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CJMP Podcast : 42Fish

Powell River Community Radio Society

Featuring a selection of our live and local programs from Powell River Community Radio, CJMP 90.1FM.

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COUSINS! This month we celebrate the inifnate numbers of Well Dressed People in the qathet Regional District by catching up with Prashant Miranda, guest artist at The Tidal Arts Centre in Lund!

Cousin Awd shares deep thoughts from Spectrums by David Blatner and gets all kinds of confused.

"Time is an Illusion. Lunchtime, doubly so."
Ford Prefect, Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy
NOT "Time is IRELEVANT..." as I say multiple times.

FAB Music by:

  • Slim Milkie - Tjiuana Lady
  • They Might Be Giants - Meet The Elements
  • Tinariwan - Taqkal Tarha
  • The Soul Jazz Orchestra - Lufunki
  • Interview with Prashant Miranda
  • Leela Gilday - K'eintah Natse Ju
  • Dakota Tells a Story
  • Sweatshop Union - Think About It
  • Caleb Hart - Empress ft. Track 7

Information on Death Becomes Us - and a call out for Blister Packs!

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42 Fish swim into summer with great gusto!

Farmer Rob, Bob Dobalina, you will be missed and remembered
for a long long time Cousin.

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