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Brain Power

Dr. Laurel Mellin

Unlock the power of your emotional brain! It's our emotions that drive our stress, joy, passions, creativity, health, and sense of purpose. Technology, scarcity, and diseases have ramped up our stress and caused us to suppress our emotions. Dr. Laurel says, "Stop suppressing and start expressing!" With her easy-to-learn, safe, structured method, emotional brain training (EBT), she shows us how to ask one simple question, "What's my number?" and within minutes feel transformed, with a new sense of joy and freedom. The method is scientific, proven, and rapidly changing healthcare. Amaze yourself by using these tools, then share them with everyone you know as stress overload is the #1 epidemic worldwide. We all need to reboot our brains to become resiliency superstars.
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Suffering is the brain in disconnection. In real time, connect the brain, and joy flows – suffering stops. With the discovery of EBT, we can raise our expectations and stop tolerating suffering. The Gates Foundation set a goal of eradicating polio and have nearly accomplished it. With the discovery of EBT, we have the power to eradicate suffering. Commit to empowering people to unlock their brain's power to clear stress overload in real time. All aspects of life measurably and meaningfully improve. Use EBT yourself. Share it with others. Let's stop suffering NOW!

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Relationships are complicated, right? Enter the age of the emotional brain and learn an entirely new way to experience love in your life. Guest Bill Mory, licensed marriage and family counselor and leader in emotional brain training will share his personal story of how EBT saved his own marriage, and discuss key tools to take charge of the emotional brain to renew your relationship for emotional closeness, sensual, sexual pleasure and loving companionship. Call into the live show and use the tools of relationship renewal. EBT changes the dynamic on the spot. Use your own brain's amazing power to clear relationship stress and strengthen your connection to the deepest part of yourself. Are you a health professional? Learn more about how you can become certified in EBT.

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Anxiety and depression are the top epidemics worldwide and our current methods of treating both are failing us. We each have a magical miracle within us – an emotional brain. Emotional Brain Training will give you the power to unleash the power of your emotional brain. Learn how to rethink your approach to anxiety, and hear from EBT Master Trainer and Director of Professional Education, Dr. Michele Welling. She is an physician with interests in addiction medicine and integrative healthcare medicine. She offers 30-day intensive daily programs for a brain reset at and certification training for health professionals at Call in with your real-life anxieties to use the power of your brain to resolve them. Become a member of EBT so that you can follow along with the tools with our Brain Based Health by EBT app, and join the Brain Based Health movement. It's the age of the emotional brain. Let's tap into its magical powers!

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08/18/20 • 46 min

The emotional brain is our hidden asset that contains wires, neural circuits that control everything that really matters in life: health, happiness, relationships, spirituality, creativity, productivity, and purpose. These wires control us, but by moving to a new paradigm in self-care, you can control your own wiring. It's the age of the emotional brain in which our capacity to use the power of emotions to switch on and off circuits, strengthen wires that empower us, and weaken and transform wires that block our joy will impact the quality of our lives. This new show launches with host Dr. Laurel Mellin, the founder of emotional brain training (EBT) and the Brain Based Health movement and guest Dr. Michele Welling, a physician, director of EBT professional training for certifying health professionals in the method and an addiction medicine expert talking about this new paradigm in health and wellness. Listeners call in to learn the tools and appreciate their brain's power.

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How many episodes does Brain Power have?

Brain Power currently has 4 episodes available.

What topics does Brain Power cover?

The podcast is about Health & Fitness, Mental Health and Podcasts.

What is the most popular episode on Brain Power?

The episode title 'No More Suffering: The Joy of Brain Connection' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on Brain Power?

The average episode length on Brain Power is 50 minutes.

How often are episodes of Brain Power released?

Episodes of Brain Power are typically released every 9 days, 12 hours.

When was the first episode of Brain Power?

The first episode of Brain Power was released on Aug 18, 2020.

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