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Claremont Serial Killings

Post Newspapers

As attractive young women poured out of late-night club and bars, a serial killer was on the prowl, stalking the streets in cars.Four women disappeared. Only one survived to tell her terrible story.It took police 21 years after the first abduction to make an arrest, charging a community-minded family man, then aged 48.But did they get the right man? He denies all charges of rape and murder.Heart-stopping allegations were made by prosecutors during this man’s first court appearance, but a long trial has been scheduled to hear the witnesses and test the evidence against him.Future episodes of the Claremont Serial Killings podcasts will detail the court proceedings that have the country’s people on the edge of their seats. The trial, scheduled to last nine months, begins in July.
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Episode 2: Closing in on a trial

Claremont Serial Killings


09/05/19 • 14 min

Closing in on a trial
One of the most anticipated murder trials in local history will get under way in late November.
Prior to the trial’s start date, yet more startling evidence has emerged during a further series of pre-trial court appearances by Bradley Robert Edwards.
He faces court charged with the abduction and murder of three young women who had been outenjoying the nightlife of the urban village of Claremont in Western Australia.
The disappearances decades ago became known as the Claremont Serial Killings.
Mr Edwards is also facing sexual assault charges concerning two other teenage women
He has pleaded not guilty to all the changes against him.
Post Newspapers' reporters were at the pre-trial hearings to catch every word.
Episode 1 of the Post Newspapers podcast, called Revelations, detailed some of the evidence that the prosecution intended to array against Mr Edwards, including evidence of extreme pornography.
But what is this new evidence, and how much of it will be allowed to be introduced when the trial proper gets under way?
Find out in the Post’s podcast Episode 2: Closing in on a trial.

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Episode 1: Revelations

Claremont Serial Killings


02/27/19 • 28 min

Twenty three years ago, attractive young women began to be abducted at night from the streets of Claremont, an upmarket urban village in Western Australia.
They were crimes that sparked waves of terror and dread in a previously safe community.
It was not until February 2019 that the gruesome details about the fate of four young, carefree women was revealed to a shocked public.
Many people devastated by the murders had long since given up hope of seeing a result for the most expensive police investigation in Australia’s history.
Detectives had kept a tight grip on the details of what they believed had happened, the public unaware of what was known behind an iron curtain of military-grade secrecy.
In 2016 police announced they had made a breakthrough, and it was 2019 before a court heard what the police really knew about this cluster of rapes and murders.
To find out what the judge heard, click here to listen to Revelations, the first episode in the series Claremont Serial Killings.

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What is the most popular episode on Claremont Serial Killings?

The episode title 'Episode 2: Closing in on a trial' is the most popular.

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