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Better World Books Podcast: Daniel Pinchbeck

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10/30/10 • 28 min

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Daniel Pinchbeck is out there. Maybe even way out there, depending on where you are, but he is also most definitely a man of action. As a young man living in New York City and working as a journalist, Daniel faced what he calls a spiritual crisis. Many people in his situation might have just weathered the storm, maybe taken up yoga or found a hobby like bungee jumping. But not Daniel. He wanted answers.

So he went on a journey – both physically and psychically. The journey led him to Shamanism, psychedelic drugs, Mayan culture and more – and led him to believe (to know – in his words) that these things had meaning, were real and tangible and should and could be applied to the economic and environmental challenges of today .

His journey into Shamanism and psychedelics is chronicled in his first book: BREAKING OPEN THE HEAD. His second book 2012: THE RETURN OF QUETZALCOATL (which I was afraid to pronounce in the podcast – even though I really practiced ahead of time!) digs deep into the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar and what that really means in terms of the year 2012 and the immense change he believes is already underway.

His latest book NOTES FROM THE EDGE TIMES is a series of essays Daniel wrote since the publication of 2012. It touches on topics from the environment to the economy to monogamy and psychic ability.

As a man of action – Daniel is not afraid to call it like he sees it. Daniel quotes Einstein and others in the book who say “You don’t solve problems with the kind of thinking that created them” – and whether you buy into his solutions or not, you have to admit that sentiment rings true.

Interviewing Daniel was a challenge to be sure! He’s a smart guy who backs his thinking with lots of research. Give it a listen, then check out the books and form your own opinion.

— Dana Barrett, Podcast Host

PS – did I mention Daniel is the one of the creators of 2012: Time for Change, a documentary with stars like Sting, Ellen Page and David Lynch. It’s currently debuting in selected cities around the world.

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