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Dissonant Harmony

Seth and Zack

Zack, professional musician and instructor, and Seth, student of many arts, meet to discuss different topics of self improvement for curious minds, musicians, and artists of all types.

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Benny and Kelly revisit sit down with Zack and Seth to discuss Lost Symphony's Chapter III album release
Benny Goodman is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ, podcaster, and founder of the music project Lost Symphony.
And check out Benny's podcast 2020'd here:
Kelly Kereliuk is the guitarist for Prismind, Lost Symphony, Sound Chaser and Negus (Steve Negus ex-Saga), as well as a full-time instructor in the Hamilton, Ontario area for the past 30 years. Check his PATREON for many new goodies
Find out more about Lost Symphony here:

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