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an athletic coach? with Coach Johnson

an athletic coach? with Coach Johnson

Do I need school to be...


And we are starting with a great one. It’s no secret that I’m skeptical about people who put ‘Coach’ as their job title. Honestly, I think most of them are snake-oil salesmen and saleswomen. Well, Coach Johnson is not one of them and he sets the bar for a life-changing coach. Coach is a 10 year veteran teacher/Athletic Director that looks to build students sense of self and foster strong communication between parents and their children. A masters graduate from Sarah Lawrence College, he developed his love for block building and works with other teachers and schools to incorporate block building into their classroom programming. He is a Husband, a father, a coach and the host of Our Village Stories: Parenting through Passion and Grit.

On this interview we spoke about:

  • His experience as a student athlete
  • What sports can teach you about life
  • The coach that set him on this path
  • How opportunities come to those who do good work
  • How you know you succeeded as a Coach

Want to learn more about Coach and his podcast? Here are some links:
My episode on “Our Village Stories”
Buy Me a Coffee

Cameron’s recommendations:
Go watch how people played basketball before! Men and women, the OG ballers. Understand the strategy, it’s like chess.

Special thank you to Ro Halfhide for the music on this show and to Immaculate Lemaron for proofreading the transcripts and helping this podcast be as accessible as possible.

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08/02/22 • 59 min

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