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Clonmel Junction Arts Festival

Bernie & Dylan Goldbach

Listen to a wide selection of arts and entertainment available during the Clonmel Junction Arts Festival every July in County Tipperary. Hear creatives and visitors offer inside information about discovery points throughout the sunny southeast of Ireland.

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Fran Curry discusses a wide range of topics with Robert Ballagh, including inspirations for his work and the reason for his activism in Irish society. Claire Bentley introduces the segment as it was recorded in The Main Guard of Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland during the Clonmel Junction Arts Festival on July 2, 2019.
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01:27 Unemployed before Clonmel commission.
02:00 Phil Lynott played Robert's guitar.
03:49 Work inside Ardmore Studios.
06:37 How were you commissioned for the Clonmel mural?
The story involves his wife going into labour when the Clonmel project manager for Five Star rang about creating an 84 foot mural to be of local interest.
10: 27 Lawrence Sterne
12:24 Matte Formica and textured formica
13: 27 What was it like to see the mural installed?
14:56 Ballagh's number of commissions?
17:24 Alchemist trick of capturing a soul
18:24 Why Ballagh likes the Noel Brown work.
19:10 Commission myself to paint Noel Brown
20:23 Ignored by the arts establishment
20:49 I live by these hands
21:04 Why Ballagh does not apply for grants (no computer)
24:02 Ballagh the activist
25:42 Ireland lags in artistic GDP spend
26:54 Every town has an arts remit
29:06 What bands were you in?
29:06 How do you make your art?
31:30 Did you keep in touch with Michael
33:07 How influenced were you by Frank Stella?
34:57 Barcelona suite of furniture
37:07 No art ever came out of that bog
37:52 Professional advice: “Work on that".
38:47 Will Ballagh return to Clonmel?
If you’re interested in images and links about Robert Ballagh’s work, look at the show notes for this episode. They should be visible in the podcatcher you’re using. You can also check out The Nationalist at any newsagent in Clonmel or search Tipperary Live for the Clonmel Junction Arts Podcast.
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If you want to reach us, use the hashtag #clonmelarts on Twitter or Instagram. You can also drop a note into the Clonmel Junction Arts Booking Office in the Showgrounds.
40:23 Book your tickets by searching “Clonmel Junction Arts Eventbrite”.
Thanks to the Tipperary County Museum, TippCoCo, Camida, Clonmel Showgrounds.
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Bernie Goldbach and the Youth Media Team share inside information about what a family might enjoy doing outside on Monday, July 1st during the Clonmel Junction Arts Festival. Bernie offers eight discovery points that he has on his phone for the first of July
Start at 0830 and enjoy brekkie outside Hickey's at the West Gate.
01:36 Explore Clonmel's Laneways.
02:35 Walk the Suir Blueway. Start on the Quay, pass Camida, go under the Old Waterford Road, and meander for 12 minutes to get an excellent river view.
10:27 About Suircan.
11:44 Pass the James Early mural on the corner of Wellington Street. It’s a Discovery Point. Then continue along Wellington Street to turn right on Nelson Street. You’ll pass the South Tipperary Arts Centre—worth visiting later today.
12:21 Use the map. You should turn left on Parnell Street to head back down Mitchell Street towards the Main Guard.
12:39 Once on the pedestrianised Mitchell Street, you might enjoy getting a takeaway sandwich from Niamh’s on the corner.
13:01 At noon, enjoy Everybody Dance Now under the Main Guard Arches.
13:06 Then take your sandwich to one of the picnic tables in Mitchell Street to enjoy the Street Party.
13:19 Visit artwork in the Narrow Space Gallery.
13:45 Head towards Print Van Go in the Showgrounds.
14:40 Get a postcard about Robert Ballagh.
15:05 Eimear King refects on Ballagh.
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Contact us by using the #clonmelarts hashtag on Twitter or Instagram. You can also drop a note into the Clonmel Junction Arts Booking Office in the Showgrounds.
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Thanks to Andre Louis for the backing tracks.
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Big news! The Junction Festival is on Spotify! Claire Bentley and Bernie Goldbach explain ways listeners are hearing the Junction Arts Festival podcast and they meet four primary school students who share where they go in town on their walkabouts.
See the full schedule at
00:31 Top Visual Images for #clonmelarts when searching Google:
1. Yoga in the park: “Move in the park” at
2. Podcast Player:
3. Rebekah: “On Song – Catharsis and Incarnation” in The Coachman
01:23 The top image for #clonmelarts on Instagram is the mural off Anglesea Street. More than 36 people have liked it.
01:53 How do you hear this podcast?
According to Spreaker, most of our listeners stream the segments. They’re not downloading them, they’re streaming them.
You can stream from the Spreaker app. The big advantage is you get to see images that relate to the content and you also get to tap on hyperlinks directly from the Spreaker player.
And if you tap on the circled letter i for info in the Spreaker app, you can see show notes. Those show notes normally appear inside every other major podcatcher.
02:18 But the big reason most people listen to the festival streams is because the Clonmel Junction Arts Podcast is on Spotify. Just ask Spotify for the podcast or go to
02:42 Just as "OK Google. Play the Clonmel Junction Arts podcast" and the latest show starts playing.
03:11 How many people hear this podcast? We’re getting 20 listens every day and expect our daily number to climb above 100 once our Tipperary Live media partner starts sharing our audio content with their readers.
03:27 Where else are people listening? Castbox and and Pocketcasts
03:355 Where are we recording? We have an excellent recording space in the digital hub of the Clonmel Library, thanks to
News about Clonmel
05:28 “Students YouTube animation offers glimpse at town history”
05:44 “Clonmel campus meeting demand for animation”
06:34 Marie Marie McMahon remembers The Clonmel Loop in the 20th century
07:13 “The Loop” today with Lucy Wynne, Mia Goldbach, and Ella about laneways and their “Clonmel Loop” in the 21st century.
09:22 Book Junction Arts on Eventbrite
09:39 Contact us #clonmelarts
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It is nine days before the Junction Festival opens and Google thinks the most prominent content is in the streets or up the mountains. The news is in front of people via and you should book your tickets now at
00:27 Top of Google right now: Bring the laneways back to life:
00:53 The Laneway Project
01:30 East Lane Project
02:23 Ghost Anvil XXVII
03:10 Dream Lane
03:54 See Clonmel sculpture year round
04:48 Also prominent: Robert Ballagh
05:33 Instagram Contest Winners on Display in Showgrounds
07:23 Solar Studio on the Upper Car Park
08:10 Free Creative Fun: Air Painting
08:38 Free Creative Fun: Public Piano
08:53 Creative Fun: Mystery Hill Walks
09:24 Creative Fun: Folklore Walk
09:41 Creative Fun: Mountain Workshop
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Claire Bentley and Bernie Goldbach explain what people are liking the most about #clonmelarts and they also spotlight 15 free things you can do when walking the Clonmel Junction Arts Festival between the first and seventh of July 2019. See the full schedule at
00:31 Top Hits for #clonmelarts
01:00 The most liked thing is Mollie Anna King
01:24 Slievenamon in Kilkenny?
01:37 corrects us on Slievenamon
02:08 Locations of free things
02:248 Cara Schumann
03:15 Thanks to @tipperarycoco
04:35 FREE: Robert Ballagh Exhibition
04:48 Restored by Tipperary Museum
05:26 Marie McMahon remembers walking the loop
05:52 FREE: Instagram exhibition
06:19 FREE: Steel sculpture on Clonmel Digital Campus
06:34 FREE: Bobby Blount sculpture
06:55 FREE: Mural At Gleeson’s Pub
06:59 FREE: Off Anglesea Street near Scotch Hall
07:07 FREE: Everybody Dance Now
07:14 FREE: Communal Lunch Seating
07:31 FREE: Mollie Anna King in STAC
07:42 FREE: Animated short films
07:55 FREE: Narrow Space Gallery
08:00 FREE: Animators talk about work
08:10 FREE: Print Van go
08:22 FREE: Kids Corner
08:27 FREE: Laptop Ensemble
08:39 FREE: Junction at Powerstown
08:48 FREE: Clonmel Junction Festival Podcast
09:19 Follow #clonmelarts
09:21 thanks to
09:25 Book your tickets on Eventbrite
09:56 See you at #CJAF19
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An inside view of the Clonmel Junction Arts Festival. You can book now:
01:00 Clip about
01:01 Instagram and Clonmel
01:55 What's on in Clonmel
02: 45 is a Festival Partner.
03:34 Who is Robert Ballagh?
04:09 Intro Marie McMahon
04:51 About Robert Ballagh
07:08 wearable durable material formica
07:51 On the second of July, Ballagh will explain.
09:04 In the 70s
10:18 Marie's First Communion Memory
12:22 Storing Ballagh's work
14:18 Grateful to
14:41 Memorable 70s
16:16 Facebook Clonmel Memories:
19:05 Exhibition through the 7th of July
19:22 Robert Ballagh's book: Reluctant Memoir
19:52 Introducing Mollie Anna King
20:28 Artist Talk 4 July 5PM
20:50 Music by
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