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Thanks For Listening To Bulture Podcast The Millennial Voice of Black Culture. Sports, Entertainment, Relationships, Politics, Religion, Fashion, And Hip-Hop! @CeoMikey @bulturepod
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06/30/20 • 99 min

A buss down Rollie will keep other dudes out your girl DM Lls

1- Are Migos falling off ? 2- why is the “The Chi” as big in the culture as insecure or power?

4- Hurricane Chris gets locked up for murder

5- Rip Huey “pop lock and drop”

6- young Buck broke broke

7- let’s break down the new swae Lee “ Reality check” (( if your ex feel like they can pop up get you back may mean you ain’t level up enough))

8- Ron Jeremy being charged with sexual assault

9- Walmart selling fake 4PF chains

10-Omg New Megan the stallion is crazy

11- who had the best verse on “What’s poppin remix” DaBaby Tory Lanez or Lil Wayne ?

12- NBA schedule is out

13- Justin Bieber files $20 million defamation lawsuit against women who accused him of assault

14- I guess news is bring coronavirus back!

15 - Lil Wayne Kobe Bryant tribute was excellent!!

16- Bet awards was great!!! Megan Thee Stallion won female hiphop artists of the year and killed her performance

17- Fab vs Jada,

18- damn summer walker thick as hell/ Amanda Seales did her thing / the 2020 fight power was crazy Nas is still ass, Rapsody has the best verse

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06/23/20 • 103 min

So now y’all wanna Cancel J Cole?! Good night sis Smfh!!!

Thank God the City Girls backkkkk!!

1- I can’t believe the king of Staten Island was $20 wtf

2- would you still Netflix and chill if had to pay for each movie

3- the fear of being lonely and battling with settling

4- Idk why fathers always get me tight

5- stop being mad at people for how they like spend their free time!! It may just be time for you to find more people that match your goals and drive!!

6- Teyana Taylor album Release party look like so much fun!! Her album was pure fire omg!

7- Beyoncé - Black Pride

8- New wale

9- 24 Hour Fitness files for bankruptcy and closes 100 gyms

10- Hilton lays off more than 2,000 corporate staffers, including those in Memphis office

11- 102 people shot, 14 Fatally shot over Father’s Day weekend!!!

12- Amazon workers in Chicago angered by 'tokenism' Juneteenth celebration offering “chicken and waffles”

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06/16/20 • 98 min

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

2- Travis Porter had a huge outdoor concert this weekend

3- let’s talk insecure and how bad we all wanna punch Molly lol

(( Did Lawrence really have to tell Issa that he talked to Shawty even if was just to tell her he was done,

Issa was supper messy for helping homeboy move))

4- B Simone takes back to back L’s on social media (( why do yall really hate her now))

5- A few NBA players are saying they don’t feel comfortable with playing during these racial injustice times?

6- Lil Baby drop new song called “The Bigger Picture” that gains him major love from other big names

7- Queen of the south is my new favorite show

8- the violence in DC continues to rise as the weather gets hotter

10- 69 and Nicki links back up for new song called TROLLZ

12- Rayshard Brooks was killed by police ATL at a Wendy’s parking lot a few days ago and that same Wendy’s was burned down Saturday night

13- Cuban Doll sex tape with Tadoe of GBE ( Trash tape)

14- why is ebony porn so trash on the hub

16- shoutout to Yo Gotti for getting on his fitness grind

18- Juneteenth will probably be the biggest it has ever been this year!!

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06/09/20 • 46 min

Lawrence should have just cut his Notifications off!!!

50 Cent new book is amazing

i didn't kno Yvonne Orji was from the dmv!!

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06/02/20 • 130 min

Put me in your close friends

1- should marry people be in group chat with their single friends?

2- would you go to driven concert?

3- what’s the easiest way to get out of relationship/ situationship

4- can someone actually be your favorite even after the relationship or situationship is over?

5- has someone actually ever made you feel like a R&B song?

6- can your soulmate ghosted you ?

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05/26/20 • 170 min

How did you deal with rejection during quarantine??

Are you scared of being to comfortable with being alone after 3 months of quarantine?

1- Molly going off at the pool, was it really worth or does she just take everything to heart?

2- Karl Malone got his sons mom pregnant when she was 13 and he was in college

4- dojo cat is going white 🤦🏽‍♂️

5- Joe Biden said if you don’t vote for him you ain’t black

7- what’s more important a good friendship or good relationship?

8- do y’all believe in catching the Bouquet 1

9- the nba is planning on coming back in July

12- Ayesha Curry is down 35LBS but was it really necessary for to show ig her new body as a married woman?

13- Houston clubs where packed this weekend

14- Azalea banks says she had sex with Dave Chapelle

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05/19/20 • 171 min

What song has hit home the most lately?

1- who use the Opposite sex more women or men? (( I mean allowing people to do stuff for you that you kno you don’t wanna relationship from))

2- Michael B Jordan playing tony Montana in the scarface reboot smh why!!

3- ladies would you rather marry sex ass man with a ok job or man who very Financially stable but kind of hard on the eyes ?

4- when was the last time you actually put 100% effort into building yourself up??

5- Nelly sir what in the hell was you doing on Saturday 🤦🏽‍♂️

6- George was funny as sh$t on insecure

7- DNA test ain’t going well for rappers lately!! Rick Ross falls Victim

8- Kevin Gates sex tape leaks? (( Females on Twitter are pissed that it’s not as nasty as his music and it wasn’t with his wife))

9- would y’all wanna see Zion Williams play in the “He got game” sequel

10- new future album review

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05/12/20 • 175 min

Happy Mother’s Day

Detroit doing free condom deliveries on a pandemic

2- Jill Scott and Erykah Badu ig live was like sisterhood and not battle

3- 69 does 2 million on his first ig live ( new record for most people on live at one time)

He also did 10 million views on YouTube lest than 4 hours!!

4- Meek millz was really in his feelings about the love 69 was getting ( Aka Twitter fingers)

6- I told y’all last April that is was over for cardi B rap wise

7- YFN Lucci teeth used be nuts

8- Playboi Carti and iggy azalea have their first child together

9- ludacris vs Nelly next Saturday who y’all got

10- 69 new neighbor aka young white girl recorded him outside his house and video went viral

11- Ahmaud Arbery killers where locked up and charged after his murder took place in February (( as black people should we be Lil more careful b4 moving down south))

12- Rip to Lil Richard and André Harrell

13- DJ Khaled ig live with stripper goes wrong

14- Lil Durk new album review

15- Last dance review (( Dennis Rodman was party animal but every focused on the court! MJ will to win, Scottie being scared to bet on his self ))

16- kehlani new album review (( and how she basically had to do her whole album rollout at home with her family and close friends))

17- mike Tyson workout video at 53

18- Earl Thomas held at gun point by his wife during a argument

19- khai aka my neck my back calls out Trina for ig battle

20- 50 cent says he can’t love someone who does love you!! Speaking on his issues with his son

21- DaBaby get in more trouble this time for hitting a drive in Vegas

22- Wendy’s running out meat lol for their burgers

23- Tyra Banks gets dragged on Twitter for old America idol clips

24- Chris Brown s and Young Thug drop album

25- migos drop a taco Tuesday song on cinco de Mayo (( do y’all think is over for them))

26- do y’all think we need a remake of tiger king already ?

27- Celina Powell and Joe Budden ex now Tory Lanez new boo get into fight outside Tory Mia Condo (( Tory also did a live concert on YouTube)) Celina also drop pics of her hit hitman hollow booed up witch made his girlfriend delete her ig page 🤦🏽‍♂️


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05/05/20 • 100 min

Do you believe they really was on FaceTime for 20 hours ?

1- Are you okay with the person you're dating ( not exclusive yet) having a F buddy

**A real insecure Break Down**

Most women think they know want they want until they get it

2- Beyoncé say killed that savage remix Damnnn

3- What conversations with your ex warrant a face to face conversation versus a phone call or a text message? (Lawrence going to see Issa to tell her keep his name out her mouth)

4- Disney world getting ready to open back up

5- Lenox mall is back open

6- why do people walk outside/ride in the car with the mask on

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07/06/20 • 8 min

Good Morning Let's make the rest of this year Great!!!

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How many episodes does Bulture Podcast have?

Bulture Podcast currently has 242 episodes available.

What topics does Bulture Podcast cover?

The podcast is about Society & Culture and Podcasts.

What is the most popular episode on Bulture Podcast?

The episode title 'If it ain't Slappin it ain't Happen!!!Ep76' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on Bulture Podcast?

The average episode length on Bulture Podcast is 154 minutes.

How often are episodes of Bulture Podcast released?

Episodes of Bulture Podcast are typically released every 7 days.

When was the first episode of Bulture Podcast?

The first episode of Bulture Podcast was released on Feb 17, 2019.

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