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Andrew Frezza

Strategies and tools for running a better and more profitable affiliate gym. We share our mistakes and lessons learned building FitTown Jupiter (formerly CrossFit Palm Beach) in Jupiter, FL into a seven figure gym. Whether you want to create a gym with seven figures of annual revenue or just your dream gym that you love showing up to each day, we can help.
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The allure of starting your own business seems to be growing over recent years, as entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Gary Vaynerchuk have become mainstream celebrities.

But entrepreneurship isn't always as glamorous as it may seem, and just because you may have decided you want to work for yourself, doesn't mean that you have to build a massive business and take on a lot of risk.

In fact, most people that think they want to be entrepreneurs, might be better suited as freelancers, especially in today's COVID economy.

In this episode, we discuss the difference between being a freelancer and an entrepreneur, and how this shift in approach can alter your path as a coach or a business owner.

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While COVID and social distancing restrictions have made it difficult on the group class model, there's no better time than now to grow your book of business as an individual coach.

More people are understanding the importance of their health, and a lot of those people aren't fully comfortable working out in the group setting yet. Personal training and/or remote programming are the perfect avenues to help your clients start reaching their goals, while creating a path for you to become a professional coach.

In today's episode, FitTown Coach Austin Bettigrew is back on the show to discuss some strategies and tactics for growing your book of business immediately. We share ideas for improving your sales ability, creating better results for your clients, and how to get more referrals.

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I'm joined today by 2 of our FitTown Coaches, Amanda Jackson and Austin Bettigrew, as they share their perspective on our hiring process.

While most micro gyms wait for one of their current members to express interest in coaching, or offer the coaching job to the current best athlete in the gym, we've used a multi-step hiring process to hire 6 of our last 7 coaches from out of state. We've found that this extra time and energy we have put into hiring, has returned the greatest ROI of any area of our business over the last 3 years.

Today, we are detailing that hiring process, but through the perspective of 2 of the coaches we have hired over the last 3 years. We discuss their reactions when they saw the job postings, their most memorable questions from the interview process, and their thoughts about staying with me and my family for an entire weekend prior to getting hired.

Whether you are looking to hire full-time A-players for your team, or you are a coach that wants to know how to land your dream job, this podcast will provide you with a detailed path to get there.

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Nicole Race is the owner of Elevate St Pete, and she joins the show today to talk about how Elevate has managed to weather the Coronavirus storm, and has their business operating as strong as it ever has.

We discuss how and why she operates a 2-class system, with a 60-minute Lift class centered around strength training and functional bodybuilding, and a 45-minute Sweat class focused on high intensity interval training.

We talk about messaging and why she chooses to target women with most of her marketing. She explains the role and importance of developing offers, and why having a great offer is not enough.

If you want to learn more about Nicole or have her help you grow your gym, check out her new company the Gym Solution.

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08/17/20 • 18 min

The last 6 months has been tough on gym owners and coaches. What might be the most difficult part of it all, is that there is no clear end in sight.

Even once COVID restrictions come down, it will likely be several months before consumer confidence fully returns. It' makes us feel like we are just spinning our wheels, and that business will never be good again.

But I do believe there is light at the end of this tunnel. And that the gym owners that can successfully weather the storm for the next 12-24 months, will come away from this time stronger and more profitable than ever before.

This episode discusses why and how to weather the COVID storm, and the potential benefits that will be awaiting your business on the other side on this pandemic.

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Mike Wuest is one of the owners and creators of UpLaunch, a CRM designed for micro gyms. He joins the podcast today to reveal why the chase for “more leads” is hurting most micro gyms.

He discusses how gyms can dial in their messaging, marketing, and systems, regardless of whether they use UpLaunch or not. He talks about the importance of the first 100 days of a new member’s journey, and how to maximize those first 100 days so you can get most of your clients to stick around for years.

We started using UpLaunch back in May, and couldn’t be happier with our experience so far. It’s allowed us to dial in our lead and sales process for the first time in our 8-year history. To learn more about UpLaunch and schedule a free demo, head over to

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2 years ago, LJ Regine was living in Virginia and applied to be a coach at CrossFit Palm Beach. Through that process of looking for his dream coaching job, LJ realized he wanted to be more than a coach, and 6 months later opened RoxFire Fitness in Ft Lauderdale, FL.

What started as just another CrossFit gym, has evolved into his own unique brand built around the idea of becoming your own superhero.

This episode dives into LJ's journey from coach to gym owner, and discusses the shifts that transformed RoxFire Fitness from just another CrossFit affiliate into a stand-alone brand.

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My good friend Dr Sean Pastuch is back on the SFB podcast for a third time to discuss his vision for the healthcare clinic of the future. We discuss how the Coronavirus pandemic shapes this vision, and how gym owners and coaches can adapt to the current climate.

To hear the previous episodes with Sean, check out episode 40 and episode 70 of the Seven Figure Box show.

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Anat Peri is the Founder and Head Facilitator at Training Camp for the Soul, a transformative personal development program that has attracted many coaches and gym owners in the CrossFit and functional fitness space.

I am currently finishing up the final week of the 90-day online version of TCS, and have already noticed a huge difference in my awareness, my relationships, and how I interact with my businesses.

In this episode, we discuss the 5 stages of transformation, the role Mom and Dad played in shaping who you are today, and how the ego is affecting so many of the decisions you make on a daily basis.

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Whether you run a single type of class at your gym or offer multiple different programs, it's important to take the time to define what you want the programming and experience to look like for each one of those classes.

When it comes to programming, most micro gym owners focus solely on the effectiveness of the workouts, and not enough on the class experience they are trying to create or the type of clientele they want to attract and retain.

In this episode, I break down how we define and distinguish our BeachFit and FTX program from each other and from other gyms that do functional fitness, to showcase an example of how you can do so within your 4 walls.

To get a PDF breakdown of what this looks like, head over to

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Care-Coach-Lead currently has 226 episodes available.

What topics does Care-Coach-Lead cover?

The podcast is about Entrepreneurship, Podcasts and Business.

What is the most popular episode on Care-Coach-Lead?

The episode title '123 - The Difference Between a Freelancer and an Entrepreneur' is the most popular.

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The average episode length on Care-Coach-Lead is 28 minutes.

How often are episodes of Care-Coach-Lead released?

Episodes of Care-Coach-Lead are typically released every 6 days, 18 hours.

When was the first episode of Care-Coach-Lead?

The first episode of Care-Coach-Lead was released on Jul 17, 2018.

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