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Bucci Radio

Amanda Bucci

Welcome to a deep dive into Self-Discovery, Entrepreneurship, Social Media, and Spirituality with host, Amanda Bucci, and some of the top experts on these topics.

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Everything is made of energy--as human beings, we have anatomical, biological, physiological, chemical, neuronal, and more matter-based systems we study in Western Science. In the quantum realm, science has proven we actually made of 99.9999% “empty space,” (due to the structure of an atom), or: energy.

Today’s guest is Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell. She is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with a focus in Herbology and Sacred Sexuality) and owns her own company called Nuchi. She’s here to jam with us on all things Eastern Medicine and healing, and to teach us all about Energetics (which we will break down for you).

In this episode, we cover the science of Energetics and attraction, lineage and how experiences from generations get passed down to us, Chinese Medicine, paying attention to our bodies and becoming aware of our own energy dynamics, honoring cycles of emotions, feeling your boundaries and edges, power struggles and dynamics, taking responsibility for our own energy, transferring energy, imbalances in the body, and having a mindfulness practice with elements.

Find Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell on Instagram @drsheilamariecampbell and find her Sacred Sexuality course at


  • [4:20] Dr. Campbell gives us context about her gifts, and cliff notes on how she got to be a master in her field
  • [11:56] How Sheila went to Mystery School and started meditating
  • [16:24] Sheila breaks down what energy and energetics is
  • [27:56] Amanda asks Sheila to describe lineage and how things get passed down to us.
  • [35:24] Sheila discusses power dynamics and how our power can be gained or taken from us
  • [39:24] How to be discerning with your energy and not compare your energy to others
  • [42:40] How can we be the most powerful with our energy?
  • [49:25] Sheila explains the 5 elements of energy
  • [54:53] Amanda asks Sheila to break down the energies of the 4 Entrepreneurial Archetypes
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n today’s episode, we’re diving into how to bridge the race gap in the online coaching space! Our guest--Topsie Vandenbosch--is a mindset coach for female entrepreneurs, a clinical mental health therapist who has focused on ambitious women that struggle with anxiety and depression, and the “truth teller” as she’s known by her audience. Topsie has an extremely powerful voice and speaks on mindset shifts we can use to be an anti-racist and bridge the race gap in the coaching industry.

In this episode, we discuss how the experience of Black coaches and entrepreneurs differs from that of white coaches, how to create equal opportunity for Black coaches in the space, and the roll spiritual bypassing plays in keeping white supremacy alive. We also dive into how white brands and influencers can come across as privileged and unrelatable to audience members who may not look like them, the harmful effects of avoiding negativity and uncomfortable conversations or emotions, validation and creating safety, standing on the side of what’s right and holding your integrity, and mindset shifts we can all practice moving forward to bridge this gap.


Connect with Topsie at:

Work With Topsie:

  • [5:41] Topsie discusses not seeing black coaches on podcasts and the conversation, talking to people in your bubble
  • [8:30] Topsie and Amanda discuss how brands can feel unrelatable
  • [13:12] Topsie explains the beauty and benefits of the revolution that is happening now and how White coaches can check their privilege
  • [14:47] Being private as an influencer vs. holding space
  • [18:05] Amanda discusses her ego death and shutting “perceived negativity” out to stay in a high vibration
  • [19:15-]Topsie explains spiritual bypassing and how it plays a roll in racism
  • [24:06] Validating emotions to create a safe container and experience
  • 2[6:59] Amanda asks Topsie some specific things that may cause someone to feel unsafe in a space or brand
  • [30:00] Topsie goes through 6 mindset shifts we can all practice to become an anti-racist ally and bridge the race gap in the coaching industry.
  • [41:00] Topsie talks about the trauma that Black people experience every day to simply exist
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Today, we’re here to talk about two Entrepreneurial Archetypes--The Teacher and The Coach. The Teacher and the Coach can show up both a healthy dynamic and an unhealthy dynamic, and both of these Archetypes can get into the healthier dynamic by using lessons from the other. When you are integrating these two archetypes into your work and practice, you can charge exactly what you want and clients will be ready and willing to pay.

In today’s episode, we break down the shadow-side of the Coach and how to call upon the teacher to create balance; and vice versa.

Learning about the shadow sides of these Archetypes, the inner child needs, boundaries the Coach and Teacher can implement, how to better communicate with clients, and create powerful relationship dynamics between you and your clients/audience will make you unstoppable.

To find out your Entrepreneurial Archetype and take our 12 question quiz, visit:

To get Four Sigmatic with our Bucci Radio discount:


  • [5:34] Diving into the Teacher Archetype
  • [7:07] How we view the Teachers
  • [9:54] How the Teacher can come across to others
  • [11:54] How you might experience the Teacher as a client
  • [15:00] The persona the Teacher likes to create
  • [19:24] Diving into the Coach Archetype
  • [21:38] When the Coach is unhealthy
  • [24:00] The main goal of the Coach/Client relationship
  • [25:31] How the client experiences the Coach
  • [27:00] Boundaries for the Coach and the Teacher
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What does it really mean to give 100%? What does it take to make a big idea happen? How can we commit to taking confident action for our ideas and get out of our own way?

Today we have an incredible guest; Community Builder, Business Mentor, and Author: Lindsey Schwartz. Lindsey is an incredible entrepreneur who helps women launch + scale their big ideas through community and collaboration. Lindsey is the host of the Powerhouse Womens podcast and Powerhouse Women event, and author of her first book, Powerhouse Women.

In today’s episode, we discuss how to get into action around your big ideas, getting out of your own way, the truth of the entrepreneurial journey, what it means to take 100% full ownership of what you are put here to do, creating confidence around your ideas, quitting vs. doing the uncomfortable thing, listening to your highest self, and the role of community and how to build one.

Find Lindsey on Instagram @llindseyschwartz and @powerhouse_women


  • [4:04] Lindsey tells us her background and her brand and mission got to be
  • [9:14] How Lindsey felt inspired to make a pivot
  • [12:44] Why do you think women feel scared to go full the 100% for themselves?
  • [19:40] Amanda asks Lindsay what parts of herself she had to let go of to become who she is now
  • [27:24] How does it feel to host an event with people depending on you?
  • 35:44] Lindsay gives tips in helping you to become confident in your ideas and your mission
  • [40:53] Amanda and Lindsey discuss the role of community and how to build one
  • [46:00] What questions can we ask ourselves to make an idea happen?
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05/12/20 • 62 min

We all love to discuss Self-Mastery as if it’s something we can add to our list of accomplishments. Today’s guest reminds us that self-mastery is an art--and the true power is through keeping a student mentality throughout life.

Jessica Benstock is a Soul Advisor to female leaders, and an expert in the Art and Science of Transformation. After spending 10 years in the depths of training under various spiritual teachers and through different modalities, Jess has recently come out into the world as a guide in teaching the way of the Feminine.

Her experience is in the self-mastery space--practicing, learning and facilitating transformational techniques such as somatic healing, human emotional intelligence, subconscious mind, mental health, subtle energies, transformational healings, consciousness, therapy, relationship healing, trauma healing, somatic practices, and meditation.

In today’s episode, we cover the power of staying a student, emotional intelligence, authenticity, vulnerability, and being in touch with where you actually are. We discuss what it means to have a spiritual awakening, spirituality as a science vs. woo woo, western culture vs. eastern culture, the rise of the “ambitious woman”, the concept of mindset, dropping into your feeling and emotions.


  • [4:40] Amanda and Jess discuss the art of mastery and being a student
  • [7:00] Jess explains the third perspective and how to get in touch with it
  • [11:11] What is a definition of a spiritual awakening and why ius it important
  • [18:23] Approaching with a space of curiosity and wanting to learn
  • [22:04] Jess explains the rise of the ambitious woman and masculine vs. feminine energy
  • [28:00] Scientific spirituality and natural intelligence (spiritual is woo woo)
  • [33:50] How can women get more intouch with their emotions and feminine energy
  • [41:00] The concept of mindset
  • [47:00- Jess gives us tips on how to drop into a feeling and emotion
  • [01:07] Jess gives us information on her masterclass, Yin Advantage

Follow @jessica.benstock on Instagram

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05/05/20 • 36 min

Been wondering whether or not to hop on the TikTok bandwagon? Concerned about getting looped into the scroll-hole for an hour or more? Not sure how to use it, or if you can find real customers on there?

Well today--we're diving into to All Things TikTok.Today, we’re here to talk about Tik-Tok. Once I got through my own resistance to joining and becoming a TikTok creator, my creativity and observational eye got to work and I'm bringing my best insights on the Power of TikTok to you in this episode!

In today’s episode we cover TikTok as a platform, why I decided to get on TikTok , ways to make TikTok work for you, having attachments to platforms you’re already used to, resistance to using a new platform, and why using new platforms and having experiential knowledge is important as a content creator.


  • [3:00] Amanda discusses how she was experiencing a drain in energy prior to quarantine
  • [4:45] Amanda explains her process of deciding to do tik-tok
  • [7:00] A few ways to make tik-tok work for you
  • [10:23] Why we have resistance to using a new platform
  • [15:40] How the tik-tok algorithm works and how to use it
  • [17:46] Amanda talks about why tik-tok could be essential if you’re trying to pivot your business
  • [21:58] Amanda goes through some benefits of a getting on a new platform
  • [25:00] Amanda describes her first viral video and how she did it
  • [28:17] Amanda’s thoughts on Tik-Tok and she likes it
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Our breath is the one tool we always have available to us to connect inward, unhook from the mind, and transform. Breathwork can break down barriers, illusions of separation, judgments, and help us connect to our own being as the pure souls that we are. If you’ve never experienced the power of breathwork (or are looking to enhance your ability to transform your clients) this episode is for you.

Our guest today is Sam Skelly--a wonderful friend of mine and founder of both Hungry for Happiness and Pause Breathwork. Her work helps people learn how to do the most basic human things: eat, breathe, and feel.

In today’s' episode, we discuss what breathwork is, how we can use it in our lives, the benefits and common misconceptions, the difference between personal development and embodiment, why it's important to be certified in order to teach or lead breathwork, and what getting certified for breathwork looks like.

To become a Breathwork Facilitator and Enhance your work with your clients, apply for The Pause Breathwork Facilitator Program at >>> (put my name on your application!)

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Experiencing how you’re showing up in this pandemic is giving every single human the opportunity to do what’s called ego work. I’m going to first define this concept and introduce it to you, provide examples, and move into how we can heal and use it to our advantage.

However you’re showing up is completely okay, but what happens psychologically is this:

The pandemic ensued, and every human on the planet began feeling the uncertainty that’s really always there.

Uncertainty is essentially the fear of the unknown, fear of dying, fear of the dark, etc.

The EGO is a function of the mind that identifies as “I.” I am this, I feel this, I think this, I believe this.

It tells stories, runs narratives, and assigns meaning to you, the world, and other people based on its experiences so far. It helps us make sense of things. It also gives us a sense of identity. Having a sense of identity makes us feel like a human, with a purpose.

That’s why it likes to keep us in the familiar, predictable, and safe patterns. It protects us from painful emotions that might be too overwhelming to feel. Anything that ISN’T familiar is a THREAT to the ego.


  • 1:39- Amanda discusses how we are experiencing showing up right now, and what ego work is
  • 5:30- How does the ego work and what is its purpose?
  • 8:57- Amanda leads us through a meditation
  • 13:34- Questioning our belief systems and why it’s uncomfortable for us
  • 14:50- Uncertainty and why our ego hates it
  • 17:00- Amanda talks about an argument between her and her partner related to ego
  • 24:00- How uncertainty makes us respond and why how you're responding right now is okay
  • 26:43- What is an ego death and how do we respond to it?
  • 28:57- Amanda describes some different ego structures
  • 33:59- How we are currently mourning the loss and grieving the fact that things have changed so much

The ego work is through self-observation and witnessing.

So with the coronavirus pandemic...

We are all going through a major bout of uncertainty, which the ego absolutely HATES.

It’s identity is being threatened. It’s sense of self. Believes about itself, other people, and the world.

A few examples:

  • story about privilege, spirituality, and sense of self were being threatened
  • needing to be right about how he reacted when it came to Cooper.

And how you are responding to the virus right now is how you likely respond to all ego-related things, except AMPLIFIED—because survival and safety is involved, quite literally—financial or health wise.

Are you getting angry?

Are you feeling anxious?

Are you avoiding feeling?

Are you coping, numbing out?

I want to tell you: however you’re responding right now, is absolutely okay. If you don’t enjoy how you’re responding and feel as though you need help, reach out to me and I can point you in the right direction—mental health, wellness, or otherwise—I’m here.

And if you’re responding by having a few extra drinks, eating a bit more food, sleeping more, etc. — I just want you to know that you make sense.

The ego is feeling deeply uncertain, and deeply needing to cling on any sense of certainty and feel good it can.

It resists being shattered into pieces.

If you look at people who are discussing conspiracy theories—I’m not falling on one side or the other in this episode, but you see the anger people have on both ends. To me, i’m observing a few different places in the grief stages.

Denial. —> even if none of it’s true, it’s triggering because it’s threatening.

An ego death is what occurs when you let go of a part of yourself that believed it was the way it was.

I’m personally experiencing many mini-ego deaths.

Small examples:

  • I believed I would never run. Now I run.
  • I didn’t think I’d ever get myself to cook because I was so stuck in the habit. Now I do.
  • I didn’t think I’d ever get angry, because my coping mechanism has been shut down. Now, I’m letting myself feel anger when it arises. God, my ego HATED that one. It was so painful. It still makes me want to vomit. But psychologically, anger is a step up from shut down. Shut down is an emotional turn off where you numb out.

Things we automatically trusted were okay, are now not:

  • grocery store
  • potentially the government
  • our goals and plans we thought would make us happy
  • the things we felt safe doing and moving toward

What’s HAPPENING is that there is SO MUCH uncertainty, which leads to so much chaos, and therefore...destruction

Destruction is not bad. It’s just the ego that doesn’t like it. It fucking HURTS. If you’ve ever had what you could only describe as a death of part of yourself......

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Amanda Bucci and Angie Lee...back together again! Angie is one of my best friends and an epic marketer, podcast host, and event host who has grown a massive brand by being silly and mastering the art of organic marketing. Join us as a fly on the wall, overhearing a catch-up convo between two friends who happen to have some epic marketing and business advice. Sometimes people are not willing to try something because of the fear of looking stupid, or failing. What would happen if you just jumped in and tried it all? There are no overnight successes.

Today’s guest is an expert at jumping in headfirst and making her own way. If you don’t know Angie Lee, she’s one of my good friends and podcaster, speaker, author, and marketing ninja, and creator of Pays to Be Brave.

In today’s episode, we discuss trying all the things, how the internet has created opportunities for us, taking a stance, seasons in business and perfecting a craft, growing an audience vs. growing a business, our journeys to where we are today, and our core motivators.


  • [4:18] Angie and Amanda discuss trying all the new things and jumping in headfirst, and what the internet has done to create opportunities for us.
  • [10:00] A & A discuss pivoting and taking a stance on something.
  • [15:30] Amanda and Angie discuss different archetypes, and Angie gives advice on how to run multiple businesses.
  • [17:43] Discussing seasons in business and spending your time perfecting something.
  • [22:00] Growing an audience vs. growing a business
  • [26:30] Amanda asks Angie the core motivator for PTBB
  • [30:00] Amanda discusses her start with fitness and Youtube
  • [38:12] Amanda explains her Archetype Quiz and the four different Entrepreneurial Archetype
  • [48:00] Creating content that’s not about you, but about your audience.
  • [54:15] Amanda and Angie discuss finding a niche and the art of a personal brand.
  • [57:17] Amanda asks Angie how to bridge the marketing gap between yourself and your clients


"Nothing is cooler than just owning what you want to do and who you are. I’d rather have fewer people who get it than love it, than a ton of people who don't really understand it."

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Have you ever found yourself projecting your feelings onto something or someone else? Have you wondered or judged what someone’s true intentions were? You can feel when someone has an agenda and is not standing in truth for what they’re looking for. We all are living in a constant stage of navigating our own triggers and recognizing our patterns, especially those of us on a self-healing journey.

Today’s guest is my good friend--Adrian Ellison. Adrian and I met through social media back in December, and her energy was powerful, direct, and fierce. We quickly became friends, and I immediately knew I needed to learn from her. She’s a self-healing and relationship expert and one of the most bold and confident people I know. She’s a Coach, Speaker, and Retreat Leader who is a master at uncovering subconscious programs that run inside of us and helping others discover intimacy, sexuality, relationships, and self-expression.

In today’s episode, we discuss directness in communication, how we can use directness as a defense mechanism, self-healing, boundary and shadow work, uncovering wounds and healing trauma, feeling “lost in the sauce”, projections and intentions, understanding your triggers, layers of judgement, feeling energy lines, standing in truth, building a healing relationship container.

Find Adrian Ellison at @adrianellison on Instagram or @the.alpas.project for 1:1 Coaching. You can also find out more info by visiting


  • [3:54] Amanda talks about how direct Adrian is and see other people’s magic
  • [5:05] Adrian discusses how directness has transformed her life in the past few years
  • [8:16] Language vs. energy in communication and making others feel safe
  • [10:43] Adrian runs through her story and her own self-healing journey
  • [20:22] What does projection look like?
  • [26:00] Adrian describes the meaning of “Clean Lines”
  • [35:10] Standing in truth and benign authentic with your intentions
  • [40:44] Adrian guides us through how to create a safe energy container within a relationship
  • [47:28] Attracting something or someone unconsciously and how to pay attention to your patterns
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