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Richard Bonte

Monday 11:30 am + Wed 5:30 pm

“Curmudgeonly Yours” is a show on ‘comparative modern Western life. The title comes from Richard Bonte’s humorous book of the same name, “Curmudgeonly Yours.” In his sometimes-multilingual show, host and author Richard Bonte interviews guests from different countries to get their take on ideas and problems facing the Western world.

Host Richard Bonte is a Bradenton resident and a native-born New Yorker. He has lived much of his life in Canada, California and Western Europe. He has worn many hats in his life including playwright, bi-coastal actor, teacher, writer, linguist and phonetician. He has advanced degrees from Berkeley, UCLA and the Sorbonne. Richard has written ten novels (including ‘Curmudgeonly Yours’ (2017), been given the FAPA (Florida Authors and Publishers Association) 2018 Silver Award for Humor), several plays and screenplays. He is right now co-writing a new novel set in 1930’s Los Angeles.


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