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Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine Podcast - 295: Barn Town Enjoys Making Hazy IPA and Tart Fruit Beers That People Enjoy

295: Barn Town Enjoys Making Hazy IPA and Tart Fruit Beers That People Enjoy

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine Podcast
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Barn Town popped up on our radar in 2022, with a number of beers across styles that scored well with our blind panel of judges, but the best of the bunch was Neon hazy IPA with an impressive score of 98. In our upcoming IPA issue, they did it again with another 98 for hazy double IPA Stink, Stank, Stunk, so naturally we felt the need to ask some questions and understand how they’re making consistently impressive beers.

In this episode, founder Pete Faber, head brewer Grant Brower, and brewer Cody Guyer cover a list of topics, including:

  • updating beer recipes over the past half decade to adapt to changing customer tastes
  • building stability in hazy IPA with malted oats, wheat, and Pilsner malt
  • why Citra is “the bacon”—good with everything
  • chilling the whirlpool and optimizing for survivable
  • dry hopping after crashing to minimize less desirable flavors
  • consistency and variability in hop varieties from lot to lot
  • brewing fruited sour beers without gluten-containing grains
  • the impacts of thickness and gravity on batch pasteurizing

And more.

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03/20/23 • 60 min

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