Michael Learned on IMDB

Michael Learned on Facebook

The Waltons

The Waltons on Prime

Monster Netflix Series

Dear Edward novel by Ann Napolitano

Dear Edward Series on Apple +

Dear Edward Trailer

Stolen Youth - Hulu

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Is Brandy really such a fine girl? Writer/Performer Elliot Lurie from Looking Glass is about to rock your yacht with the truth about the sailor’s favorite girl in that harbor town. Plus is it yacht or is it not? Elliot is becoming an expert And it’s Fritz vs. Elliot in “Brandy Trivia.” And Fritz and Weezy are recommending My Love and Kiss the Ground on Netflix, Hacks on HBO and P!nk: All I Know So Far on Prime.

Path Points of Interest:

My Love - Netflix

Kiss The Ground - Netflix

Pink: All I Know So Far

P!nk: All I Know So Far Trailer:

Pink: Staying True on Prime Video


Elliot Lurie

Brandy Acapella with Elliot Lurie and Yonge Guns Quartet

Looking Glass perform Brandy

Elliot's Youtube Channel

Elliot on Facebook

Yacht Rock Revue

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05/13/21 • 72 min

Billy Gilman’s story is as American and as moving and inspiring as the lyrics of any country music song. Signed to a record deal at age 11, Billy’s smash hit One Voice captured hearts and fans but Billy’s awareness of his truth was moving faster than Nashville’s ability to accept it. Billy came out as gay in 2014 and moved into the power pop lane for his season on The Voice where he placed second. Only now is he turning back towards his country roots, collaborating with the acapella group Home Free for a reimagining of his first hit. Billy is here to talk about all of it.

Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending David Attenborough’s Life in Color on Netflix, Framing John DeLorean on Amazon Prime, documentaries on the Dixie Chicks’ and the Chely Wright, Shut Up and Sing and Wish Me Away and Ken Burns’ Country Music series on PBS.

Path Points of Interest:

Billy Gilman's Website

One Voice with Billy Gilman and Home Free

Billy's Original One Voice Video

One Voice: Billy Gilman and Home Free on Apple Music

Fan Reaction to Billy Coming Out from The Pocket Fairy, Owen Middleton

Music Through Heart Songs - Billy Gilman and Mattie J.T. Stepanek

Books by Mattie J.T. Stepanek

Soles To Souls

Billy Gilman on The Voice

Billy Gilman on Youtube

Billy Gilman on Facebook

Billy Gilman on Twitter


One Voice Reaction Videos

QoFy Reacts

Gator Mike

Jacob Restituto

King Family Reacts

Drama Syd ETV

Reaction To Billy's Original One Voice Video by Billy YSC

Life in Color - Netflix

Framing John DeLorean - Prime Video

Ken Burns' Country Music

The Dixie Chicks' Shut Up and Sing

Like Me: Confessions of a Heartland Country Singer by Chelly Wright

Lifted Off the Ground by Chely Wright

Wish Me Away - Chely Wright Documentary

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Jon Bowzer Bauman describes himself as being “Renaissancey” which begins to cover it. His talents range from musical prodigy to social justice advocacy with, of course, some Sha Na Naing along the way. Jon shares how his “Truth in Music” campaign won back performing rights for original members of The Drifters, The Coasters and The Platters and how his Social Security Works PAC is fighting for the rights of Seniors. Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending The Summer of Soul, The One and Only Dick Gregory, Mr. Jones and Our Woman in Moscow.

Path Points of Interest:

Jon Bowzer Bauman's Rock n' Doo Wop Party

Jon Bowzer Bauman on Wikipedia

Jon Bowzer Bauman on Twitter

Jon's Op Ed in The Hill

Social Security Works PAC

Mr. Jones on Prime

Mr. Jones on Hulu

Our Woman in Moscow by Beatriz Williams

Beatriz Williams' Author Page

Summer of Soul or When the Revolution Could be Televised - Hulu

The One and Only Dick Gregory on Prime

The One and Only Dick Gregory on Hulu

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04/15/21 • 66 min

Television promo and strategy greats Vince Manze and Preston Beckman masterminded Must See TV at NBC and groundbreaking FOX programming like American Idol, 24 and House. These two broadcasting giants have been tapped to roll out Discovery Plus and they’ve got stories to share about the casting of Friends, how to promote talents like Seinfeld who hate promos, the programming war that pitted Tiffany Amber Thiessen against Tiffany Amber Theissen and that time a lighting rig almost took out beloved Los Angeles weatherman Fritz Coleman. Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate, Hemmingway on PBS, The Fight of Our Lives, It All Begins With a Song, and Poldark.

Path Points of Interest:

Discovery Plus

Vince Manze in Variety

Preston Beckman in Hollywood Reporter

Hemmingway on PBS

Hemingway Books on Amazon

The Fight of Our Lives - Streaming on Prime

Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate

It All Begins With a Song on Amazon


Poldark books by Winston Graham

Poldark Fandoms

Fritz and Fred Ad

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06/04/21 • 66 min

While you grew up turning on your TV set, Stanley and Barry Livingston grew up turning onto the set of your favorite TV shows. Both brothers starred in the two longest running sit-coms, first on Ozzie & Harriet and then on My Three Sons. Stan as Chip Douglas and Barry as Ernie. Oh, have they got stories. You’ll hear about Paul Newman, Raymond Burr, William Frawley, Lucille Ball, Ozzie Nelson and of course, Fred MacMurray. Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending The Tulsa Race Massacre on PBS/ABC, The Panama Papers on Prime Video, The Me You Can’t See on Apple+, The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien-Charles and The Importance of Being Ernie by Barry Livingston.

Path Points of Interest:

Barry Livingston

Barry on Wikipedia

Barry on IMDB

Stanley Livingston

Stanley Livingston Career Photos

Stan on IMDB

Tulsa's Buried Truth - ABC News/PBS/Streaming

The Panama Papers - Prime Video

The Me You Can't See

The Me You Can't See Trailer

The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien-Charles

The Importance of Being Ernie by Barry Livingston

The Ballad of Fred MacMurray by Barry Livingston

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes hosted a seventies style afternoon talk show? Dana Gould has gone beyond wondering and created this exact slice of YouTube heaven. Hangin’ With Dr. Z. Season One is an actual thing that exists on the internet and Dana Gould is here to explain himself. Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending Mare of Easttown on HBO, The Bleeding Edge on Netflix, Time on Prime and The Circle on Netflix.

Path Points of Interest:

Dana Gould

Hangin' With Dr. Z. Official Site

Hangin' With Dr. Z. on Youtube

Dr. Z. Mushroom Craft

Dr. Z. Playboy Interview

The Dana Gould Hour Podcast

Hanging with Doctor Z's socials:

Dana Gould's Socials:

The Bleeding Edge - Netflix

Time - Amazon Prime

Mare of Easttown on HBO starring Kate Winslet

The Circle on Netflix

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Media Path Podcast currently has 139 episodes available.

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The podcast is about News, Media, Streaming, Podcasts, Books, Movies, Tv, Arts and Politics.

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The episode title 'TV News Trailblazing & A Legendary L.A. Broadcast Team featuring Kelly Lange' is the most popular.

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The average episode length on Media Path Podcast is 65 minutes.

How often are episodes of Media Path Podcast released?

Episodes of Media Path Podcast are typically released every 7 days.

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The first episode of Media Path Podcast was released on Jul 11, 2020.

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