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Chronically Living and how to make the most of it


The goal of the show is to provide tangible ways to improve the well-being of chronic illness warriors.Do you have a chronic illness or chronic pain and you are open to trying new ways to improving your life? If you answered yes, then this show can help you explore new ways to do this. Kelsey Harris has a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in Canada. She is also a person with lived experience with diagnoses of UCTD, fibromyalgia, and gluacoma, who has and continues to explore ways to improve her own well-being, and that for the rest of the Spoonie community. There are many ways to heal, and to improve well-being and quality of life, and some of the ways guest healthcare professionals, guests with lived experience, and Kelsey as she presents mental health coping skills, may work well for you. We want your subjective well-being and quality of life to be better! The show has two formats: first is solo episodes, where Kelsey presents coping skills and psychoeducation for mental health as it relates to chronic illness and chronic pain. The second is guest interviews with healthcare professionals and fellow chronic illness warriors who give alternative models to well-being. Episodes are released weekly.


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