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Dalton, Tony, & Sam bring you college sports talk every week! They are all from the Midwest, so it's fitting their roots run deep in the Big 10 Conference! They bring you "College Sports with Midwest Perspective, Blue Collar & Blue Blood!" This is the audio podcast version of the original live stream on ASAP Network, each show, every week! This show is available, after each live stream, on OddPods Media!

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Welcome to Episode 37!

Funbelt Conference

  • Sunbelt Conference teams laying down BIG UPSETS this week!
  • Does App St. stand a chance of moving to a larger conference?

Mess In the West


  • The offense is abysmal & scoring drives are LESS THAN STELLAR!
  • Does Kirk Ferentz fire his Offensive Coordinator, son Brian, or does he “stand by his OC?”
  • Who is evaluating the talent on this team?
  • Offensive weapons leaving Iowa City and putting up BIG stats elsewhere (Charlie Jones-PUR).


  • loses to Georgia Southern
  • fires HC Scott Frost (16-31 in 4+years)
  • Did “luck” do in Frost or were the close losses because of HIS decisions?
  • $15 million buyout, but could’ve been $7.5 million 18 days later (when they fired him)
  • Where did the money, for the buyout, come from?

Rest of the West

  • Wisconsin Upset by Washington St.
  • Purdue has already lost
  • Minnesota hasn’t really played anyone, yet
  • Who is coming out of the West?

Halftime: Super Media Bros Podcast & 500 Section Lounge Podcast

Week 3 Previews

Michigan St./Washington

  • Although ranked #11, the Spartans are 3.5 point underdog
  • Huskies QB is Michael Penix Jr.
  • Can up-front pressure allow MSU to spy on Penix Jr?

Penn St./Auburn

  • Is Penn St. appropriately favored?
  • What do the Tigers need to do, in order to beat Penn St?
  • Can the Lions control the offensive line of scrimmage?


  • On the road after a 56-0 win over Indiana St. last week
  • Can the Boilers keep the Orange’s aerial attack in check?
  • Will there be fireworks from both offenses?


  • Tony Tribune: Next Husker Boss?
  • Sam Sentinel: The Good Side of NIL, SoCal Style!
  • Dalton Daily: Potential Schiano Milestone at Rutgers

We are proud members of #OddPodsMedia & ASAP Network!

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, & TikTok (@big10plus4), on Facebook (Big 10+4), and find us on along with all the rest of the OddPods Media #Family of shows!

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Welcome to Episode 44!



  • Are the Lions the toughest opponent Ohio St. & Michigan have played?
  • Maybe Penn St. is better than originally thought?


  • Spartans started out quick... what happened?!
  • What does the suspension to Jacoby Windmon do for his DPOY chances?


  • Does this set the table for their matchup against Purdue as a West division championship?
  • Should the B1G do a relegation set up?
  • How will they set up the conference with USC & UCLA?

Previews (sort of)



  • Charlie Jones Bowl!
  • Will he have more receiving yards than Iowa?

CFP Top 4 Analysis

  • Is Michigan at 5 a surprise?
  • Was it appropriate?
  • Is a tougher schedule with a loss bode better than a lightly contested undefeated team?
  • Did Tony make a guarantee? MAYBE... MAYBE NOT!

Halftime: Infectious Groove Podcast & The Muck Podcast

Basketball season tips off next week!

  • How are we feeling about things heading into the season?
  • What are the "secret" exhibitions that keep taking place?


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OF COURSE, this week's show kicks off with the guys giving their two cents into how the College Football Playoff Championship game (that's a mouth full!) played out... AFTER Sam took a moment to gloat!

They talk over the game and give their insights, how they were feeling throughout, and what amazed them throughout. There are some laughs, and BE AWARE... Sam forgets one of his points in here!

Dalton and Sam move to the College Football Playoff (CFP) Stalemate. There has been some talk, for months, that the CFP will expand their playoff to 12 teams, in the next couple of years. After a meeting of the commissioners & higher-ups, the meeting produced no agreement for expansion. Who is to blame? The schools? The NCAA? SOMEONE ELSE..? Dalton shares some information many might not realize, and it might change your mind on who's to blame. OH, and remember that thing Sam forgot earlier? Yeah, he remembers it in this portion, so they revisit the topic!

The boys shift to B1G basketball! They decided to break the league into tiers. They start at the top with the "Favorites," and work their way down! They talk, in-depth about their top-tier teams, what each thrives in, and then also what each struggle on. They talk about what could be wrong with Michigan, and what it will take for them to turn it around! Who's in what tier, that's debatable, BUT what isn't debatable is that Dalton and Sam have a great time with this show!

It's a great time to listen to two dudes, from the Midwest, talk sports in the NCAA!

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Welcome to Episode 36!


  • B1G Week 1 game reaction
  • ND/OSU talk
  • Biggest takeaways from the first full week of games!
  • Michigan playing two quarterbacks in Week 1 and promising the same in Week 2 against Hawaii
  • Low-Octane Week 2 lineup
  • WK 2 Notable Match-Up: Iowa/Iowa St
  • Who wins? Will it get better for the Hawkeye offense?

Halftime- Infectious Groove Podcast & The Muck Podcast

  • College Football Playoff Expansion Approved
  • What kind of things might be "the best version" of the expansion?
  • When do we think it will get put into motion?
  • Takeaways from the expansion news, and is it good for college football?


We are PROUD Members of ASAP-All Sports All Plays Network & OddPods Media!

Find our live stream every Friday, at 8:45 am ET, on ASAP Network; and then at noon, the audio podcast is available at or anywhere you listen to podcasts!

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1st Quarter

  • Welcome! Dalton & Sam banter!
  • B1G basketball recap
  • Trayveon Williams the best passing big in CBB?

2nd Quarter

  • B1G Championship contenders
  • Big 10 champ trivia
  • B1G Championship contenders cont'd

3rd Quarter

  • NCAA Convention overview & MASSIVE OPINIONS of the direction of the NCAA as a governing body

4th Quarter


  • Sam Sentinel: Pro Athletes Being Human Beings
  • Dalton Daily: B1G Rep In BPR

Follow Us!
Twitter: @big10plus4
Facebook: Big 10+4 Podcast

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1st Quarter

  • B1G game recap
  • Top contender conversation

2nd Quarter

  • Jim Harbaugh staying in Ann Arbor
  • What does this mean going forward?
  • Was this is Hall Pass?

3rd Quarter

  • Which B1G team has the best chance of making a run in March?
  • Sam's AP Poll Trivia
  • Dalton's Streak Trivia

4th Quarter


  • Sam Sentinel: BOOM! This Week In Sports History
  • Dalton Daily: Not the BIGGEST Anymore!

GO TO to find US, and the entire stable of OddPods Media shows!
FOLLOW: Twitter: @big10plus4 & Facebook: Big 10+4 Podcast

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Welcome to Episode 32!

Dalton is on vacation, this week, so we have Tony from ASAP Network to fill in!

We start with a celebration, for Dalton! We sure are happy to have him on OUR TEAM!

Is the B1G Conference putting pressure on Notre Dame to join the conference?

Tony and Sam will dive into how they think the Irish future plays out. LOTS of good banter to be had about this!

Who follows Notre Dame if they go to the B1G? Is there a "war plan?"

We will dive into our Early August predictions for the B1G football season!

Who will be the Coach of the Year?

Biggest surprise team?

Biggest disappointing team?

HALFTIME: Super Media Bros & 500 Section Lounge Podcasts!

After the half, Sam & Tony will talk about Nick Saban's comment that Alabama was in a "rebuild season," last year.

Also, don't forget we have #HEADLINES

We are proud members of ASAP Network & #OddPodsMedia!

Follow us on Twitter (@big10plus4), Facebook (Big 10+4), and find us on, along with all the other OddPods Media #Family of shows!

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Welcome to Episode 30!

This week is ALL about the upcoming B1G football season!

1st Quarter

  • "New" things happening as a conference as a whole
  • Notre Dame: Holding the next card to play for conference alignment?

2nd Quarter

B1G West

  • Easiest/Hardest schedules
  • Media picks?
  • Dustin Schutte's picks?
  • Sam & Dalton throw in their prediction, as well! (THEY'LL BE SURE TO CHANGE)

HALFTIME: Infectious Groove Podcast & Beer'd Al Podcast

3rd Quarter

B1G East

  • Does anyone think Ohio St will NOT win the East, and then subsequently the conference championship?
  • Anyone?
  • Dalton & Sam look over the entire division
  • Media, Dustin Schutte, and Dalton & Sam's picks

4th Quarter


Sam Sentinel: He Threw What, HOW FAR?!

Dalton Daily: Camp Randall Stadium Getting An Addition!

We are proud members of ASAP Network and OddPods Media!

Follow us on Twitter (@big10plus4), Facebook (Big 10+4), and find us at, along with ALL of the #OddPodsMedia #Family of shows!

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This week's show is B1G on basketball! Dalton and Sam talk about the college football landscape, as well, but the hardwood has the center stage!

1st Quarter

What has happened this past week in the Big Ten for Basketball

  • Breakdown and reaction to Purdue/Illinois & Michigan St./Northwestern
  • "As you go we go" x2
  • B1G's bigs presence
  • Tom Izzo- THE coach you want to go through this with if you want a chance to get it fixed

Dalton has Purdue Trivia Q’s/Stats

  • There are two GREAT stats/trivia... see if you can answer better than Sam!

2nd Quarter

This B1G Rivalry or That B1G Rivalry?

  • Purdue/Indiana
  • Michigan State/Michigan


3rd Quarter


  • Go to TWITTER and follow us for more polls! @big10plus4
  • Which option won, and what are their feelings about it?
  • Both guys talk about how they wouldn't mind or could at least argue in favor of an OLD way of finding the National Champion

Who has shown more DOMINANCE from 2011 up to today?

  • Alabama(FBS): 5 National Titles, 140 wins & 14 losses, 5-3 National Championship game record
  • North Dakota State (FCS): 9 National Titles, 149 wins & 12 losses, 9-0 National Championship game record

4th Quarter

Sam Sentinel

  • A Champion Works for the Fans in Athens

Dalton Daily

  • Idol Immortalized in East Lansing

Follow us on social media!

Twitter: @big10plus4

Facebook: Big 10+4

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Welcome to Episode 47.2! We are previewing the 3 B1G games that will decide the East & West Divisional crowns! NEB/IOWA Dalton was wrong, and NOT JUST ONCE?! We'll take it! Can Nebraska be the stick in the spokes of the Hawkeye bandwagon? Is the defense good enough to win in spite of the offense's ineptitude? Is there a chance, even with a win, could AT LEAST one Ferentz not be coaching at Iowa next year? PUR/IU Must-win for Purdue (will know if it's for the West) Rivalries are weird, COULD the Hoosiers derail ANY chances or take the Bucket from the Boilermakers? The Bucket IS enough to want to beat IU, in Sam's experience! HALFTIME: Beer'd Al Podcast & From the Middle Podcast MICH/OSU The Wolverines try to get back-to-back wins over Ohio St. First "REAL" test for both, winner expected to be slotted into the CFP Does Michigan trust JJ McCarthy enough for him to be expected to win? As always... #HEADLINES!

5 Listeners

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How many episodes does Big 10+4 have?

Big 10+4 currently has 95 episodes available.

What topics does Big 10+4 cover?

The podcast is about Podcasts and Sports.

What is the most popular episode on Big 10+4?

The episode title 'E37: "Funbelt" Upsets, Mess In the West, WK 3 Previews & HEADLINES!' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on Big 10+4?

The average episode length on Big 10+4 is 63 minutes.

How often are episodes of Big 10+4 released?

Episodes of Big 10+4 are typically released every 6 days, 18 hours.

When was the first episode of Big 10+4?

The first episode of Big 10+4 was released on Jan 1, 2022.

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