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Hussien, Osman, Osman

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An unapologetically real podcast hosted by 3 muslim brothers. We dive into topics that range all over from life and the deen to all that’s in between, while keeping Islam the center point. Our goal is to allow anyone regardless of religion to be engaged in the conversation and be able to take the lessons and advice we hope to provide and be able to use it in their lives to help them. Life is like a DETOUR, we just use the DEEN (Way of life in Islam) to navigate it. :)

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In this episode we address a requested topic of the struggles of living in non-Muslim environments and practicing Islam. This episode is a reminder for all of us and ourselves that there is no shame in practicing your religion and being happy about it. We have the free will to choose this way of life and choose to practice it according to the Quran and Sunnah, so let’s do that. We’re not alone. Don’t forget to automate your donations for Ramadan and earn some sadaqa!! If you want to donate the whole month or only the last 10 nights it’s up to you!! SIGN UP HERE!! FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Instagram: Tiktok: Timeline: Intro - 0:00 Growing Up/Living in non-Muslim countries - 0:45 Practicing Islam in a Non-Muslim Environment a 2:18 Practice Islam even if there’s no muslims - 3:45 Don’t withhold your practices - 4:24 Be Grateful to be Muslim - 5:54 Seek Knowledge from ppl who have it - 7:09 Islamic Brotherhood - 7:57 Thinking of the past - 8:54 Muslim is where we are - 10:05 Convey the message of Islam - 11:21 There is no compulsion in religion - 13:35 If people insult your religion - 14:35 The Help of Allah - 17:03 Non-Muslim friends or bad friend groups - 19:20 Don’t be afraid to practice Islam - 20:09 The effect of living in non-Muslim environments - 21:35 How Important Prayer Is - 21:57 Looking at other faiths and seeing Islam - 24:48 Ponder on the Hereafter - 28:10 Follow the sunnah - 30:21 Outro - 31:53


03/24/23 • 32 min

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In this episode the guys talk about the importance of character and how Islam has amplified the essence of good character in us.

It is easy to be a good person but a lot of people are losing that faction of themselves. In this episode, listen as we talk about things we've seen, heard, and gone through in regards to reflecting on our character and becoming better people and more importantly, better Muslims.

Relate to us as we tell a couple stories regarding situations we have been in that tested our character and in turn could have taken a toll on our faith as Muslims.

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The Timeline for this Episode:

Intro and Faith/Character - 0:00

People wanting to be tough - 3:10

Do you think you’re perfect? - 6:20

Soccer Field Story - 10:30

Dangers of anger - 11:34

Help of Allah - 14:46

Hussien’s fight story - 15:50

Osmans Fight story - 19:03

The other Osmans fight situation - 20:01

Controlling Ourselves and Living for Allah - 21:50

How Quran is more beneficial than music - 25:35

Moral Ethics - 27:30

Our reputation as Muslims (Haram/Halal) - 31:00

Journey to being better - 35:00

Troubles of Lying - 36:32

Benefits of Good Character - 38:46

Strength in faith - 40:38

Outro - 43:00


10/21/22 • 44 min

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This episode we talk about the disease of procrastination and laziness. We bring up how these traits can kill a persons iman and also makes their lives harder.

Islam is perfect, and part of the perfection is how embracing islam truly will rid a person of being a procrastinator or being lazy or both. We bring up how these attributes of a person can spread into things like the prayer and can make them lose discipline in their life and lose sight of their true purpose.





Intro - 0:00

What is Procrastination? - 1:00

Laziness in Prayer - 3:23

Consistency in Our Responsibilities - 5:28

Difference between the Lazy and Not Lazy - 7:17

Discipline In And Out of Prayer - 7:50

Motivation Isn’t Forever - 9:46

Wasting Our Time - 10:45

Remember Death Doesn’t Knock - 12:55

New Year’s Resolutions - 15:12

Change Happens Within Ourselves - 17:15

How Shaytan Can Influence Your Actions - 18:45

Discipline Among Muslims - 21:14

Defeating Procrastination with Friends/Competition - 22:05

Increasing Iman Through Prayer - 22:46

Allah Loves the Obligatory Acts - 24:27

The Characters of the Sahaba - 25:31

Good Deeds Made Easy! - 26:41

Our Deeds Are Multiplied - 27:27

Achieve Your Goals If Allah Wills - 28:53

Think About Perception - 30:58

Seek Allahs Satisfaction - 30:50

We Sin Out Of Human Weakness - 33:55

Jealousy and Envy - 36:06

Shaytan Is a Clear Enemy - 38:03

Outro - 39:40


01/13/23 • 40 min

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In this episode we speak about the reason we decided to start this islamic journey and podcast. It is one of our most asked questions of why we started DEENTOUR and there were a lot of things that went in to it. We talk about the gift of iman and the reward Allah grants of knowledge to those striving in the deen!First and foremost we thank Allah for all of His blessings and allowing us to do this for His sake Alhamdulilah. Let us know if you enjoy this episode and if you would like episodes that are more personal like this one! FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Instagram: Tiktok: Timeline: Intro - 0:00 Talking about deen with knowledge - 1:13 Don’t take knowledge from social media - 2:39 Starting with the basis of knowledge - 4:45 How to become a scholar - 5:47 Resources when we were learning - 6:52 Why did we start DEENTOUR - 8:00 Why Osman wanted to seek more knowledge - 10:54 Relating to the youth - 12:40 Praying to Allah for guidance - 14:34 What you can do for knowledge - 15:00 The Benefits of Islam - 16:53 Are Muslims Missing Out? - 18:47 People who don’t believe in God - 19:43 A Story of a virtues of Muslims - 21:00 Beef between religions - 21:48 The Gift of Iman - 24:39 The Disbelievers Delusion - 25:17 A Test of Iman - 26:20 Making Constant Repentance - 28:51 Losing sight of right and wrong - 31:03 Death being the end? - 33:06 Relayed conversations in the Quran - 36:33 Doing for the sake of Allah - 38:02 Outro - 40:02


04/21/23 • 40 min

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We start this critical first episode off by talking about the stigma of being muslim black males in the West and what came with that. We talk about struggles we may have had, how we dealt with them, and tell stories that we believe our audience can relate to.

Keeping our theme of the episode that Allah (SWT) is always with us was vital because that connection is of the utmost importance to us and talking/dealing with these things.

We also spoke about our transitions in school, difficulties we notice today, being humble and grateful, and our connections with people vs. Allah.

To keep it short and simple, here is the timeline for this episode...

Introduction and Growing up Black and Muslim in america


Terrorist Jokes


Being Identified as Muslim


Greek Restaurant Story


Transition from school in Middle East to America


Praying in school


Are we happy with our skin?


Fitting In


Why are we here?


Difficulties Today


Is therapy good?


Connections with people vs. Allah


Being Grateful and Humble


Publicizing what we go through


Family Values and understanding what’s good for you


Do we like problems?


Trust in Allah and living as a Muslim Today





10/14/22 • 45 min

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This episode discusses the topic of men and women being friends, knowing people for the sake of marriage and the difficulties facing society today. We live in a day and age where it is so easy to fall astray and go for our desires and we talk about those issues and some ways we have found success in staying away from it.

Keeping things halal should be a priority for us especially those who live in Western society. The difficulties and sins being normalized are growing and we need to be steadfast in staying away from that.





Intro/Can men and women be friends? - 0:00

Opposite Gender Best Friends - 4:15

Haram Relationships - 8:15

Digital Footprint - 10:00

Be Careful Who Your Friends Are - 14:30

Zina and Staying Away from it - 16:15

Distrust in Society - 19:20

Why is Marriage Looked Down On - 20:50

Looking For Marriage - 23:00

Sleeping Around/Posting Online - 28:45

Sex before Marriage - 33:25

Preparing for that Responsibility - 37:13

Outro - 41:15


11/25/22 • 43 min

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How do you stay on deen? How do you get closer to Islam with the current difficulties and struggles facing us in the world today?

These are questions we ask and attempt to answer in this episode. Living in the West or anywhere in the world, we are bound to be in environments that will enable us to struggle to stay on the path of Allah.

We try to remind everyone as well as ourselves that our mission here is temporary and the place we live in does not entail who we are. We have free will to do whatever we please on this earth. Remembering Allah is a common theme in this episode as well as testing your faith and seeing how you can improve and where.





Intro - 0:00

How To Get on Deen - 1:45

True Purpose of Life - 6:58

The Prayer - 9:15

Seeking Allahs Help - 13:25

Struggling with Deen - 19:25

Finding Guidance of Allah - 26:00

Going to the Mosque - 28:20

Hypocrites - 32:30

Outro - 43:00

#islam #muslim #spirituality #society #religion #quran


12/02/22 • 47 min

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This episode, we bring on one of our close brothers to speak about the importance of companionship in Islam. We are on the Deen of those we surround ourselves with and to continually increase our strength in faith in Allah and His Oneness, we must associate with like-minded people.

The Prophet SAW had companions whose statuses were greatly uplifted by the Will of Allah and being those who took in the knowledge of the Quran and lived in accordance with it and the sunnah. This notion brings about a question of why is it important to surround ourselves with good people?

We speak about the will to want to succeed with our friends vs. those who are selfish with their friends. Will we be people who will challenge greatness in all those we bring around us? Or will we tolerate people who will not benefit us, our way of life, and will not help us reach Jannah? Ultimately, the goal should be to create bonds that will benefit in this life and the next!





Intro - 0:00

Importance of Congregation - 1:10

The Goat Story - 2:26

Companionship - 3:22

Living For Allah - 8:35

Ramadan in Sudan - 12:00

Praying in Congregation - 13:40

Family Values - 14:44

We’re Different but the Same - 15:30

Advising a Friend - 16:28

Is the Bare Minimum Enough? - 18:13

Allahs Blessings - 20:00

Advising Our Friends - 21:31

The People You Associate With - 22:19

Helping Out Others - 25:03

Importance of Brotherhood - 30:10

Wanting to Meet Our Brothers In Jannah - 34:07

Islam Elevates Status - 36:28

Should Quran Be Liberalized? - 38:09

Outro - 43:23


12/23/22 • 44 min

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In this episode we speak of a topic that has been hot the past two weeks, Andrew Tate to Islam. We use it as a precedent to bring up topics like backbiting and slander.

Backbiting and slander is a sin so easy to commit that sometimes we dont realize we commit it. We talk about the backbiting and slander we have seen from some of our fellow Muslims via social media and warn of the dangers of it.

This episode was very fun and emotional and serious for us and we hope all enjoy it!

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Tiktok: deentourr

Instagram: deentourr

Timeline for this episode:

Intro/Andrew Tate to Islam - 0:00

Attacking Tate for Converting - 5:00

Assumptions, Backbiting, Slandering - 8:35

Welcoming in Islam - 11:40

Reverts - 14:51

Staying Away From Bad Speech - 17:55

Unity as Muslims - 21:50

The Beauty of Islam - 24:10

Finding Islam and Embracing It - 30:00

Reflect on Ourselves - 35:00

Outro - 40:49


11/04/22 • 43 min

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This episode the brothers address certain actions or things normalized in todays society that are forbidden (haram) in Islam. We talk about things like drugs, alcohol, and music. Yes, Music is haram.

It is not easy to stop any sin that you do, whether you know it is a sin or not. This episode speaks a little on that. Turning to Allah and trusting in His guidance is really the only way to keep ourselves away from sin and break away from the struggles of this world and any bad habits we have created for ourselves.

We address any benefits of haram things and how the bad outweighs the good. There is always question about what is seen as haram and what is not in Islam, especially for things not strictly stated in the Quran. That is why we have scholars who have dedicated their life to allowing us to best understand the eloquence in the Quran.





Intro - 0:00

Why Things Are Haram - 1:00

Alcohol and it’s Dangers - 1:38

Other Substances and Abusing Them - 9:00

High School Peer Pressure - 13:27

Struggles With Sin and Punishments of This Life - 15:25

Real Success vs. Success Today - 18:09

Is Music Haram? - 22:12

Quran and Music - 26:15

Practicality of Islam - 42:30

Outro - 44:58


12/09/22 • 45 min

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How many episodes does DEENTOUR have?

DEENTOUR currently has 58 episodes available.

What topics does DEENTOUR cover?

The podcast is about Religion & Spirituality, Podcasts, Self-Improvement, Education and Religion.

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What is the average episode length on DEENTOUR?

The average episode length on DEENTOUR is 37 minutes.

How often are episodes of DEENTOUR released?

Episodes of DEENTOUR are typically released every 7 days.

When was the first episode of DEENTOUR?

The first episode of DEENTOUR was released on Oct 14, 2022.

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