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Crucifixions and Other Fictions

Mina Samuels

In this podiobook: In sparing prose, this collection of 15 short stories explores the search for identity, a place to belong and the inevitability of loss.In "Crucifixion" a Jewish woman, long alienated from her religion, recalls a dangerous childhood game she played and realizes she can't escape who she is. "Ferris Wheel" follows a single woman's journey to the Four Corners where she decides to keep the baby she is carrying. In "The Waitress," a couple includes a woman they don't know in an intimate ad-hoc housewarming celebration the night they move into their house with unexpected consequences. In "Like Magic," a young boy's act of revenge seals his fate in the drug dealing business. And "The Nine Eleven Stories," three lightly linked stories set on and around September 11, 2001. The stories will be presented in 5 episodes, each containing 3 stories.Mina Samuels' first novel, "The Queen of Cups," was published in January 2007. Check out for more information or to contact Mina. Music composed by Stefano Zazzera. Audio recording by Moody Mammoth Recording Studio, for more information go to

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