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a creative director? with Marc Suess

a creative director? with Marc Suess

Do I need school to be...

This week I have for you Marc Suss, business owner, painter, podcaster, creative director, musician and more. In his own words: “A storyteller using images, words and sounds.”
Marc is based in one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, Hamburg (and I’m not saying that because I lived there for years) where he works as a creative director and owner of his own brand building and design studio. The dream of many design students today! He’ll tell us all about what is job entails and how he got there. Spoiler alert! It took being ready to hear no’s.

On this interview we spoke about:

  • What is a brand?
  • What he does for his clients and customers? What is the key question they need to be able to answer?
  • His journey through education and why he got a Master’s Degree
  • His experience as a tech start-up
  • Choosing your craft and how to shape your life
  • How he combines all his passions into one experience and more!

Want to learn more about Marc and his podcast? Here are some links:
Marc’s Personal Website
Marc’s studio, The Sweetspot Studio
Here is my episode on The Sweetspot Podcast
His German Podcast „Fugengold“

Recommendations from this episode:
Max Frisch’s book ‘Fragenbogen’ (in German)
Max Frisch’s book ‘Fragenbogen’ (in English)
Stanley Tucci’s book ‘Taste, My Life Through Food’ (from Audible)

In an effort to make this podcast accessible, we make transcripts of every episode. You’ll find the transcripts on our website here.

Special thank you to Ro Halfhide for the music on this show and to Immaculate Lemaron for proofreading the transcripts and helping this podcast be as accessible as possible.

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05/05/22 • 57 min

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