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Scaling The Smart Way: with Megan Roup

Scaling The Smart Way: with Megan Roup

BRAND: ME! with Preston Konrad

Ready to take things to the next level and scale the smart way? This week we’ll hear how Megan Roup catapulted herself from freelancer to founder & CEO, making all the right moves and trusting her entrepreneur instinct. Megan is the CEO and Founder of The Sculpt Society. The brand launched in 2017, emphasizing the perfect mix between dance-based fitness classes and light weight lifting. Megan gives us pointers on how to stay motivated as well as shares insight on how to know the right time to expand your business and scale your brand.

6:03 - Megan finds a void in dance-based fitness
10:22 - Working through the stress of COVID
18:44 - Bringing in a smarter team
21:20 - Fine-tuning your side-job before monetization
28:04 - Over-expanding your business idea


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01/18/22 • 31 min

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