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Designed by Wingnut Social | Interior Design Business

Darla Powell

The interior design business podcast for interior designers, architects, and home professionals. Hosted by interior design and digital marketing pro, Darla Powell. #interiordesign

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Do you know how to create Pinterest pins that are eye-catching, informational, and worthy of going viral? Or does Pinterest endlessly baffle you? So many assume that it operates like Instagram but that is far from the case. If you’re ready to create pins that pop—that drive traffic to your website—listen to this episode of the Wingnut social podcast with Shana Heinricy.

Shana is currently Wingnut Social’s director and the genius behind our marketing strategy. She holds a master’s degree in communications and has worked in public relations and communications all of her professional life. She loves the creativity social media affords her while also satisfying her analytical side and need to see consistent results.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social
  • [3:00] Shana Heinricy: Director of Wingnut Social
  • [3:55] Breathtaking Tailwind Statistics
  • [8:30] What sets Pinterest apart from other platforms?
  • [10:15] Making the videos and photos searchable
  • [11:40] How an Interior Designer can benefit from Pinterest
  • [13:10] What demographic is on Pinterest?
  • [15:20] Should you create or recycle content?
  • [17:00] What does well on Pinterest?
  • [18:00] How often to post?
  • [19:00] Curating content vs. repinning
  • [21:00] How to get a pin to go viral
  • [25:22] Pinterest ads and promoted pins
  • [31:20] What up Wingnut round
Connect with Shana
Resources & People Mentioned Why is Pinterest neglected as a social media platform?

While Instagram is the current obsession and the #1 social media platform you should be using, you need to add Pinterest into your arsenal. Pins (and now videos) that you post on Pinterest are indexed by Google and will show up under a Google image search. This is huge!

Images are the 2nd largest driver of traffic to your website.

So how do you optimize your Pinterest posts to be indexed by Google? It’s all in the details. Your image needs to be titled correctly with your business name and a term that is searchable by Google. Focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and keywords in your caption and remember, unlike Instagram: Everything is searchable on Pinterest.

How to create Pinterest Pins that will go viral

Pinterest is especially valuable for designers who blog or have their own product line. Because—gasp—you can sell directly from Pinterest! Shana says if you fall into those categories, you need to spend a significant amount of time on Pinterest to drive traffic to our products or blogs.

You have to understand that Pinterest is geared toward people experiencing particular life moments. They could be buying and decorating a new house, giving birth to their first child, or planning a wedding. So your keywords need to cater to people immersed in these life moments. Shana says the simplest way to do that is to create pins that will go viral.

But what type of pin tends to succeed above all others? An infographic. Detailed infographics that stand out have the highest likelihood of going viral. Take the blog post that you want to drive traffic to and find a way to visually represent it in an infographic. If your pin is successful, you can take it and boost it—and watch the traffic to your website soar.

Connect With Darla & Wingnut Social

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If you’re interested in learning about what it takes to land a licensing deal—this is the episode for you! It can be a difficult process where it often seems impossible to get a licensing deal in place. However, there are some tricks of the trade that can increase your chances of getting the deal done.

On this episode of Wingnut Social, Darla and Natalie chat with Wendy Fennell of Bohemian Bungalow Design. Landing a licensing deal requires tenacity, drive, and a unique vision for a product. They’ll talk about how involved the process is, the power of networking, and how you’re never too old to be relevant!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social
  • [2:15] Event coming up
  • [3:05] licensing deals with Wendy Fennel
  • [5:20] How Wendy made the switch to interior design
  • [11:30] Her beginnings at High Point Market
  • [13:00] Reaching out to Mitchell Black
  • [17:10] The process from brain to paper
  • [18:20] How to market differently
  • [20:30] Where to start with a licensing deal
  • [24:45] What surprised Wendy about the licensing journey
  • [28:30] Where to find Bohemian Bungalow Wall coverings
Connect with Wendy Fennell
Resources & People Mentioned You’re never too old to make a career change!

Wendy spent years in the apparel industry. She started her career at Calvin Klein in the leather division and stayed there for almost 9 years. She also spent time working for a private label manufacturer that produced custom cashmere men’s socks. Everything changed when she decided to adopt a child from Russia—she couldn’t continue traveling as much as she had been.

So for a short time, she became a stay-at-home Mom. While she loved raising her son, she was itching to get back into a career (and ready to have conversations with adults again). She enjoyed design and had often assisted friends and family with their homes. After a conversation with her sister, she decided to give interior design a shot, and actually start charging for it.

For 3-4 years it was a part-time gig. When her son started preschool, she started seriously researching what to charge and how to create a legitimate business. Keep listening as the ladies chat about High Point Market and the networking opportunities available.

How pagoda wallpaper and tenacity paved the way for her licensing deal

Wendy absolutely loves wallpaper and using it in her design. Her journey towards her licensing deal began because she had a vision of a pagoda wallpaper—but it didn’t exist yet. The week after attending High Point Market, she reached out to Mitchell Black. After multiple attempts at connecting, she finally spoke with her and was able to pitch her idea for a small collection.

Wendy originally thought she was going to pay the fee for the work they did and list the product on her site. In the end, Mitchell Black loved the collection so much that she requested to sell it on her website. Wendy was ecstatic and agreed to the deal immediately.

But it wasn’t easy—it took about 4 months of back and forth to nail everything down. She had to transpose all of the ideas floating around in her brain unto paper. She worked with the graphic design team to create a pagoda from a conglomeration of about 25 different options. She never realized how many different shades of black and blue exist!

To hear Wendy’s advice about narrowing down your niche, the surprises along her journey, and much more—listen to the full episode of Wingnut Social now!

Connect With Darla & Wingnut Social
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We hear a lot of talk these days about authenticity - it’s a buzzword that is quickly losing its meaning. But that doesn’t mean the concept is out of date, in fact, it’s more important than ever. So, when it comes to making your design brand authentic, what does it really mean?

On this episode of Wingnut Social, Darla and Natalie speak with Karima Neghmouche, a brand expert who works alongside all kinds of people - designers and otherwise - to help them discover, capture, and communicate a brand that is authentic to who they are. As a designer, that’s of paramount importance because the clients you attract will be attracted to your personal approach as much as they are attracted to your beautiful design work. Listen to hear all of Karima’s advice.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social
  • [5:20] Beyond the buzzword, what does “authenticity” mean?
  • [9:54] How simplified branding gives you the ability to pivot in the future
  • [13:36] Website principles for resonating with your ideal client
  • [16:50] Common mistakes designers make when building out a genuine brand
  • [20:40] Soul-searching processes to discover your authentic brand
  • [23:09] The importance of a great website
  • [28:39] Summary of the episode: focus on your closet!
Connect with Karima Neghmouche
Resources & People Mentioned Authenticity is keeping it real no matter what others say you should be doing

We all know authenticity is a buzzword, a trendy thing people tack onto their slogan or mantra. But behind the buzzword is a principle that is vital for designers to understand and apply. Here is Karima’s definition of authenticity:

Keeping it real and ignoring the noise of what everyone else says you should be doing.

That’s a pretty good definition. But there’s a trick to developing the relationship between branding and authenticity in today’s marketing. Filters and effects change how things are perceived, which is not how your brand may be best represented. Karima has a good perspective on what it takes to keep things authentic. It includes taking pictures of the favorite spaces in your own home. Listen to learn how it works out practically - and to understand why her approach is so helpful.

Practical ways to keep your interior design brand authentic

The authenticity of your interior design brand is what will appeal to your ideal clients - the ones you really want to work with. That’s because something about you and your personal perspective on design work draws them to you. So you want to make sure you’re getting this piece of the branding puzzle right.

Karima’s advice makes it so easy to see how everyday observations about your own life, the kind of things you are drawn to on Pinterest or Instagram, and the previous design work you’ve done will reveal some of the real you that needs to go into communicating an authentic interior design brand.

Don’t miss this episode. Karima digs into logos, websites, naming conventions, images used to represent your brand, and more. She’s also going to share why simplicity in your branding is often a better path than specificity.

Connect With Darla & Wingnut Social

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We’ve all seen and been enthralled with what happens on those TV Interior Design shows. There are so many great ones to choose from. And if we will be honest, every one of us who works in the design world has wondered what it would be like to star on one of those shows. Well, fellow wingnuts, wonder no more!

This episode is a delightful conversation with Britany Simon - star of several TV Interior Design shows. Darla and Natalie talk with her about the behind the scenes world of those productions to find out whether it’s as glamorous as it seems and what benefits come to a designer who gets that kind of limelight. Britany also gives her best advice for anyone who wants to pursue the same types of opportunities.

In her characteristic way, Britany gives us the unvarnished truth. Be sure you listen!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social
  • [1:20] The new Tequila diet isn’t really working in spite of internet promises
  • [2:30] Brittany Simon’s rise into the media limelight
  • [5:30] The circumstances that led Brittany to television
  • [10:04] The story behind TV design - how it really works
  • [16:38] Why Britany first decided to try out for a TV design show
  • [19:00] The opportunities that have come from being on TV as a designer
  • [21:01] Britany’s advice for those interested in getting on a TV design show
  • [22:59] The marketing that Britany does for her shows and brand
  • [27:23] Britany’s learning curve for becoming comfortable on camera
  • [29:24] The What Up Wingut round
Connect with Britany Simon
Resources & People Mentioned So you want to star on an Interior Design TV show, do you?

Britany first put her name in to be considered for “The Design Star,” a show from HGTV. She didn’t know if she had a chance of making the cut because she’d never done any work on camera or in front of an audience, but she figured it was worth a try. She and her husband drove to Las Vegas so she could audition for the show and the rest is history. But what she discovered behind the scenes was a world of extremely hard work. She jokingly says she often ended her production days in the fetal position.

The kind of things she had to deal with were unexpected. For example, she was assigned a design assistant who was not at all ready for the kind of work involved and who didn’t know how to go about sourcing the items she would need. So Britany had to take that on herself. She also had to work tirelessly on the things the show’s producers assigned to her to meet the deadlines for the show - including a number of DIY projects. Listen to hear how the perceived glamor of being on the show turned out to be not so glamorous.

What is the return on staring on your own design TV show?

One of the things Darla was interested in finding out was how Britany’s many TV shows have benefitted her design business. After all, Joanna Gaines seems to have done pretty well from her TV opportunities.

What comes to light in this conversation is that Britany is a designer at heart and always wants to have her hands in the actual process, so to grow her business rapidly and in a way that puts her in more of a management role was not attractive to her - at all.

So thankfully, that’s not what happened. While it’s true that Britany has had many and varied offers as a result of her television stardom, she’s been able to remain in her sweet spot of designing. She's been the choice of many clients simply because they saw her work on TV and took it upon themselves to track her down so they could have her design their homes. That’s the kind of exposure money can’t buy and Britany has made t...

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A while back Darla noticed this gal - Alisa Popelka - EVERYWHERE on social media. She was especially rocking Instagram. It was like she had the Interior Design Instagram formula for success. And it turns out that wasn’t far from the truth.

As the two got to know each other via social media they struck up an online friendship. That's when Alisa decided to crank up her Instagram strategy even more by signing up for the Wingnut Social strategy package. The results of adding what she learned to what she was already doing have been astounding. Alisa says that 50% of her existing clients first contacted her through Instagram. FIFTY PERCENT! What would it do for your business to KNOW that you can generate more clients using ONE platform?

But it's not only about clients. Alisa has learned to use Instagram to get the attention of strategic partners in her area and those in her industry who she believes will be an asset to her business. Don’t miss this episode. It’s short, but it’s super sweet. Alisa’s advice is GOLD.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social
  • [1:22] Response to our Highpoint Market Minisode - and an additional tip
  • [3:06] A personal story about Alisa Popelka, the ubiquitous designer
  • [5:57] The social media marketing focus of Alisa’s interior design biz
  • [7:16] Sharing the work of other designers to increase your own reach
  • [9:57] How the social media light bulb went on for Alisa
  • [10:55] 50% of her clients come from Instagram: Here’s how it happens
  • [14:32] The consistency rule: Why you have to stick with it
  • [17:48] How much time does Alisa put into Instagram each week? A lot
  • [20:23] Social media strategy tips Alisa learned from her Wingnut coaching
  • [25:36] Alisa’s #1 piece of advice for designers not investing in social media: do the work
  • [26:38] The What Up Wingnut Round
Connect with Alisa Popelka
Resources & People Mentioned 50% of Alisa’s clients come from Instagram. Seriously

There are many Interior Designers who don’t believe that social media can do much for their business. It’s a hassle, it takes too much time out of the day, and it’s more about vanity and showing off than it is truly connecting with legitimate clients. That’s what THEY say. But Alisa Popelka would say something FAR different.

Alisa has been doubling-down on her Instagram strategy for some time now, and she’s got carefully documented stats to show that at least 50% of her current clients have come to her directly from Instagram. As a result, she’s a very busy designer. She’s convinced that it’s more than worth the effort to make Instagram the primary way of marketing her business. She even refers to Instagram as a “free marketing tool” every designer should be using. Listen to learn more of her secret sauce.

Being intentional is vital to an effective interior design Instagram strategy

If there’s one secret to Alisa’s success using Instagram to generate more client leads, it’s this. Be intentional and consistent. OK, that’s two things - but they are both important.

Lisa doesn’t do anything on Instagram in a haphazard way. She spends two days every month to plan out her content, including the captions that will go with and on her photos. She uses a curation app to schedule it all out at regular intervals. She determines what other designers and local events she will share. And she budgets time into every day to engage with the comments and activity surrounding her posts and the posts of those she follows.

If that sounds like a lot of work to you, you’re right. But it’s the kind of work required to put your design work into the o...

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As you’ll hear during the first part of this episode, just the thought of hiring an interior design virtual assistant stripped Darla’s gears a bit. That’s because there’s so much specialization, so many moving parts, and a ton of location-dependent stuff involved in design work. She couldn’t see how an assistant who’s not on location could be effective.

But now she’s seen the light - thanks to Brittanie Elms.

On this episode of Wingnut Social, you’re going to hear how Brittanie became an interior design VA, how she has learned about the design industry enough to provide tremendous value to designers of all stripes, and how her service turns into a cost savings instead of an expense for most designers.

It’s an amazing concept - and one our team is likely to take advantage of very, very soon. Don’t miss this incredibly practical episode.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social
  • [1:15] Impressive results from Darla’s Tequila diet (to get ready for Highpoint)
  • [2:28] Darla’s speaking at The RESA Edge and Highpoint Market
  • [7:39] Brittanie Elms: The decision to start a virtual design assistant company
  • [13:02] How is it even possible to work with an interior design virtual assistant
  • [19:58] The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for interior design
  • [23:20] How robust can this really be for interior designers?
  • [26:43] Can a design virtual assistant service truly keep up on design trends?
  • [34:47] Brittanie’s best advice to designers looking for a virtual assistant
  • [37:22] The channels Brittanie uses to market her services to designers
  • [38:40] The Whatup Wingnut round
  • [44:14] Should we do it? Would the leap be worth it?
Connect with Brittanie Elms
Resources & People Mentioned A design VA is for when you need to keep your sanity, but you don’t have the cash to hire full time

We have plenty of people working full time as a part of Wingnut Social and as part of the Darla Powell Interior Designs team. It’s great to have a staff that can run with projects and get things done. But sometimes you have small little things to be done that don’t justify another full-time hire. And you don’t want to add to the already-full schedule of some poor soul on your team, either. What do you do?

Hire a VA to take on that task. Not only is it cost-effective it’s also a way to tap into the brilliance and giftedness of someone who is an expert at exactly what you need to be done.

As you listen to this conversation you’ll hear Brittanie explain how various Interior Design Virtual Assistant roles might look, and how each of them could benefit your design practice. She’s already got Darla thinking about things unrelated to design but that are integral to our business - like email and other correspondence. Listen up! There’s good stuff here for you.

How does hiring an interior design virtual assistant impact the bottom line?

Naturally, when you have a task or two that don’t fit into the job description of one of your full-time staff people, a VA makes sense. But how do you ensure that the cost you incur in bringing on a VA is worth it?

The answer is this: You need to be VERY intentional about the work you pass to a VA.

Give them the things that drain you, that you don’t like to do, that slow down your creative process and drag out design jobs. That way you will be freed up to do your best work and deliver for your desi...

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Turn your prospects into super fans with Bonjoro

When it comes to making a real and personal connection with clients, video connections beat email, text, or instant messenger, hands-down. And the impact it can have is powerful.

But creating a personalized video is tough, from a time and technology standpoint. Until now. On this mini-poddy episode Darla introduces you to a fun new app she’s using called Bonjoro. You’re going to love this!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social
  • [1:10] A cool new app: Bonjour-O - to make personalized videos
  • [4:49] Using this as a designer or to serve clients in a personal way
  • [7:46] Examples of how Darla has used it so far
  • [9:12] We are speaking again: October 19th, 4PM - at Creative Touch Rugs
Resources & People Mentioned
What if you could send every new client a personalized video?

What would happen in your head if you signed up for a newsletter or free PDF download and instead of the usual blah-blah-blah email, you got a video - and the person making the video connection used your name as they spoke to you personally, by name. You’d wonder, “How did they do that?!!” Then you’d hang on every word they said.

That’s what YOU can make your clients or prospects feel by using this cool new app - Bonjoro. Darla’s been trying it out and has discovered that it’s pretty easy, quite simple to use, and that the tech part actually works! Listen to find out more.

Darla’s already making video connections -and she’d love to receive one from you

As Darla mentions on this episode, she’s already used the Bonjoro app to send videos to a few Wingnut Social prospects, has connected with existing clients using the app, and has even used it to reach out to a few of her interior design leads. It’s too early to tell exactly how impacting it’s going to be, but the cool way it makes HER feel to get a Bonjoro message gives her reason to believe her clients will feel the same way.

And she’d like to invite you to give it a try. There’s a free version of the app and a full-featured free trial so you can test it out. If you do, send Darla a Bonjoro video. She’d love to hear from you and be inspired by seeing how you are using the app.

Connect With Darla & Wingnut Social

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Tailwind is an incredibly helpful app that enables auto posting and more for Pinterest.

Yes, Pinterest - we’ve been a bit neglectful of the platform for a while but since Instagram appears to be in kind of a lateral stall lately, Darla decided to jump back on to see what it might have to offer.

Boy! There is a lot that’s happened with Pinterest in our absence! Take a few moments to listen, learn about Tailwind, Tribes, and Pinterest - and find out how you can join our new little Design Tribe on Tailwind to help you get your Pinterest shares rocking!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social
  • [0:50] The Pinterest Design Bloggers United Tribe - wanna join us?
  • 09:01] What is Tailwind?
  • [6:11] The amazing benefits Pinterest Tribes made with just a few tweaks
Resources & People Mentioned
  • Tailwind (look for Tribe - Design Bloggers United)
  • Melissa’s episode about Pinterest (episode 16)
Join our Tribe!

Design Bloggers United

Hurricane Dorian missed us - but we’re catching the Tailwind (see what we did there?)

When Darla jumped onto Tailwind to see what was going on with the app she discovered something amazing. You can now become part of a “tribe” - or make your own! What is a tribe? It’s a group of people who share pins oriented around the same topics - like design work. Those people rally together to share each other’s pins and give everyone involved a boost in the Pinterest algorithms in the process.

Dara’s created her own tribe - Design Bloggers United - and is inviting you to be a part of the tribe. Just grab the Tailwind app, find the Design Bloggers United tribe, ask to join, and once you’re approved you’ll be able to get in on all the Pinteresting fun (see what we did there, too?).

Why Pinterest? Why now?

This little PInterest experiment comes about because of an encounter Darla had with a new Wingnut Social client. As she shared her social media status, Darla noticed something - there were plenty of social platforms our team could definitely help her with, but she was rocking Pinterest in amazing ways all on her own. A little bit of prodding later, and Darla found out it was Tailwind Tribes at the heart of the action. Nothing like a little bit of humble pie to give you a new obsession, huh?

Connect With Darla & Wingnut Social

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You may be aware that some designers choose an interior design niche, but have you ever considered doing the same in your business? There are many reasons (fears) NOT to niche down, but are they valid?

This episode is a conversation with Jen Obermeier, a professional organizer who has learned how fulfilling and profitable it can be to drill down into a niche that enables you to do the specific kind of work you love, and to work with the exact type of people who fit you. Sound too good to be true? Then you’ll have to listen to this episode to understand how it might work in your business.

AND, as a special bonus, you’ll get to hear from the Jedi Master himself, Yoda. We’re not kidding.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social
  • [2:35] Darla’s Yoda impersonation: REALLY!
  • [7:29] Why organizers are the nerdy little sister of interior designers
  • [10:38] Is niching going to reduce your pipeline?
  • [12:47] Is there such a thing as a niche that’s too small?
  • [14:58] Marketing approaches to help you find your niche client
  • [19:41] A searchable niche is important for finding new clients too
  • [21:03] Show me the money! Is it truly profitable? How does pricing figure in?
  • [25:59] The “What Up Wingnut” Round
  • [29:30] We may have accidentally niched and didn’t know it
Connect with Jen Obermeier
Resources & People Mentioned Is an interior design niche something you should consider?

As you consider the possibility of choosing a niche for your design business you likely have quite a few reservations. Among the most important is this: Doesn’t choosing a niche eliminate a lot of potential business from my pipeline?

The answer is: “Yes, it does.” But that can be a GOOD thing. Seriously.

Jen explains that to your potential clients, a niche means “specialization” - it puts you into a class of professionals who are in demand and highly desirable. It’s like becoming the “brain surgeon” of designers in your area, you get the unique jobs, the special situations, or better said - the jobs that require the specialized touch and expertise that ONLY you can give. How does it feel to think about your work THAT way? And what do you think that kind of specialization could do for the prices you're able to ask for your stellar work?

Once you get clear on your interior design niche and find the clients you love, you’ll get more

Here is one of the most exciting things about choosing a niche for your interior design business. Once you find a client who is your “ideal” and do great work for them, they will be eager to talk about the work you did (because they are so delighted with your work, right?). When they do, who will they be talking to? Other people who are like them.

That’s more ideal clients hearing about your work. More fun projects for you to work on (and they’re fun because they FIT your preferences and skills). More niche clients to work with. And once you’re done with that next project, you have yet another ideal client who is willing to refer you to others - and the cycle continues, and the influence of your niche grows broader. See how it works?

Niche marketing tip: Choose a specialty you’re willing to talk about forever

When you’re considering a niche you want to focus on, make sure it’s an area of interior design that you especially enjoy or are especially good at. When you take the time to do this, you’ll discover tons of energy for your work that overflows into your marketing.

Then, whether it’s print media or social media, you’ll be talking about what you do non stop because it’s fun for you and because you have the enthusiasm about what you do. And THAT attracts clients.

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Personal brand photography is an up-and-coming style of photography that will change the way you look at your business. We’re all familiar with portrait photography and lifestyle shoots—but what sets a brand photographer apart? Why does your business need a personal brand photographer on retainer?

Jamie Swanson is a photographer, a blogger, and also a podcaster with years of experience in the industry. Jamie talks with Darla and Natalie about the importance of personal brand photography and how it can positively impact your entire brand in this episode of Wingnut Social.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social
  • [1:15] High Point Market recap
  • [3:30] Jamie Swanson guest stars!
  • [5:20] What is personal brand photography?
  • [8:00] What do you want people to say about you?
  • [14:50] How in-depth do you go?
  • [18:55] Should you make the investment?
  • [25:10] What is the investment range you’re looking at?
  • [27:10] How to find a personal brand photographer
  • [29:20] Embrace being the face of your business
  • [34:10] What up Wingnut round
  • [36:45] How to connect with Jamie
Connect with Guest Name
Resources & People Mentioned What sets personal brand photography apart?

A personal brand photographer is a multi-faceted professional who can create beautiful images that highlight who you are as a business professional and human. They help you create a professional image that sets you apart and connects you with your followers.

What do you want people to say about you?

Are you funny? Down-to-earth? Imaginative? Entertaining?

A good photographer will help you identify the connection you want to make and help illustrate it to your audience. It is a strategic branch of photography that combines technical skills, psychology, and a lot of imagination. Jamie gives Darla and Natalie ideas for scenarios to photograph (possibly even involving whiskey and Little Debbie Cakes) and goes in-depth into the process—keep listening!

It’s an investment strategy you can’t ignore

Your goal as a business owner and entrepreneur is to create a name for yourself and your brand. You want to be THE go-to home designer in your area. Personal brand photography used strategically on social media can be the accelerant you need for your business. While it can be a significant investment, the upside is well worth the cost.

If you’re new to the market and just getting your business launched, Jamie recommends investing in a basic package. If your business is bringing in consistent revenue and you’re ready to take it to the next level: get a personal brand photographer on retainer now!

They will deliver gorgeous photos of you in your element. With the right images executed correctly, you can lower your monthly ad spend and increase social media engagement. Your investment will pay off.

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