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Brands, Beats & Bytes

Brand Positioning Doctors

Interesting people, insightful points of view and incredible stories on what’s popping and not popping in marketing, tech, and culture you can use to win immediately. Brands, Beats and Bytes boldly stands at the intersection of brand, tech and culture. DC and Larry are fascinated with stories and people behind some of the best marketing in the business. No matter how dope your product, if your marketing sucks your company may suck too. #dontsuck
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Album 2 Track 26 – Lynn Ledwith, CMO of Ansys, Inc. the most renowned and best simulation software company, previously EVP of Global Strategic Marketing at Worldwide Clinical Trials, and before that working her way up the corporate marketing ladder with prominent companies such as such as Unisys, H-P, Siemens and SunGard. Lynn also earned an MBA from St. Josephs University and an undergrad degree from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.


Hey Brand Nerds! We have a B2B Marketing powerhouse in our virtual house today!! Truth be told, Lynn is a client of our consulting company who we have been trying to get onto the show for our audience’s great benefit, so enjoy!
Oh and lots to learn including these highlights:

  • Competitive spirit, take it to work and use to your advantage
  • If you are not failing, you are not pushing the envelope enough
  • “Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress” (from the great Howard Moskowitz)
  • Iterate, iterate, iterate!
  • 70/20/10 Rule
  • Finding the tech personalization and privacy balance
  • DRIP
  • B2B vs. B2C Marketing

#lynnledwith #marketing #branding #ansys #b2b #b2bmarketing #b2cmarketing

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Hey Brand Nerds! We have a big dude in the building who has generated huge revenues all with a smile!!. What a fun ride with Lefko who shares many great stories including his college HOF hoops career with the University of Pennsylvania Quakers and throughout his very successful run in business in ad sales. Oh and lots to learn including these highlights: • Brut Day by Faberge - • Right People + Diverse Team Culture = Results • Nice to be important, but important to be nice • “Don’t sell me, tell me” • Words Matter • 32, 6, 312, 290 • Power of Athletes as Brands • FINALS #Turner #Fox #Discovery #6packmedia #PennBasketball #adsales #marketing #sportsmarketing #Branding #HOF
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Hey Brand Nerds! We have our first PR/Comms centric guest in the BB&B virtual house today and with Wayne’s tech and entertainment background, no one better than Wayne to sit and talk with us at our intersection of brand, tech and culture!! Lots to soak up and learn from Wayne including these highlights: • Find a great partner you can have as a sounding board for your career • Dig into the “why” • In your career, optics really matter • Only stupid question is the one you ask more than once • Find that perfect balance of fear and fearless- when you are fearless, the universe rises to meet you • Can’t have tech for tech’s sake • Tech founders bring EVERYONE into the room #brandbeats&bytes #waynehickey #marketing #pr #comms #webershandwick #edelman #xbox #microsoft
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Hey Brand Nerds! Back at it here with a guest so accomplished, Julie intimidated DC (he doesn’t intimidate easy) with her great results! Julie shared great wisdom and fun stories with us. Highlights include: • You can talk about your values, but you must LIVE them • The art of balancing brand communication with humor • “Make coming to work the best part of an employee’s day” • Using tech to drive brand differentiation • The Franchise Whisperer • For marketers, think “Business people first, marketers second.” • Try and avoid fashion debate with your daughter! #juliecary #marketing #branding #laquinta # hostess #gerber #deanfoods #energizer
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Hey Brand Nerds! We are heading into the summer strong hard with EHB sharing her full self from her unique vantage point. Lots of fun learning with EHB who has spent her entire career in and around all areas of brands, beats and bytes. Please enjoy this track and learn about a variety of interesting topics highlighted by: • People consume a lot more than just what you say • Find bosses who: 1) accelerate your skills and 2) who believe in you • Be curious, be accountable, be grateful • Listen to understand, not convince • More gratitude, more grace
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Hey Brand Nerds! We have another very special guest in our virtual house today and yes our first Doctor! Sydney earned undergrad, Masters degrees and then a PhD all at Baylor University with her PhD in Applied Social Psychology with an emphasis in quantitative research and advanced analytics. Sydney is a great listener and so genuine. Here are some of the wonderful highlights from our conversation: • Be thoughtful and strategic before initiating action • Market research/analytics is a great pathway to the CMO role • Be open to finding and listening to great mentors (shout out to Dan Valentine and Julie Cary) • Demonstrate honesty and candor and if you can, do it diplomatically • Be genuine to who you are and fully leverage that in career and life • As a marketer, you create value for people that brings you trust, loyalty and ultimately more value to the company • Brand purpose is essential foundation for marketing success • Create emotional connections in otherwise rational category • Want customer to feel Supported, assured and worry free • In marketing department, strive for build a “resume” culture • Create team environment that is safe and inclusive • Diversity is demographic and inclusivity is psychographic Lastly, we really do appreciate Sydney being an integral part of our conversation involving race. We think these kind of conversations with Black and White people sharing personal tribulations need to happen and actually don’t have to be difficult, just candid with ears wide open. Here are the links to the article and Ted Talk Sydney referenced in the podcast: Lori Hutcherson article Ted Talk by Verna Myers #sydneyseiger #marketing #branding #thecmoclub # thecmoclubsummit #vistraenergy #fightracism #blacklivesmatter
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Prior to Intuit, Patti previous roles were SVP/CMO of WorldPay, SVP- Marketing Director at Wachovia, VP Brand Marketing at Capital One and Section Lead at P&G. Hey Brand Nerds! Bluntly, we had to take a little pause after the events of George Floyd happened Memorial Day weekend. We are now back with a wonderful guest, who dropped many jew-alls (as DC likes to say) both for marketing and for life. Here are some the work highlights: • Tyranny of the denominator • Don’t get lost in the activity, focus on driving growth and outcome • As a marketer, starting at a wonderful company such as P&G can set up your entire career • There would be no premium brands if all decisions were rational • Make an impact! • Delegating vs. Empowering • Leaning into AI for marketers Additionally, we really do appreciate Patti bringing her full self into our very real conversation about race with the George Floyd murder as the impetus to the discussion and how this is shaping all of us now and going forward. #pattinewcomer #marketing #branding #thecmoclub # thecmoclubsummit #intuit #p&g #fightracism #blacklivesmatter
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3 of our previous guests share their biggest F-up's: 1) Scott Hargrove - EVP and CMO @ California Pizza Kitchen, formerly at Snap, World Surf League, Coca-Cola. Many highly accomplished, smart marketers confuse ‘volume’ with ‘positioning.’ These terms are related but are not the same thing. Scott eloquently and honestly recounts a valuable lesson where he learned a NARROW positioning can result in HUGE sales volume and a huge, diverse customer base. A counter intuitive principle when not understood and respected kills brands and businesses. Scott is the ultimate marketing decathlete who drops jewel after jewel to your brains delight. 2) Seth Greenberg – This ‘Sit down comedian’ has turned his passion of being a self-proclaimed radio promotion ‘prize pig’ into one of the most insightful, data based, creative and entertaining careers and stories about marketing we’ve ever heard. Seth IS the poster child for the benefits of being a balanced left brain, right brain marketer. Simply put, this dude is a genius on the low. You will forever remember this marketing conversation. Forever...forever, ever, forever, ever... 3) Louis Carr - Well, well, well Brand Nerds, we’ve got a hot one in the chamber! Brands, Beats & Bytes is blessed with the historical and inspirational wisdom of my boy and media icon Louis Carr. For those who don’t know, Louis keeps it 💯. Just some of the jewels explored: Are you a marketing gunslinger? Do you wanna be good or do you wanna be great? Is your marketing (and life vision) both far sighted and near sighted? Is your brand the gold standard of your category? When you F-up (and we all F-up people), do you take full accountability? Louis is a rare species in business. He doesn’t define himself by HIS accomplishments. He defines himself by how many others he helps accomplish their dreams. Big difference. It’s why he’s a two-time author (Dirty Little Secrets and Little Black Book: Daily Motivations for Business and Personal Growth), founder of the Blueprint Men’s Summit, a leadership gathering dedicated to helping men of color conceive and refine a career vison while developing a PLAN to reach their career and life summit. And to top it off, dude is Richard Pryor funny. Young’ns google dat! Ha. #marketing #advertising #branding #digitalmarketing #media #socialmedia #brandsbeatsbytes #cmo
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Hey Brand Nerds! We have a five-tool marketing genius in the BB&B virtual house today!! Lots to soak up from Russ throughout his wonderful career including these highlights: • Show empathy • Find your version of Second City Players Workshop • Experience Design and Russ’ patented construct, Brand = Experience STORY • Commit yourself to the job you are currently in entirely • Self-examine your journey • Be curious! • Know the difference between job description and the real job • Be a multi- dimensional marketing athlete • Social impact is a moral responsibility, not a strategy • Deconstruct your brand to understand it to the fullest #russklein #marketing #branding #ama #americanmarketingassociation #burgerking #arbys #711
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Album 2 Track 27 – Tony Ponturo, CEO of Ponturo Management Group, Director of Industry Relations at the NYU Tisch Sports Institute for Sports Management, Media and Business where he is also an Adjunct Professor Broadway Producer for shows such as Lombardi, Magic and Bird and previously VP- Media Director, CEO of Busch Media Group and Head of Sports Marketing at Anheuser-Busch.

Hey Brand Nerds! We have a territory builder and true living sports marketing and media legend in in the BB&B virtual house today!! Tony is also a master storyteller with lots to learn including these highlights:

  • Cultivate relationships, it will serve you in many ways
  • Take risks, there are no rules, chart your own territory
  • Know your brand- where are you with trust, reliability, authenticity and value?
  • Don’t get caught in “Not invented here”
  • In negotiations, two huge things to figure out:
    • What game are we playing
    • Who is Don Corleone
  • Be a savant on asking questions
  • With your career, follow your passion, build foundation stones, don’t rush it
  • Human observation is data
  • Don’t stop learning!
  • Confidence in you

Here is a link to the Budweiser Clydesdale 9/11 ad referenced in the podcast

#tonyponturo #marketing #branding #sportsmarketing #budweiser #budlight #broadway #lombardi #magicbird #nyu

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Brands, Beats & Bytes currently has 146 episodes available.

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The podcast is about Culture, Branding, Tech, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Public Relations, Advertising, Podcasts, Digital Marketing, Business and Content.

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The episode title 'Album 2 Track 26 – Lynn Ledwith, Vice President & CMO of Ansys, Inc.' is the most popular.

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The average episode length on Brands, Beats & Bytes is 72 minutes.

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Episodes of Brands, Beats & Bytes are typically released every 7 days, 1 hour.

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The first episode of Brands, Beats & Bytes was released on Apr 18, 2019.

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