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Book Your Dream Clients Podcast

Lindsay Maloney

Thinking of starting a coaching business or looking for new ways to book clients? You're in the right place! You're listening to the Book Your Dream Clients Podcast with your host, Lindsay Maloney. Enjoy these bite-sized episodes, from one coach to another, to help you create and scale your business with simplicity. No hustle required.

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Kristen was born and partially raised in Albany, New York before moving down to Tampa, Florida. Studious with extracurriculars to boot, Kristen harnessed her talents at Loyola University New Orleans receiving a B.A. in Mass Communications and Marketing. Parting with the Big Easy after graduation, she moved back to Tampa with dreams of climbing the corporate ladder, running a marketing department and moving to a new location. That clearly did not happen. Being a Type A perfectionist, she grew stressed in a 9-5 grind where anxiety attacks would take form often due to the need to over-perform, balance outside work life and trying to meet her goals. After realizing that she needed to take control of her anxiety was she able to see her true passion- working for herself and helping others get balanced. Vow + Vast was born to help solopreneurs grow with better balance. With virtual outsourcing, assistance and productivity coaching, Kristen believes that with her help, you'll be able to do you- but better. Kristen's specialties lie in organization, operations, and marketing. A solutions-oriented Virgo, she always favors getting tasks done right with quality and more importantly, on time. Her passions include Marie Kondo-ing messes, creating a better work-life balance for business owners and working to become fluent in other languages. You can usually find her sending memes to friends in perfectly timed increments of distraction in between periods of extreme productivity. Get in touch: Follow on FB/INSTA/PIN: @vowandvast LINKS:
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After designing curriculum and teaching for over a decade Cassie stepped into the world of online coaching and realized straight away that there was a huge gap in the market. There were many coaches developing programs to help others launch and sell a group coaching program, but there was little talk about how to actually create a program that reaches people with different learning preferences and backgrounds. In other words, there were very few people teaching coaches how to teach their expertise in a relatable and understandable way. So...she decided to fill the gap. As a Coaching Consultant, Cassie helps online coaches optimize the planning, delivery, evaluation, and structure of their group coaching program taking the confusion and frustration out of the process of delivering their genius and leading their clients to reliable, consistent, kick-ass results. Cassie believes that the success of your business is directly correlated to the success of your clients and that the more success you can help them achieve, the more success you’ll find in your business. Media Links and Copy for Show Notes: Download your FREE training, Engaged and Empowered: Create a Community of Engaged Clients Who Take Action and Get Results, here: In this this training you'll learn: 3 Easy Leadership Tips to increase engagement and action. Simple Strategies to create community in your group program. Custom Engagement Action Plan to increase engagement now. Website: Facebook: Instagram:

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