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Breakthrough Brands

Breakthrough Brands

Joe Dalton

Breakthrough Brands

"Getting It Wrong To Get It Right"

The Getting It Wrong To Get it Right Podcast is all about exploring the different ways we can improve our lives. From personal development to health and wellness, we cover a wide range of topics to help our listeners become the best version of themselves.

One of the key themes of our podcast is the idea that making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process. We encourage our listeners to embrace their failures and use them as opportunities for growth and self-improvement.

In this spirit, we often use the tagline "Get it wrong, get it right" to remind ourselves and our listeners that it's okay to stumble along the way. We believe that by acknowledging our mistakes and learning from them, we can ultimately achieve greater success and happiness in life.

But our journey towards self-improvement isn't just about fixing what's broken. We also strive to explore new ideas, try new things, and push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. That's why we say that we "tackle it all" - because we're willing to take on any challenge that comes our way.

Of course, our ultimate goal in all of this is to help our listeners achieve a better life. Whether that means improving their physical health, developing better relationships, or finding greater fulfillment in their careers, we want to provide the tools and insights they need to become the best version of themselves.

So if you're ready to join us on this journey of self-discovery and growth, tune in to the Getting it Wrong, Get it Right Podcast and let's tackle it all together.s my very interesting podcast

Through thought-provoking and sensitive interviewing, Joe has drawn stories from his interviewees. These stories have empowered the listener.

Joe's guests have been diverse personalities from all walks of life who have shared their wisdom - from personal mental health issues, failure and back to success again. These stories serve to inspire and motivate the listener."

Talk Radio Achievement Award 2020, Winner

Joe has an open-minded attitude., he has a wide variety of guests on his show with a vast array of different opinions from many parts of life.

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Top 10 Breakthrough Brands Episodes

Goodpods has curated a list of the 10 best Breakthrough Brands episodes, ranked by the number of listens and likes each episode have garnered from our listeners. If you are listening to Breakthrough Brands for the first time, there's no better place to start than with one of these standout episodes. If you are a fan of the show, vote for your favorite Breakthrough Brands episode by adding your comments to the episode page.

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How many episodes does Breakthrough Brands have?

Breakthrough Brands currently has 183 episodes available.

What topics does Breakthrough Brands cover?

The podcast is about Self Development, Society & Culture, Leadership, Educational, Personal Journals, Podcasts, Education, Conscious Living and Spiritual.

What is the most popular episode on Breakthrough Brands?

The episode title 'Teresa Hand Campbell - Making the right choice' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on Breakthrough Brands?

The average episode length on Breakthrough Brands is 45 minutes.

How often are episodes of Breakthrough Brands released?

Episodes of Breakthrough Brands are typically released every 7 days, 14 hours.

When was the first episode of Breakthrough Brands?

The first episode of Breakthrough Brands was released on Apr 19, 2017.

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