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Joubin Mirzadegan

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Grit explores what it takes to create, build, and scale world-class organizations. It features weekly episodes highlighting the leaders who are pushing their companies to make a difference. This series is hosted by Joubin Mirzadegan, go to market operating partner at Kleiner Perkins, a venture capital firm investing in history-making founders.


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Language is without doubt the single most valuable tool we use, and in its use, it ironically builds barriers. Fortunately in recent years with the rise of companies like Duolingo, those barriers are becoming more opaque. In this episode, Bob Meese, Chief Business Officer at Duolingo, joins the show to discuss all the innovative ways that Duolingo is making language learning a more feasible aspect of our lives.

Bob started at Google with a solid 8-year stretch that served as a proving ground for his own professional philosophy. An integral component of that philosophy is to be employee-centric in his vision and execution. In his move to Duolingo, Bob carried that thinking forward. Firmly established at Duolingo, Bob shares with us the impact that the company has on their customers, and even with his own family— namely in making language learning just plain fun. Bob also explores the importance of language, and how Duolingo is striking a firm balance between creating revenue and profit while providing such an altruistic product.

In this episode, we cover:

  • A quick look at Bob’s time at Google - and how his philosophy on professional inertia played into his decision to move on to Duolingo. (02:47)
  • Why Bob encourages his star employees to shine, even if it results in their decision to seek opportunities beyond their role and the company. (07:28)
  • A risk worth taking: The journey that led Bob and his family back to Pittsburgh to begin his career at Duolingo. (10:57)
  • An overview of Duolingo including current stats, its evolution, and what is on the horizon. (16:20)
  • A discussion about the monetization of Duolingo, what the company looked like when Bob joined as CRO, and how Duolingo established its identity. (22:51)
  • Bob reflects on his experience with changing company culture - and shares why he would do it all over again as he looks back on his years at Duolingo. (35:14)
  • Duolingo’s revenue growth, the timing of the IPO, and why operating as a private company still works after recently going public. (41:05)
  • Joubin and Bob discuss the impact of language and how it is a core part of human identity - and why Duolingo strives to make learning languages more accessible. (47:28)


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To say that Brian Frank, Chief Operating Officer of Cameo, comes from a non-traditional background into the career field of sales might be an understatement. Brain’s career began in law and he spent nearly a full career there before transitioning to sales in 2008, where he has been exceedingly active.

Brian’s multifaceted background has given him a wide range of skillsets and a deep wisdom that has become invaluable to the organizations where Brian has worked. His focus on constantly learning through experience, as well as an emphasis on transparency has led him to the hard won successes that allow him to gain these perspectives.

In this episode, Brain and Joubin talk about Brian’s shift from law, his tenure at LinkedIn, and how experiential learning led to the inspiring story behind Brian’s decision to take up the guitar. Brian also goes into the details on Cameo and their meteoric rise, his influence there, and more.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Brian talks about his shift from law, to finance, and finally to sales. (1:09)
  • Brian’s colorful employment history (which began at age 13) prior to graduating from UC San Diego. (6:41)
  • How Brian approaches outbound opportunities - and how a quick LinkedIn message led to a business partnership. (10:37)
  • What Brian’s LinkedIn colleagues have to say about him - and his inspiring anecdote about how he met his guitar instructor, Marty Schwartz. (13:34)
  • The story behind Brian’s ban from LinkedIn - and why his experiential learning style works for him. (17:15)
  • All things sales ops: From defining the role to hiring and developing talent. (21:53)
  • ‘What do you value most?’: Joubin and Brian rank and discuss career, money, company and manager. (32:17)
  • The lowest points of Brian’s LinkedIn ride - and what led him to be more transparent and open with his team. (36:37)
  • What is Cameo? Breaking down Cameo and its fascinating growth. (45:34)
  • How Brian assessed Cameo to determine if he was a fit - and his mindset when joining the company. (51:06)
  • Why most businesses are demand constrained - and more on Cameo’s B2B expansion. (54:16)


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04/20/20 • 0 min

About the Joubin Mirzadegan

Joubin has been with Kleiner Perkins since 2019 where he advises the KP portfolio companies on how to build and scale a robust go-to-market strategy. Additionally, he enables the firm’s portfolio through high impact relationships with F500 executives and key ecosystem partners. Joubin was previously at Palo Alto Networks as a global district sales manager for the Central US based in Chicago where he scaled the Central Cloud business from 1 enterprise rep and $2M ARR to 12 reps and $50M+ ARR in 4 quarters. He has also worked for as an enterprise account executive and at Bracket Computing (acquired by VMWare) where he built the inside sales team from the ground up.

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How many episodes does Grit have?

Grit currently has 159 episodes available.

What topics does Grit cover?

The podcast is about Leadership, Sales, Business, Careers, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Venture Capital and Tech.

What is the most popular episode on Grit?

The episode title 'CBO Duolingo, Bob Meese: Carrying Culture Through Language' is the most popular with 2 listens, 1 ratings and 1 comments/reviews.

What is the average episode length on Grit?

The average episode length on Grit is 58 minutes.

How often are episodes of Grit released?

Episodes of Grit are typically released every 7 days.

When was the first episode of Grit?

The first episode of Grit was released on Apr 20, 2020.

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