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Cleanse Heal Ignite

Diane Kazer

Cleanse Heal Ignite is for the woman on a mission to ‘Cleanse her body, Heal her hormones and Ignite her life’. She’s tried all the labs, prescriptions, supplements, diets, fitness programs, still doesn’t feel her best and is over feeling fat, fatigued and frustrated. I get it. You deserve better! I’ll help you discover the self-love key to unlock your body's innate intelligence, become your own best healer and transform your life from the inside out, by getting you clear with 3 things: What do you want, what symptoms are standing in your way and how do we get your dream life, body and energy in the fastest time possible, even if you’ve tried what feels like everything? If you want to know the answer, subscribe to our podcast and I'll see you there. A pro soccer player turned Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach, Diane Kazer is a Courageous Visionary in the world of hormones and detox, empowerment and self-love. She is the founder of CHI Holistic Health Institute, author of Killer Breasts, creator of the Explant Solution and Warrior Detox. Her mission is to help women overcome Toxicity, Infection, Trauma, and Shame from Breast Implant Illness, Beauty Toxins and the Bully Within. Your CHI tribe is a hybrid of functional medicine, courage coaching, and mindset mastery and the CHI podcast will leave you feeling empowered, inspired and hopeful that you CAN heal no matter how long you’ve suffered.
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08/27/20 • 31 min

Hear one woman’s journey from health hell to healthy and well in the matter of weeks, no matter your genetics, background, age or circumstances. Where there’s a warrior, there’s a way! Join Patricia Clancy so she can share her vulnerable story from breakdown to break-through in past trauma, relationships, physical symptoms and business struggles. This is a great listen, especially if you or someone you know is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis or an autoimmune condition.

When Patricia first came to work with us through the CHI Transformation program she was diagnosed with MS and had tried many many things to improve her health on her own (including reading lots, attending summits, and trying various programs all the while wasting time and money)

Hear it directly from her: “With the MS, I had many different symptoms, all unpleasant. The worst were extreme dizziness/vertigo About 25% of the time, I was using a wheelchair. That doesn’t sound like much, but when it's you, it's a lot. I spent Some of the Spring and most of the summers in a wheelchair. It’s now July and I haven't been in the wheelchair in months!”

Pre-CHI she had many blocks that were keeping her from her health goals...

❌Being diagnosed with MS

❌Unresolved Tramas

❌Not fully knowing herself

❌Physical symptoms including extreme fatigue, dizziness/vertigo & many more that would get triggered constantly

❌Spent 25% of her time in a wheelchair

❌AND Came to find out she was loaded with parasites too!!

In going through CHI, Patricia realized all of this and that she was really only living up to about 50% of her true potential in life!

This all changed through the program and in her own words she now says she’s up to living about 75% of her potential and that is continuing to improve. “The journey isn’t over, and neither is my improvement. I graduated with a plan going forward, and ongoing support.”

Post-CHI her accomplishments have well exceeded what she had originally imagined...

🙌Waking up refreshed

🙌Learning how to eat for her body and CHI helped her find the best foods for HER

🙌No more working long hours

🙌Truly understands her own self worth

Improvement in her mobility

🙌Has been out of her wheelchair for months now!!! (So INSPIRING!!)

When we asked Patricia what she is doing now that she never imagined she could she told us she now takes time for herself! “I didn’t even think about my own self worth before, but now I COME FIRST!”

You always come first Warriors! It's time to get over your trauma and toxins so that you can unblock your own ability to heal yourself!! AND You don’t have to do it alone... Reach out to me and click the link in my bio to set up a free Breakthrough call so we can help you too learn to put yourself first and start living more of your own potential in life

If your doctor tells you there’s nothing you can do to heal from autoimmune disease, they’re ❌WRONG❌!!

Patricia did just that 🦄🔥

Here are Patricia’s 12 steps:

  1. The thought is that I'm not enough; I wasn't old enough to play/hang out with my older siblings, so I had no friends. I wasn't smart enough (like my brother, or our neighbor)..."97? What happened to the other 3 points?". I wasn't pretty enough or fun enough for kids my age (two older sisters were prettier/more fun). On and on...I also felt like I don't exist.
  2. HELL NO it's not true!!!
  3. My younger sister and brother in law have been coaching me for years; telling me about how great I am - even giving me examples. It took two failed marriages, among other things, to get to the point where I finally reali...
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So, if cleansing is SO important why aren’t more people doing it!? Why aren’t doctors recommending it?

There has been NO research to see how one toxin in the body reacts with another. The EPA recently discovered that up to 80% of cancer deaths are due to environmental toxins. But doctors tell you your body detoxes on its own, and you don’t need to do more. The reality is that doctors aren’t trained in toxicity and what it does to the body and are profiting from prescriptions that are based in toxins. This is an extremely harsh reality that all of us are basically living in a toxic wasteland, and doctors will blow off illness as something you’re “genetically predisposed” to. I call 🐂 💩. Since neither the government nor traditional doctors are looking out for your best interest, it's time to take matters into your own (and my) hands. I

🚨 Another CONTROVERSIAL OPINION: Cleanses should not feel like a punishment!

I am here to guide you along the way through The Warrior Cleanse, which is my 4-week cleanse program that I promise is much different than any other cleanse you’ve done. Many cleanses I’ve seen focus on deprivation and monotony in your diet.

In this episode, I talk to friend and colleague Jess Del Pino about The Warrior Cleanse, what other cleanses get wrong, and some tips to make your cleanse a good one. This is also part 3 of our Gut Healing Series by addressing TOXICITY, so we also touch upon being your own Gut Goddess Gardener.

In this Episode:

  1. Why is cleansing so important?
  2. What are the top reasons people NEED to cleanse?
  3. How does it work? Lifestyle Changes? Cleanse kit? Diet? Support?
  4. How The Warrior Cleanse is not a transaction; it’s a way of being, beginning with a physical and MOST importantly, a MIND reset.
  5. How to unleash your inner GUT GODDESS

Top 5 Cleanse Fails

‘You did a 3 day cleanse’ aka The ‘quick detox’ fix

  • To think we can do a quick detox to purge the toxins we’ve been exposed to our whole life, is the PERFECT way to set yourself up for disappointment.

Not addressing the mind-body connection

  • As Tony Robbins says “Your quality of life is only as great as your emotional state”. It’s harder to think positively when you’re eating negatively.

You used harmful cleanse products and ingredients (90% + of them)

  • Many products today, while they may ‘produce a good poo’ are abrasive to the lining of your intestines, which is the area we’re trying to clean up and rebuild. Common herbal colon cleanser and laxative ingredients may present serious health risks and major medical complications. However, they are contained in a majority of detox and cleanse products.

You didn’t focus enough on FOODS that SUPPORT DETOX

  • Missing fiber, missing macros, missing fermented foods, you may be guilty of this in your last cleanse (or in your day-to-day diet).

You start but don’t finish OR worse yet, you DO, but you think there IS a finish line and go back to the same lifestyle that caused you to NEED a cleanse in the first place.

  • Your lifestyle has everything to do with how successful your detox and cleanse program will be. Without creating a change in your lifestyle and creating lasting new habits, you will remain toxic and unhealthy. ...
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WOW, this episode is packed full of root-cause related information that I hope will inspire you. I brought Dr. Navaz Habib to talk about this one specific nerve that controls and regulates so many functions of the body.

If you or someone you love suffers with IBS, obesity and weight gain, chronic fatigue, depression irregular heartbeat, ulcers, weight loss, gastroparesis, chronic inflammation, epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, trouble urinating, fertility problems, sexual pleasure, anxiety, heart disease cancer, poor circulation, leaky gut, Alzheimer's, memory and mood issues, migraines headaches, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, addictions, or any autoimmune conditions... I highly recommend listening to this episode about our vagus nerve.

(Yes, THAT many manifestations + more)

The sheer amount of diseases and symptoms in the parts of this body that this nerve innervates is a testament to how important it is to maintain your health. Stick around for this entire episode to learn how this is truly the root of so many of our issues and one of the biggest underutilized discussions and Western medicine while I talk to Dr. Navaz Habib about how we can stimulate our Vagus nerve to ensure that this nerve is functioning optimally.

(Also, listen for information about a FREE GIVEAWAY and DISCOUNT for a highly helpful essential oil blend.)

In this episode:

  • How living in fight or flight hurts your brain and body
  • Where “sympathetic” 24/7 is NOT a good thing
  • How our vagus nerve connects with our immune system in riding our body of toxins
  • Learn how easy it is to improve your vagal tone with simple exercises

Vagus Nerve

The function that it imparts is extensive.

  • In the brain itself, it helps control anxiety and mood.
  • In the gut, it increases stomach acidity, gut flow/motility and other digestive enzyme production.
    • Low stomach acid is a major source of gut-related health conditions so an underactive vagus nerve is correlated to the root cause of many health conditions.
  • In the heart, it controls heart rate variability, heart rate and blood pressure.
  • In the pancreas it controls blood sugar balance and digestive enzymes.
  • In the liver it controls bile production and detoxification through hepatic phase 1 and phase 2 conjugation.
  • In the gallbladder it controls bile release to help break down fats.
  • In the kidneys, it promotes general function including water balance, glucose control and sodium excretion which helps control blood pressure.
  • In the bladder it controls voiding of urine.
  • In the spleen it helps to reduce inflammation.
  • In the sex organs it helps to control fertility and sexual pleasure including orgasms.
  • In the mouth and tongue, it helps to control ability to taste and saliva production through salivary gland control.
  • In the eyes, it activates tear production through the lacrimal glands.

Vagus nerve stimulation has the potential to help those suffering from various health conditions, including but certainly not limited to anxiety disorders, heart disease, some forms of cancer, poor circulation, leaky gut syndrome, alzheimer’s, memory and mood disorders, migraines and headaches, fibromyalgia, obesity, tinnitus, addiction, autism and autoimmune conditions.

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In the second installment of my two-part gut talks with Dr. Seth Gerlach, we address some FAQ's regarding gut health such as:

  • How can birth control and medications destroy your gut health?
  • What are the dangers in taking over-the-counter medications like antacids?
  • Why won’t a probiotic fix everything?
  • What kinds of bacteria show up in the gut?
  • How does candida affect your brain?

Listen for even more answered questions about your gut.

Also, listen and subscribe (free) on your favorite app:

Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | RadioPublic | TuneIn | Android

In this episode

  • How to distinguish what is “normal” for your health
  • The power (or lack thereof) of Candida cleanses
  • What traditional medicine fails to consider in gut health
  • How your gut affects nearly every part of your body


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08/06/20 • 52 min

What is gut health really? It’s multifaceted, and is supposed to come back to a state of equilibrium. Conventional medicine does not aim to heal these ailments but rather attack the problem. When you go to a practitioner who is only looking at blood tests, you’re not going to get to the root cause of your illness. Today, I talked with Dr. Seth Gerlach, fellow CHI coach about the top 5 gut myths and misperceptions.

GI problems can show up anywhere in the body. The gut does much more than digest food, it helps control inflammation in the body, makes neurotransmitters, and sends chemical messengers out all over the body. If you’ve ever been on even antibiotics, chances are you have some sort of problem in the gut.

Dr. Gerlach sees many patients who visit his practice that come from gastroenterologists with completely clear tests such as blood work and colonoscopies. What this fails to mention is that traditional doctors are looking for major causes of concern such as cancer or ulcers. This is rarely accompanied with a stool test, which can actually show what’s happening in the gut from a microbial standpoint.

Many people have been misled in terms of their gut health, by listening to this, you can learn to take your health back.

Also, listen and subscribe (free) on your favorite app:

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In this episode

  • How to distinguish what is “normal” for your health
  • The power (or lack thereof) of Candida cleanses
  • What traditional medicine fails to consider in gut health
  • How your gut affects nearly every part of your body


“Many people function at 20% and don’t know they have an extra 80% [14:24]

“The gut and gut health is a balancing act.. If we can educate people on how to maintain a healthy gut, they can live a healthy life” [43:45]

“It’s selfish to not work on yourself, because no one gets the best of you, everyone gets a little piece.” [49:34]


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One of the top questions I am asked is ‘What supplements should I take for _____?’ and my answer is always ‘it depends’.

I created an entire supplement protocol to help you get well by looking at practitioner-grade supplements that have really high levels of nutrients that improve and increase your body's ability to absorb them and get where they need to go. Because today, when you look at the majority of people, they're taking a multivitamin, omegas, vitamin D, and probiotics. A lot of these things can only get to where they need to go to the extent that your cells have the open doors and receptor sites to receive them.

That was when one of the voices in my head said “I have to help these ladies. They need a simplified version of this as well as a customized option”. Today I talked with Heather Morgan about the process of creating a supplement, and what kind of thought gets put into creating a supplement that actually works, and isn’t filled with binders and fillers.

Also, listen and subscribe (free) on your favorite app:

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In this episode

  • What supplements you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T be taking
  • Change your morning routine with a singular protein powder
  • What goes into Beauty, Immunity, Energy and Vitality?
  • The facets that go into creating a supplement

Brand New Supplements

I wanted to try to make things easier for people embarking on a supplement journey. For the last 20 years, I've been doing all different sorts of things. I'm a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, which means that I look for root cause issues in your tissues that are causing you to suffer with symptoms and sadness and a level of stuckness that maybe you're not even sure why maybe you're super sick. And this was me for a very long time. And I took a lot of supplements. In fact, at one point, I had about 30 supplements on my shelves.

And I was like, "Okay, enough is enough. How did I even get here? Which supplements are for what? And who told me to take this? And my one doctor told me this, and my coach told me to take this. And I read somewhere online this, and I watched something on Dr. Oz that..."

And then maybe you're taking things because they’re buy one, get one free. And you're like, "Oh great, buy one, get one free. And it says that I should have more energy, or more fat loss."]

And that hook gets us. So then you start taking these things, and much of the time, the majority of the time, when I see them, they're very toxic products. They're filled with a lot of binders and fillers and artificial ingredients and artificial colors, and things that actually block your body's ability to absorb them.

That’s why I created this supplement line. Take a look here for what I offer, and listen to the podcast for my recommendations.


“Love your body with nourishment” [26:06]

“You cannot get all the nutrients you need from soil, 95% of modern soil is genetically modified.” [06:30]

“We are living in the most toxic world w...

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I created a global program to help women warriors radically transform EVERYTHING in their life (digestion, hormones, mindset, self love, career, relationships, building a family, love life, financial wealth, etc), by exploring root cause dysfunction in the body rather than chasing or band-aiding symptoms. To do this, we use advanced diagnostic tools and labs, far deeper than blood tests, that don't offer this kind of intel.

I see these labs all day long in my practice. Women with these symptoms are not feeling better no matter their best efforts on the doctor treadmill. Told everything is fine, labs are normal, just stress less, exercise more and eat less. Eat more Ensure, grains, fluoride containing water and #bluepills (like my Matrix reference there?) I interviewed a client of mine, Brandy, about her experience as a warrior and we discuss what went wrong with her previous, traditional treatment plans.

Also, listen and subscribe (free) on your favorite app:

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Follow along with the test results in our video!

In this episode

  • A special case study with a lot of twists and turns
  • The specifics of hormone testing and how we interpret these results
  • Consider what percentage of your potential is being realized
  • How to be your own solar panel and generate your own power

The Warrior Cleanse

Suffering from fatigue, mood, sleep, skin, poop, sex, hair and pain issues that won't go away?

Now, I'm not sure if you know this or not but...

...80% of women struggle with hormone related diseases, skin rashes or breakouts, chronic fatigue, adrenal and thyroid disorders, anxiety, depression, irritability and constipation, to name a few.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

FOOD can be our best medicine, but yet you and I have been taught birth control, medication, HRT, surgeries and exercise more/eat less are the solutions. And this is what keeps 80% of women struggling with hormone related symptoms.

It took me years of suffering needlessly with my symptoms too but I found a better way!

I discovered: Cleansing is the new Fitness!!!

And the real path to hormonal freedom is to cleanse and love on your body so hard with cleansing foods and loving thoughts, your hormones will love you back.

So I created something called The Warrior Cleanse, where I put an end to my hormone symptoms like skin issues, fatigue, UTI’s, and a thyroid auto-immune disease, even after doctors told me I couldn’t. And I’m so glad I did, because now I can pass on the wisdom to you. If you’ve been overwhelmed in hormone hell, it’s time to get well!

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This episode of the Cleanse, Heal, Ignite Podcast is with Jator Pierre, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach. Together we talk about our relationships with others, and how our childhood shapes our outlook of our lives.

In this episode, we discuss

  • How to stop letting your illness define you
  • Finding purpose outside of external factors
  • Opening up your mind and your heart to people while separating ourselves from the way others navigate life
  • How to get compassionate with the symptoms that we experience, and think of them as our teachers

We also discuss everything from complex parent-child relationships to projection in relationships; and learning to accept the shades of grey that infiltrate our daily life.


“The greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life of its parents.” Carl Jung [6:27]

“It’s necessary to experience what upsets you because behind that is some sort of shame that you’re hiding.” [13:50]

“A lot of parents, people,and kids, we take a tremendous amount of responsibility around how others navigate life.” [31:15]

“The process to free us from our shame is to recognize that we never will.” [41:51]


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Guided meditation with Jator

Jator's deep exploration on "The Gift of Cravings" Join the Cleanse, Heal, Ignite for Natural Beauty & BII Facebook Group Take the NeuroToxic Quiz!

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06/24/20 • 65 min

We’re often taught to obey authority figures such as physicians- but what if you feel they’re keeping you from realizing your full health potential. Physicians make mistakes too! As soon as we understand that, especially in such a precarious time like this, we can let the real healing begin.

In this episode

  • The ten bars in our self-inflicted prison if we keep a closed mind
  • The transition from traditional medical training to homeopathy
  • The downfalls of ‘research’ and the truth about published studies
  • Mask wearing: making your own judgement calls
  • Looking through the virus through a different lens, and examining the cognitive dissonance behind it

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09/03/20 • 79 min


From a fellow functional medicine practitioner:

“About 400,000 women a year get breast implants. And that means that each year 400,000 women are faced with health challenges that they most likely do NOT know are being caused by them. Most women, myself included, think that they are just fine and not causing any problems. WRONG!

It doesn't matter if they are silicone or saline, the toxins imposed on the body from implants is the root cause of over EIGHTY symptoms, many of which are chalked off to hormone imbalance, genetic predispositions, problems with aging or just plain old normal symptoms of being a woman. If you or someone you love has breast implants PLEASE GET THIS BOOK AND READ IT COVER TO COVER. You will not only save your life (or at least improve the quality of your health and energy), but you will understand what may be going on in your body, and how to methodically and proactively get your health back or prevent the downward spiral once your toxic burden cup overflows.

I am grateful to the author for having the guts to write this book, to share her personal experience and save those of us in her path from, not only the financial expense, but from the heartache and the misery that will ultimately result from having these time bombs ticking away in our bodies. This is your guide and your "how to". But it is also your opportunity to evolve from having had the experience of implants and learn, as the author says, "the lesson you bought them to teach you."


  • What I would have done DIFFERENTLY with my breasts (besides not get implants in the first place)
  • My experience with implant alternatives (aka FAT TRANSFER)
  • Tips on how to make the best of your breasts
  • How to make your next visit to a plastic surgeon as SAFE and health-conscious as possible

Executive assistant to CHI and fellow warrior/soul-sister Jess Del Pino and I discuss my journey after I explanted my breast implants; recovery, fat transfer, and all the in-betweens are covered on this and including some helpful advice for those going through the same journey, covered in my new book Killer Breasts: Overcoming Breast Implant Illness. Even if you aren’t the target audience for this episode, listen to Jess and I have a lot of fun making lemonade out of my lemons.

My Results with Fat Transfer = Fat Necrosis & Fibrocystic Breasts

“There are a few disadvantages of breast augmentation fat grafting, such as the survival rate of the breasts is not stable, patients are prone to breast cancer, breast calcification, etc.

Despite being a disadvantage, the survival rate of breast can actually be increased through the technology of stem cells. It must be known that the risk of getting breast cancer does not have anything to do with autologous fat grafting. This can be scientifically proven. Hence, the other major problems that patients should keep an eye on is the post-operation calcification and the formation of lumps. According to medical journals, the success rate of autologous fat grafting is largely related to the process of injection.

Lumps that are smaller than 2cm in diameter can be taken care with fomentation and massage. Consequently, the lump will decrease in size and disappear. For lumps that are greater than 2cm in diameter, the lumps won’t go away if nothing is done. Even though this is not breast cancer and it does not increase the risk of breast cancer, to those who are facing the problem, the surgeons who had carried out the operation should take up the responsibility to resolve the problem instead of treating it with negligence. The most important thing is to pay attention to the way the injection is carried out during the surgery.”

-Dr. Cheng-Hung Chiu

Genesis Aest...

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What is the most popular episode on Cleanse Heal Ignite?

The episode title '27. An MS Miracle: How One Woman Beat Autoimmune Disease' is the most popular.

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The average episode length on Cleanse Heal Ignite is 59 minutes.

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