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Bromances of History

Bo Hammond

Bromances of History tells the stories of genuine friends who changed the world. Through the lives of statesmen, scientists, military leaders, and titans of business we examine that vital element of the good life: friendship.

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War has begun. In this episode the Remnants of this Army, You've Got a Friend in Me, the Young Napoleon, and the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 19th Century.

Again many thanks to my Patreon supporters and the podcast A Place in Time.

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I don't really believe in show notes. My guess is that no one actually reads these things. If you do, you can always tell me I'm wrong at

Wow that email address is too long. Anyway I hope you enjoy the show. This is part 4 of an 8 part series on Lincoln and Seward. Will have some shorter series as well in the near future.

Really looking forward to launching my Lincoln and Leadership course.

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