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Finding Her: A Mental Health Podcast

Julia Busby

Finding Her is a preventative mental health and wellness podcast. It was created to help normalize talking about mental health in our communities. The show presents tools, tips, tangible strategies, resources, intimate and vulnerable conversations, expert guests, and tons of laughs aimed to teach you skills to maintain your overall physical and mental health. Together we can take a stand against the stigma that shrouds mental health. Together we can learn skills to create the best versions of ourselves. I say together because you are never alone. Follow Julia on Instagram @findinghermentalwellness and visit her website at

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Julia unleashes the topic of failure. She supplies her audience with tips on how to learn to move through them. She also talks about how important it is to remain focused on moving through feelings associated with failures instead of bottling them up forever. It is very important to acknowledge that we often stay in our comfort zones in hopes to avoid failures in our lives. Julia talks openly about how to face your feelings after a failure arises in your life.

Questions & Tips

1. Why is it important to fail?

2. Accept your feelings that arrive with your failure and sit with them.

3. Learn from the situation. What did you see? What can you do differently next time? What things can I put in place next time to meet my goals?

4. Reach out to someone for support. Learn about their wins and fails. Get their perspective on your challenges and epic failure.

Remember, all humans experience failures in their lives. The most important piece of moving through failures is to evaluate and look at your failure through a lens of construct so you can apply changes and try again when you are ready. Successful people in life have managed to use this as a way to grow personally and professionally.

We are not immune to failure, it is a part of everyday life.

Quotes from today's show:

" Failure can become our most powerful path to learning if we're willing to choose courage over comfort".- Brene Brown

" Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly." -Robert F. Kennedy

" Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement."- C.S. Lewis

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On this week's episode of Finding Her, Julia discusses the topic faith, fear, and hope during COVID-19. She takes these three words and opens up a topic that many of the world is used to hearing. She begins the episode questions to her community about their experiences with COVID-19.

Is it real? Fake?

Do you believe in faith over fear?

Do you believe in science or will it all go away after the election?

Are you on team red or blue?

Have you lost a loved one to COVID?

Do you have a job? Health insurance? Food on the table?

How is your mental health?

How are you children doing being isolated and attending online school?

Julia then takes the initiative to talk about the definitions of faith, fear, and hope adding in personal stories, tips to manage fear, and how the power of hope instills resilience in people dealing with mental illnesses.

Faith is to have complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Believing in your higher power with 100% certanity that it will all work out. Julia opens up and casually shares her faith, but also acknowledges that you can have fear and faith at the same time. You are not broken or weak if you are faithful and scared. Your fear needs to be managed.

Fear in our lives serves a purpose to keep us safe. Fear is a response to a physical and emotional danger. If you didn't feel fear we wouldn't be able to protect ourselves from threats. These threats may have severe consequences or can end in death. It has a strong effect on your mind and body. It is a very powerful emotion.

Anxiety on the other hand, is feelings of unmanaged fear. It is usually involving thoughts of a threat or that something will go wrong in the future, not right now. Fear can present itself in your life as: unable to eat, cold and hot sweats, unable to concentrate, feeling dizzy, tense muscles, fast breathing, and weak or tense muscles. Symptoms present because your body is sensing fear and getting ready for a threat.

Tips to manage your fear:

1. Face it. You are not going to continue participating in avoidance mode.

2. Personal strength: Power of affirmations

3. Embrace and practice positivity.

4. Get out and enjoy nature.

5. Reach out to someone for support.

Finally, Julia ends the show with the word hope. Hope is defined as an attitude which is optimistic that is based on a desire or expectation. She shares that hope and mental health are key to becoming resilient, end feelings of hopelessness, and recovering faster from setbacks.

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On this week's episode of Finding Her, Julia teaches her audience the origin of the term Mad-hatter as she connects the term to the discovery of mercury poisoning in the 18th- 19th century. Men who owned and made felt hats succumbed to this neurological disorder showing symptoms such as slurred speech, memory loss, and tremors. People began labeling them as people who went "mad". With her second introduction of the Mad-hatter, Julia references Lewis Carroll and his facisnating children's novel that he created in 1865, "Alice in Wonderland". It was a children's favorite as Carroll showcased his genius creative ability to write a fictional story for children with a foundation of fantasy and nonsense. Finally in July of 1951, Disney released in full color animation its depicted story of "Alice in Wonderland", where children and parents were introduced to a cast of characters. One of them was the Mad-Hatter. Julia then combines her personal story of attending Disneyland for the first time and falling in love with the Mad-Hatter Teacups found inside Fantasyland. She shares how many memories come back with each visit since she was six years old. She then introduces her mental health illnesses and ties the term Mad-Hatter to her battle with PTSD. PTSD is a condition that affects roughly 7-8% of the US population. More information about PTSD, its prevalence, and treatments can be found at Please remember it is a side effect of experiencing a TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE. Anxiety disorders on the other hand, are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year. Only 36.9% of those suffering receive treatment. This information was found on at Julia shares to her community a moment of true bravery by explaining that her Mad-Hatter and Anxiety sometimes join in together and host their own Mad Tea Party until her PTSD episode passes with treatment including CBT Therapy and Medications. Her episodes are triggered by an event that she interprets as unsafe, uncertain, and unstable.

Finally Julia shares about the importance of using person first language. "People-first language emphasizes the individuality, equality and dignity of people with disabilities. Rather than defining people primarily by their disability, people-first language conveys respect by emphasizing the fact that people with disabilities are first and foremost just that—people"-

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On this week's episode of Finding Her, Julia continues on her journey of sharing tips, skills. strategies to help you continue to become more brave. This week the topic is how to stand tall in your bravery. She shared that external factors and things that are really out of our control, can impact your life creating a mass amount of unhealthy stress. Today's show is a lesson in identification, awareness, and a how to apply skills to stand up to the stress mess in your life.

Ideas or things to ponder from today's show:

Be flexible to the internet. There were many instances where the signal went in and out due to the quality of our internet signal. Sorry!

When we overpack our bags we are carrying around massive amounts of stress that can alter our mental and physical heath.

The vision and background to why I chose Kramer and connected him to stress and or lack of stress management.

Everyone's strengths are not uniform.

How do we keep Kramer in the hallway- by increasing our skills and awareness in self management etc.

Identify 3 heavy bags your life. Julia shared her top three: Mental health, Work-Life Balance, and Communication.

Pack each bag with skills, tips, and or coping skills that meets your current need.

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This week on Finding Her, Julia introduces her community to Charlena Smith, who is a passionate, entertaining, dynamic, and knowledgeable international speaker that never fails to deliver. Her many years in front of the classroom as a top-rated Grad professor allow her to read the toughest of rooms, and deliver a compelling message no matter the audience.The topic Julia and Charlena discuss is all about Guided Accountability and how important it is to look at her framework and to uncover your own personal purpose and meet the goals you set for yourself. Charlena also shares her high achieving personal story that left her sick and in the hospital.Things to think about during and or after you listen to this episode:( Excerpt from Guided Accountability)What could you do if there weren’t any limits?How would your dreams change if you knew you could not fail?Care to find out?What if you could discover your purpose and design your own life blueprint in response to guidance and a safe space provided by a partner?Well... that, my friend, is Guided Accountability. And if you follow the exact steps outlined in her book, you will see a guaranteed 97% increase in succeeding at ANY goal you set for yourself. The Guided Accountability framework that Charlena reveals in her book walks you through every step of the process. She has outlined the characteristics you should look for in a Guided Accountability partner, and the exact conversations you need to have during your Guided Accountability commitment. Charlena’s work in Guided Accountability has provided a clear structure for the time and space to allow you and your partner to get the absolute most from one another.To learn more about Charlena Smith visit her at:www.charlenasmith.comPurchase her book here: @myoptio_org--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:

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