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CX Conversations

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What do businesses of all sizes value the most? Growth. But how do you grow in today’s rapidly changing environment? CX Conversations is a business, marketing, and customer experience podcast packed with stories showcasing how modern businesses are using customer experience to drive revenue and create life-long connections. Tune in to hear the success stories of the brands you love, and draw practical knowledge from experts making strides across industries. Hosted and produced by Kustomer.
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In this episode of Customer Service Secrets, Al Hopper, principal consultant at Nagurra Networks, joins Gabe Larsen to talk about how businesses can benefit from working on a tiered customer service model. In this thorough conversation about how it works, you’ll also learn why your organization should practice having different levels of service based on different groups of customers, how to apply it, and which types of businesses should have a tiered customer experience.
More About Al 0:43
Tier Customer Service 3:02
Who Tier Customer Service Right for? 7:28
How to have a successful Tier Model 10:07
“The biggest challenge is forgetting that you are a service organization to begin with. They start focusing on the tiered customer service get away with anything.” 15:58
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In this episode of Customer Service Secrets, we are talking about journey mapping with Annette Franz. Annett is the founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc. She is an expert in this area and has a wealth of experience in applying it. Oftentimes people don’t know where to start journey mapping or they think they are doing it when in reality they aren’t at all. Annette talks through the steps she typically goes through, what journey mapping really is, how to do it effectively and how to use it. Sometimes it needs revisiting every so often and we discuss this as well.
Annette’s Background 1:07
What is Journey Mapping 2:55
How to Do it Right 6:12
What to do WITH a Journey Map 14:46
Revisiting Journey Map 17:49
“A lot of companies... try to just identify things in the current state map... but they don’t get at the root of the problem, which is something internally.” 12:39
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In this episode of Customer Service Secrets Podcast, we are going to be talking about journey mapping. To help us out with that we brought on Bob Thompson, the founder and CEO of Customer Think and author of the book Hooked on Customers. His career and company are built on the idea of customer centricity and he’ll be explaining what customer mapping is, why companies should do it, and how to create an effective, uninterrupted flow from beginning to end.
About Bob and Customer Think 1:10
Journey Mapping in General 2:32
How to Journey Map Well 6:54
Information based Journey Map on 12:59
We think of journey mapping as, “walk in your customers’ shoes and then take pictures as you go and read their mind.” 3:09
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Kustomer announced it has acquired, a customer service automation platform that helps companies scale intelligent customer service without compromising experience. Our guest today, Omar Pera, CEO of Reply AI, is sharing how companies are winning by propelling an effortless customer experience using AI and automation. We all know that customer experience is becoming more important than ever before. Businesses who prioritize customer experience are the ones succeeding. But how can companies continue to execute on a high level of service without hiring an army of people, or sacrificing the human touch? Tune in to discover how to make customer service faster and smarter.
About of Omar and Reply 1:30
Why do we need bots? 8:41
Examples of AI in customer Service 12:20
Do’s and Dont’s of AI for CX 20:17
“If the customer says absolutely anything that is not related to ‘where is my order’ you go to an agent directly, without waiting, without doing anything, without rephrasing...” 21:45
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episode art

06/04/20 • 20 min

It's getting increasingly difficult for businesses to get feedback from customers in this fully remote world. We sat down with Hilary Curran from Guru, a customer service knowledge management company, to dive deeper into the techniques and practices they are taking to stay connected and elevate the customer voice during this remote reality. Join us in this episode to discover insights about how to boost your customer experience and make the process easier.
Amplifying the Customer’s Voice 1:58
Collecting 3:51
Getting Customers Involved 7:34
Share and Discuss 8:58
Close the Loop 14:38
“ We’ve created a series of questions that we ask our CX team to think on each week...Some sort of specific questions verses, ‘how is everything going’ Something so broad” 7:54
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episode art

05/28/20 • 19 min

In this episode of Customer Service Secrets, we talk with Blake Morgan, a customer experience expert, keynote speaker, and author of the Customer of the Future. Blake shares how customers and companies are changing and need to change in order to survive. She also speaks on why today and moving forward customer experience needs a greater focus. We also discuss her recent book.
More about Blake 0:57
The Customer of the Future 2:59
The Company of the Future 4:36
Why Does CX Matter to Companies today? 8:26
Recent Book Release 11:34
“Customer service is the only way to stand out. Our products and services have become commodities. We’re simply competing on price. Maybe that works in the short term, but in the long term... we have to compete on experience.” 8:44
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episode art

05/21/20 • 24 min

In this episode of Customer Service Secrets, we talk with Shep Hyken, a customer service/experience expert, keynote speaker, and Time’s best selling author. He talks to us about his concept of the Cult of the Customer. He talks about treating customers so well that they become fanatic evangelists who preach your good name. We talk about how to achieve this level of customer satisfaction, one of the best ways is consistency. Join as we dive deeper into this topic and learn how to apply it.
Why the word Cult? 2:34
Consistency 9:19
Changing Tradition 15:00
Setting Your Company above others 21:20
“The Cult of the Customer is all about people who are fanatical about taking care of their customers, both internal and external... Ideally doing such a great job that these customers become evangelists.” 4:15
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In this episode of Customer Service Secrets, we talk with Jeanne Bliss, Founder and CEO of Customer Bliss. We talk about about her book which explains her philosophy on customer experience. Too often we are watering down or over complicating customer service. Jeanne expresses her thoughts in a way that can help any company, no matter size. Jeanne also offers a link to the first chapter and quiz to her book for our listeners.
Would you do that to your Mother? 2:14
How to start Enabling Employees 7:53
Don’t make me feed you Soap 11:58
Pillars 3 and 4 14:10
“Do you allow for human error? If you return that rent a car 3 minutes late are you get dinged for half a day?...People above process.” 15:31
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In this episode of Customer Service Secrets, we talk with Adrian Swinscoe, customer experience author. In this episode we talk about his views on what he calls “Punk CX”. Sometimes we complicate customer experience. We get deep into the weeds of it all and Punk CX is all about getting back to the simple needs. Join us as we dive into this idea of simplifying and and teaching our customers how to help themselves.
Introduction to Adrian Swinscoe 1:15
How Punk CX came about 3:04
How to Simplify CX 8:12
We Like helping Ourselves 12:18
“60% of your in bound demand for help can be solved either by you being better at solving things first time around, or..helping customers help themselves.” 13:27
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In this episode of Customer Service Secrets, we get a chance to talk with James Dodkins, known as the Rockstar Customer Experience Expert. Before becoming a specialist in customer experience, James toured the world performing in a rock and roll band. He now takes what he learned from that and applies it to customer experience. We talk about this and how we can frame our customer experience similarly. We also talk about how to structure our team in a way that rewards direct value to customers. We often reward our employees for doing things that don’t actually lead to greater customer satisfaction.
About James 1:21
How to Give Rockstar Customer Experience 5:01
4 Step Framework 9:27
Team Structure 13:24
“Only 4% of dissatisfied customers will complain and the large majority of the rest will vote with their feet. They’ll just leave and go somewhere else. If you are only fixing problems for the 4% of people that complain, you are missing a massive opportunity.” 11:00
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How many episodes does CX Conversations have?

CX Conversations currently has 151 episodes available.

What topics does CX Conversations cover?

The podcast is about Society & Culture, Management, Podcasts, Relationships and Business.

What is the most popular episode on CX Conversations?

The episode title 'The Power of Tiered Customer Service | Al Hopper at Nagurra Networks' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on CX Conversations?

The average episode length on CX Conversations is 21 minutes.

How often are episodes of CX Conversations released?

Episodes of CX Conversations are typically released every 6 days, 23 hours.

When was the first episode of CX Conversations?

The first episode of CX Conversations was released on Feb 21, 2020.

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