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Bordeaux Buzz

Jolene Unland

Jolene Unland from the blog KnowWines brings you to Bordeaux with informative and behind the scenes interviews and shows with vignerons and other small businesses owners in this famous wine region. Jolene has been traveling and exploring off-the-beaten-path Bordeaux with leading tour guides for several years and brings you, the wine enthusiast, voices from Bordeaux. Jolene, an agriculture scientist, agronomist, and former leader of a network of analytical laboratories, has been helping wine enthusiasts with recommendations and reviews of glassware, refrigeration, and wine accessories at KnowWines.This podcast is for wine lovers curious to know more about some of the over 6000 family-run small chateaux and hundreds of small businesses that keep this region innovative and dynamic.
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008 - Jennifer from Luxe Adventure Traveler and Bordeaux Travel Guide

Jennifer is an American writer and blogger living in Bordeaux. We go behind the scenes and learn the origin story of Luxe Adventure Traveler and Bordeaux Travel Guide.

We discuss why it has been challenging in the past to find tourism information on Bordeaux in English, and how that’s been changing in recent years.

Then we dive into Jennifer’s best insider tips for travel to Bordeaux!

How Many Days Should I Spend in Bordeaux?

  • Why travelers should spend more than one day in Bordeaux (if they can!)
  • Things to do in Bordeaux and the Gironde if you don’t drink wine
  • What to do Beyond Bordeaux

What is the Best Part of Bordeaux to Stay In?

  • Jennifer’s recommendations for hotels inside and outside the city
  • Luxe accommodations and how to stay inside a wine vat!

Where to Eat and Drink Wine in the City of Bordeaux?

  • Bordeaux’s thriving food scene, including Jennifer’s tips on where to get wine for One Euro a glass

Best New Thing to Do in Bordeaux?

  • The world’s largest digital arts space in Bordeaux - Bassins de Lumières

What is it Like to Live in Bordeaux?

  • Expat life in Bordeaux
  • Life as a travel blogger during the pandemic - pivots and silver linings (and a puppy!)

Jennifer’s Insider Tips for Visiting Bordeaux

  • The #1 Mistake visitors make when coming to the region (24:25)
  • How one can get a taste of Bordeaux if you have only one night in Bordeaux
  • Best times of year to visit Bordeaux
  • Shopping in Bordeaux
  • Biking rentals and trails in Bordeaux and the region

Check out Jennifer on Instagram

#luxeadventuretrvlr, #bordeauxtravelguide, and #cocotravelingsamoyed

Get great tips on Bordeaux Travel from Jennifer at

And email Jennifer at [email protected]

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03/28/21 • 43 min

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007 - Fine Wines and Spirits Auctions with Mark Solomon of Leland Little

We discuss

  • How Mark and Leland Little came together to establish a fine wine and spirits auction in the Southeast USA
  • How fine wine and spirits are sourced for auction
  • The process for authenticating wine and ensuring that the wines are not counterfeit
  • The most common mistake that sellers make when they sell a wine collection and how you can easily prevent this mistake
  • Mark’s work with the Commandarie de Bordeaux
  • Trends in wine and spirits auctions
  • Who is collecting what types of wine
  • Where most Bordeaux wines go after auction
  • Why the wine and spirits world attracts those from the life sciences
  • The most unique and surprising cellar Mark has come across in over a decade of sourcing fine wine and spirits

Link to Leland Little Fine Wine and Spirits Auction and how to contact Mark Solomon.

Check out our blog, where I explain in-depth my experience in selling wine online with Leland Little Auctions

And check out our article on starting your own wine collection

To learn more about the Commandarie de Bordeaux



03/15/21 • 42 min

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02/15/21 • 28 min

006 - La Cite du Vin - What To Expect When You Visit
Bordeaux Buzz host Jolene Unland gives you a review of her two visits to La Cite du Vin (The City of Wine) near downtown Bordeaux.
We will answer questions about what to expect as a first time visitor once the pandemic passes.
Official English website for the museum:
Right across the street from La Cité du Vin is Les Halles Bacalan, a food market with gourmet food and drinks.
Check out Episode 004 on how to get to Bordeaux.
Also our blog posts on previous travels to Bordeaux and the region.

Want to add a wine tour to your Bordeaux itinerary? Check out our Episode 002 with Nicolle Croft
And connect with Nicolle Croft to learn more



02/15/21 • 28 min

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005 - All About Wine Storage with Roy Wilson of Wine Storage Solutions LTD in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.
For lovers of Bordeaux - and wines from Burgundy and the Mosel that benefit from cellaring, storing all those wines (and stories!) can become a challenge as one's collection grows.
Is a wine cabinet or cellar in your future? Do you dream of a wall of wine, with beautifully lit wine bottles? Or are you in your first apartment/flat and wonder what simple, affordable options might work for your growing wine collection?
We cover all things wine storage in this episode, including fun insights into trends in wine cabinets as well as options for small and large spaces alike!
In this episode, I chat with Roy Wilson, Managing Director of Wine Storage Solutions LTD. Roy has been collecting wines for over 30 years and has been in the wine storage business for over 15 years.
We discuss

  • how to store wine before you invest in a wine cabinet
  • trends in wine cabinets (technology, aesthetics, construction, installation)
  • the Espace as a solution for storing wine in unconditioned space like a garage or barn
  • options for storing your wine in cabinets (single shelves or stacking bottles)
  • and more!

Check out Wine Storage Solutions LTD on their website, with directions to their showroom outside London.
And photos of their beautiful solutions at
Live in the States? Check out our popular articles on wine refrigerators in the USA here


02/01/21 • 29 min

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01/18/21 • 36 min

004 - In this episode, I answer frequently asked questions about traveling from North America to Bordeaux.

When I’ve traveled to Bordeaux, it’s been as a solo traveler, with my spouse, and part of a small group. I’ve traveled to Bordeaux from the USA and added Bordeaux as a stop in European travels. And I’ve visited by airplane, car and without a car in the past five years.

I discuss

  • Planning logistics (flights, agenda, lodging, insurance, transportation). For comparing trip insurance policy options I recommend


  • Time of year
  • What to wear

  • How to get your wine purchases back home

  • Some sample itineraries, including non-wine options

Those interested in maps or reading before your trip, check out our articles your Wine Travel Intentions by using our free course for a Bordeaux Tour Guide? I highly recommend Nicolle Croft’s Sip Wine Tours - connect with Nicolle, recipient of Trip Advisor Travelers Choice Award 2020 hear the podcast on Nicolle and Small Independent Producers on Episode 002 finally, please help support our podcast in these two simple ways:
Subscribe and leave us a review. Your support of the Bordeaux Buzz podcast means the world to us, and doesn’t cost a cent!

Contact Jolene at [email protected] and


01/18/21 • 36 min

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12/27/20 • 36 min

003 - Adrien David Beaulieu, 14th generation at Chateau Coutet Saint-Émilion takes us behind the scenes of this over 400-year old estate
We discuss

  • The history of Chateau Coutet
  • The rare flora and fauna at Coutet and the work done to protect these rare creatures
  • The unique aspect, microclimate, and terroir of the estate
  • The agricultural practices and approach to selection massale
  • The role of species diversity in the vineyard and the cellar
  • How harvest workers are organized to enable traditional winemaking techniques
  • How the Chateau accommodates visitors as more wine enthusiasts take to visiting Bordeaux to see the story behind the bottles

Find Chateau Coutet on Instagram
See more on the wines, vines, rare animals, and unique history of Chateau Coutet on their website


12/27/20 • 36 min

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002 - Nicolle Croft, entrepreneur, author, teacher, wine producer, and wine and food tour guide gives an overview of Bordeaux's small, independent wine producers.
In addition to learning more about these family-run chateaux, we discuss

  • Nicolle's career and how she arrived in Bordeaux
  • Innovation in Bordeaux
  • Challenges Facing Small, Independent Wine Producers
  • Wine Sales in the time of COVID-19
  • History and Trends in Conventional, Organic and Biodynamic grape growing
  • and how we might return to the simple love of wine - reflecting upon recent news exposing how some have abused power in the world of wine

Find Nicolle on Instagram

Nicolle Croft blogs at
and her SIP Wine Club can be found at
Nicolle also discusses her new book "Bordeaux Sip by Sip". You can get it from her website or here on


12/27/20 • 40 min

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12/16/20 • 5 min

001 - Meet Jolene Unland, host of Bordeaux Buzz podcast.
I’m an agronomist (which is a plant and soil scientist). I’ve spent the past 20 years in agriculture science, specifically in the area of molecular diagnostics and germplasm improvement.

I’ve traveled to various winemaking regions and visited Bordeaux several times in the past five years. I’ve traveled as part of tour groups and DIY trips.

While I enjoy many styles of wine, I keep coming back to the wines of Bordeaux and red wine blends.
Coming up, I’ll have interviews with winemakers and small business owners from the region. I’ll aim to have a new podcast every other week.

I’ll also be helping you to answer questions about wine storage and glassware. I worked in or managed labs for over 20 years where refrigeration and glassware were part of my daily life.

In addition to meeting winemakers and entrepreneurs from the Bordeaux region, I’ll also be sharing with you how to plan your dream trip to Bordeaux as I’m “that person” that plans where to stay and what to do on vacations.

Having been to the region a few times, I can say I’ve learned a few tips and tricks.
Meet the people doing the work, making the wine often within the same family for multiple generations, with the intent of passing their business to the next generation.

So, I’d like to know what questions you might have about Bordeaux wines, growing grapes, winemaking. Maybe you have some specific questions on how wines are classified, sold, and transported.
Shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’ll help you get the answers.


12/16/20 • 5 min

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How many episodes does Bordeaux Buzz have?

Bordeaux Buzz currently has 8 episodes available.

What topics does Bordeaux Buzz cover?

The podcast is about Leisure, Home & Garden, Podcasts, Wine, France, Agriculture, Arts and Food.

What is the most popular episode on Bordeaux Buzz?

The episode title 'Jennifer from Luxe Adventure Traveler and Bordeaux Travel Guide' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on Bordeaux Buzz?

The average episode length on Bordeaux Buzz is 33 minutes.

How often are episodes of Bordeaux Buzz released?

Episodes of Bordeaux Buzz are typically released every 14 days.

When was the first episode of Bordeaux Buzz?

The first episode of Bordeaux Buzz was released on Dec 16, 2020.

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