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Collecting Histories


Unravel the histories of our world, nation by nation, episode by episode. Producer and host: Klara Eriksson

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English? British? From the UK? What are labels, why are they important, and who gets to use them? In this episode, we look closer at the names and words of a really complicated archipelago.

Host: Klara Eriksson

Guests: Georgia Bulis-Grey, Theo Gadd, Leo Clancy, Zdravko Varbanov

This season is part of my capstone project for a Bachelor of Arts at Minerva Schools at KGI. Thanks to Professor Grace Woods-Puckett, my advisor, Antonia Boorman, Liberty Pim, and my dad for the great feedback, and to my roommate Barbara for never rolling my eyes at me when I go off on one of my endless harangue about some obscure detail of narratives.

Special thanks to Georgia Bulis-Gray, Theo Gadd, and Shiao-li Green for letting me interview them, and for answering my intrusive questions. Thanks also to Antonia for helping me see more complexities in already complex situations and teaching me about Northern Ireland, and to Leo Clancy and Zdravko Varbanov for lending their voices to some men of the past.


Britannia. Artwork by Klara Eriksson.



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