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Besties & Business

Jessica Jacobs & Stephanie Erhard

Hey, bestie! We're 2 entrepreneurs turned business besties. We bonded for the first time over a glass of wine & a large pretzel and realized that we were craving a friendship with someone who really understood our small business journey.... and from that Besties & Business was created! This podcast community is for you if you are a current or aspiring entrepreneur who wants to be around like-minded women that GET IT, women who will support you through the highs & lows that come with building a small business! Get ready for some amazing conversations that will leave you feeling inspired and ready to go create what you wish existed in the world!


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We are BACK, besties! During our 1 week break, we had extra time to reflect & realign with our besties & business vision and how we really want to show up in year 2 here on the podcast! During our break, a NEW app called THREADS came out that we are SURE you all have heard of. This new app sparked different feelings for both of us & we felt really called to talk about it during this episode!
Throughout this episode, we chat a TON about not only showing up authentically & unapologetically as YOURSELF on social media, but also about showing up on the platforms that YOU feel called to show up on, whether it be instagram, tiktok, threads, youtube & so many more...
As entrepreneurs, social media can be extremely overwhelming in general. It can become even MORE overwhelming when there are SO many apps to choose from! We have felt that in the past, but have definitely come to form a better mindset around it all more recently...
Because of that, we felt really called to dive into & share our thoughts and perspectives with YOU... in hopes that it'll help YOU feel more peace around showing up as who you truly are... on the platforms that YOU feel called to show up on!
Can't wait to hear what you think, besties!
Come be our bestie on instagram! @besties_and_business @heyimjessjacobs @stepherhard
A HUGE shoutout to Jenn Arpaia from All There Boutique for being one of our sponsors for our Brews, Besties & Business Networking Event on June 12th! Listen in to the episode to learn more about All There Boutique in Matawan, NJ!
If you would like to apply to be a guest on the Besties & Business Podcast, we currently have applications open for the September-December 2023 round of interviews! Please head over to the pinned post on our instagram page to see all of the details! If you don't have an instagram, please feel free to reach out to us via email at bestiesandbu[email protected] & we'll send you over all of the details!
Check out Steph's NEW podcast, Make It Count Podcast! Go connect with her over on instagram


07/13/23 • 33 min

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Hey Besties!!!!
It's time for ANOTHER incredible entrepreneur to come on & talk about THEIR journey!
On this episode of Besties, we sit down with Melissa Esposito from @vacationsbymelissa
We interviewed Melissa on our Instagram LIVE a few months back & we just KNEW we HAD to bring her on for a podcast!
Melissa has SUCH an inspiring & Incredible story! In this episode she talks about how she left her job as a hairstylist after 22 years, to start her own business as a travel advisor!
Even within the first few moments of the episode you can SEE this is truly something Melissa felt SO passionate about! You can HEAR how happy she is to be doing something that LIGHTS her up EVERYDAY!
Melissa dives DEEP in the episode about WHY she decided to leave the hair industry after 22 years & WHY she is SO passionate about helping people book the vacations of their DREAMS!!!
Here is a bit about Melissa to get you ready for the episode!
Introducing Melissa Esposito, a Bucks County, PA resident, wife, and mother of two boys. From starting her career in hairstyling at 19 to recently retiring from the industry in 2023, Melissa made a remarkable transition into the world of travel planning. Now specializing in group travel and destination weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean, she brings her expertise and passion for creating memorable experiences to help others celebrate and enjoy vacations with the people they love!
If YOU are looking to book the vacation of YOUR dreams, are looking to book a destination wedding, or you know someone who is looking for either, Melissa is your girl!!!
Check out Melissa on social media, go give her some LOVE after this episode & let her know what YOUR favorite part of the episode was! @vacationsbymelissa
Come be OUR bestie over on instagram! @besties_and_business @heyimjessjacobs @stepherhard


07/11/23 • 44 min

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We just want to start off by saying.....WOW! We CAN NOT believe it has been a WHOLE year! AHHHHHHH!
Thank you SO much for going on this journey with us Besties!!!! This is absolutely the coolest thing in the ENTIRE world that we have made it to an ENTIRE YEAR!!
In episode 1 we said that we were going to look back a year from now & make an episode based on that first ever episode...well here it is!
Here is the first episode if you need a bit of a re-fresh & want to listen to them side-by-side! We talk ALOT about the growth & evolution in this episode, we felt through this journey from this first episode, check it out for yourself!
Episode 1:
In this episode, we decided to celebrate with our pretzel & wine! As we reflect on this past year, what it has taught us & how we have learned from it!
We truly bring you in on what that FIRST podcast episode felt like to record, how we felt the night we recorded it & some of our BEST memories from creating the podcast!
We also really take some time to reflect on what we have LEARNED in this past year on this podcasting journey!
In the episode we also bring up our 100th episode in which we interview eachother on what our podcasting journey has been like for us for the past year!
Here is the link to check it out! We go into DEPTH in the 100th episode about ALOT that we discuss in this episode!
Episode 100:
We are SO excited to finally chat in this episode about a MASSIVE & EXCITING thing that will be happening at Empower Her LIVE our VERY own JESS JACOBS will be ON THE EMPOWER HER STAGE for the Going Good to Great panel!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!! So many exciting things are happening! In the episode we chat about how it felt when we both found out the news & how Jess feels about this entire year and how it led her to where she is!
With that being said if YOU want to come see JESS up on stage....we have an exciting opportunity for YOU! Right now you can use code BESTIES at checkout when buying the Empower Her Live tickets to save money on your ticket! Here is the link below if YOU want to get yourself in the room & be there to hear Jess up on stage!
Besties....! We TRULY wouldn't be HERE without YOU!!!!!! We can't express how incredible it has been this year getting to know all of YOU! Getting to meet you, getting your DM'S & just altogether getting to hang out with you like BESTIES!!!!!!
Thank you for making it possible for US to get to year FULL year of podcasting!
We don't plan on slowing down ANYTIME soon! We. will be going FULL-SPEED ahead!
But in the meantime.....we are going to CELEBRATE!!!!!
Thank you again besties, we LOVE you!!!!!!
Steph & Jess
Your Besties
A HUGE shoutout to Shay Miller from Born To Dye Hair Salon for being one of our sponsors for our Brews, Besties & Business Networking Event on June 12th! Listen in to the episode to learn more about Shay & Born To Dye Hair Salon!


07/05/23 • 72 min

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At the end of 2022, we decided to take a 2 week break! We made this decision because we KNEW we were getting close to burn out and really needed some time to step away from our responsibilities & rebalance ourselves! During 2023, we plan to take that same 2 week break at the end of the year! However, we've also decided to add in a 1 week break from besties & business during July!
Next week, our break begins! We will be coming out with 1 episode next week on Wednesday, July 5th, because it is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF LAUNCHING THE BESTIES & BUSINESS PODCAST!!!
In this episode, we chat a ton about why we made this decision to take a 1 week break & why we feel SO called to it. We bring you in deeply on WHY we feel so strongly about ALL of us investing in ourselves by taking breaks.
Slowing down helps you realign. Slowing down helps your body & mind recalibrate. Slowing down gives you a clearer vision & more positive thought patterns! Slowing down can help YOU. It can help your BUSINESS. & It can help your COMMUNITY.
Press play to hear our thoughts! We hope this episode gives you the permission you might feel you need right now to slow down. You DESERVE to take breaks, bestie.
A HUGE shoutout to Jennifer Ciaccio from Bunny Lass Melts for being one of our sponsors for our Brews, Besties & Business Networking Event on June 12th! Listen in to the episode to learn more about Jennifer from Bunny Lass Melts!
Come be OUR bestie over on instagram! @besties_and_business @heyimjessjacobs @stepherhard


06/29/23 • 21 min

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On today's episode, we are lucky enough to have an AMAZING bestie join us to chat about one of our FAVORITE topics.... CREATING YOUR DREAM LIFE. We just already KNOW how impactful this episode is going to be for all of you besties!
Whether you are at day 1 in your business... or if you are at day 5,000... this episode will get you THINKING! It will get you considering whether YOU are truly creating YOUR dream life or not... & we have Becky's energy & wisdom to thank for that!
Becky has been an entrepreneur for FIVE YEARS now! During this episode, she shares how she has pivoted over and over again over the years in order to make sure that her actions were aligned with creating the version of HER dream life! She is extremely passionate about this topic... & so are WE... so you can imagine how DEEP the conversation got!
Let's get to know Becky before getting into the episode!
Becky Feigin is a passionate business coach dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in building sustainable businesses and achieving consistent $5k base income months. With her expertise and guidance, she empowers entrepreneurs to transform their dreams into thriving realities.

She’s driven by a genuine desire to make a difference, Becky's passion lies in helping other entrepreneurs unleash their full potential and create the businesses they've always envisioned. When Becky isn’t immersed in coaching sessions or strategizing with her clients, you can find her curled up on her couch with a good mystery or thriller novel.
This episode is an absolute MUST-LISTEN. We can't WAIT to hear what you think of the episode!
Go connect with Becky over on instagram! @beckyfeigin
Come be our bestie over on instagram! @besties_and_business @heyimjessjacobs @stepherhard


06/27/23 • 60 min

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Do we BRING the FIRE in this episode for you all!
On episode 104 of the Besties & Business podcast we REALLY dive DEEP into our HONEST OPINION on how to show up on social media.
It's one of THOSE topics Besties...
One of those topics that people get kind of nervous about!
Well... we are here to take you on the journey! SO many of you Besties have asked us over the past year about how we show up & create community on Social Media....& we are going to give you some tips & tricks in the episode!
In this episode, we open up a wormhole of some of the things WE did in the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey that really helped us have a better understanding of the direction we wanted to take with social media!
To find out more about how WE built our community on social media, you will have to listen to the episode!
A HUGE shoutout to Morgan Cone from Embrace Yourself LLC for being one of our sponsors for our Brews, Besties & Business Networking Event on June 12th! Listen in to the episode to learn more about Morgan Cone from Embrace Yourself LLC!
Besties! We really hope you love the episode! As usual, please don't hesitate to reach out & let us know what you think!
You KNOW we LOVE hearing from you!
If you REALLY LOVED what we had to say, please don't hesitate to leave a review on Apple Podcast or Spotify! When you share that info with either of those platforms, we are able to meet more Besties! It's a ripple affect! If we are able to inspire you & you share that with others, you'll be able to help inspire them too!
Come be our bestie over on instagram! @besties_and_business @heyimjessjacobs @stepherhard
Love YOU Besties! Talk to you in the next episode!


06/22/23 • 28 min

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Our Summer break is almost here!
From July 3rd-July 9th we will be taking a bit of a break from our regular posting schedule to take some time to reflect on the past six months!
In December we took a very similar break & recorded an episode ALL about our experience on that break. If you haven't listened to the episode, definitely check it out! We talk about about why decided to make this pivot in our business & how it helped us as entrepreneurs!
54. [Hello 2023] How SLOWING DOWN helps you REALIGN with your business & with YOURSELF

Taking this break every six months was NOT an easy decision for us to make but we truly feel aligned with it & we KNOW how beneficial it will be not only for us but for you Besties as well, when we come back with BIG ideas for you all & LOTS of new content!
In this episode we really get transparent with you Besties!
This past week we experienced some INCREDIBLE highs as entrepreneurs! In this episode we take you through what it was like to experience those highs in the moment & some unexpected emotions that came along with it.
We always tell you Besties that we are taking you on this journey with us & this episode along with the topics discussed on it, are truly a testament to that.
The biggest lesson we have learned through entrepreneurship is that it truly is a never-ending journey. As an entrepreneur, you will ALWAYS be learning, growing & evolving.
Even though within the past week we have had some SUPER exciting moments as entrepreneurs. Maybe even some of our FAVORITE moments on our journeys, as entrepreneurs thus far, we KNOW it doesn't mean we have learned EVERYTHING about being an entrepreneur. We KNOW, we still have a LOT left we will discover.
One of the biggest things that has TRULY helped us on this journey is creating a STRONG foundation & mindset.
We truly try to work on our mindset DAILY as entrepreneurs & we even created a course to help YOU work on your mindset as well!
The MINDSET MINI COURSE! It was DESIGNED for the entrepreneur who is READY to know themselves deeply & cultivate a strong mindset, so that they can create a life & business that they LOVE.
Check out the course at the link below:
A HUGE shoutout to The Curvy Bride for being one of our sponsors for our Brews, Besties & Business Networking Event on June 12th! Listen in to the episode to learn more about The Curvy Bride!
Besties.....we truly love you ALL & we are so grateful to every single one of you!
Come be our bestie over on instagram! @besties_and_business @heyimjessjacobs @stepherhard
If you REALLY LOVED what we had to say, please don't hesitate to leave a review on Apple Podcast or Spotify! When you share that info with either of those platforms, we are able to meet more Besties! It's a ripple affect! If we are able to inspire you & you share that with others, you'll be able to help inspire them too!
We LOVE you Besties! We just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH again for being our Bestie & letting us show up for you every week!
We truly are so grateful to each & everyone of you & we can't wait to spend MORE time with you & bring more INCREDIBLE content with you!


06/20/23 • 40 min

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On this episode of Besties & Business we are SO excited to welcome Taylor Hills Tresidder from Over The Shop Boutique!
Taylor has such a unique & exciting story to share with us ALL about her journey! It truly was so exciting to talk to Taylor all about her journey in entrepreneurship, from when she started her business to going viral on social media & the lessons learned from it.
This is truly such a unique interview then we have EVER had on the Besties podcast because we truly got to explore some unique opinions with Taylor & got to hear from a different perspective the up's & down's of social media!
Besties, we truly feel like you will resonate with his episode in the sense that it really helps us all to relate feel that we are all on different paths of our journey & it's OKAY not to all be doing the SAME thing, in our business with social media & in general!
Be bold. Be different & don't be afraid to be AUTHENTIC.
To get ready for the interview, here is a bit about Taylor!
If you had to explain Taylor Hills Tresidder in 3 words they would be bubbly, kind, and creative. Taylor is that friend you can call at 3 am that is ready to help you take over the world or just to vent about your day. When she's not making new and fun t-shirts for her shop she's at the beach with her dogs, drinking iced coffee, or making Tiktok's. Taylor is beyond excited to share her journey with her shop, going viral, and her business besties.
Besties we KNOW this interview touches on SO many INCREDIBLE points & WE want to hear from YOU!
What was YOUR favorite part of the interview?!
Enjoy the episode, besties! Make sure to go give Taylor some LOVE after this!
Go check out Taylor on instagram! @overtheshopbtq
Come be our besties over on instagram! @besties_and_business @heyimjessjacobs @stepherhard


06/15/23 • 45 min

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We had the AMAZING opportunity to sit down with Gabrielle Kloman for today's Besties & Business podcast episode! Gabrielle was on our last Besties Talking Biz Panel during our April networking event! She completely blew us away that night with her words of wisdom & simply by who she is as a person... so we had NO doubt that she would bring that same energy to this interview!
As a women current or aspiring entrepreneur, this episode is a MUST LISTEN! If you ARE a Mom or WANT to be a Mom one day, then this episode is EVEN MORE of a must listen for you! Gabrielle is such a BEAUTIFUL role model in this world! We say this because of her STRENGTH & EMPOWERING NATURE. We say this because of who she is as an ENTREPRENEUR, AUTHOR, SPEAKER and ONLINE COURSE CREATOR. We say this because of who she is as a MOM. We say this because of who she is as a HUMAN. Listen in to the episode to experience her beautiful energy yourself! We KNOW that you will feel leaving inspired, empowered, and ready to create a life you love as you stand as a beautiful example to future generations!
Let's get to know Gabrielle before jumping into the episode!
Gabrielle is an author, online course creator and entrepreneur. She is a mom to Kyleigh and Elliana, who were her greatest inspiration for her journey towards becoming the best version of herself.

Feeling compelled to share her success in creating a life she loves, Gabrielle published her book, “Stronger Than Ever” in 2021. In an effort to reach moms on different platforms, Gabrielle also created an online course to mirror the themes shared in her book. Her daughters saw her creating and wanted to join in the fun! Together the trio have created a mommy and me apparel and accessories line called Leveled Up Ladies & Co. LUL is intended to inspire and empower females of all ages to feel confident, unstoppable, and ready to level up in their lives.

Gabrielle and her daughters can be found most days dancing and singing through the ups and downs of life. When Gabrielle is not working on a project or her career, she enjoys running, focusing on a healthy lifestyle, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, relaxing on a beach and exploring with her girls.
Enjoy the episode, besties! Make sure to go give Gabrielle some LOVE after this!
Go check out Gabrielle on instagram! @momstrong_inspo @gklo24
Check out Gabrielle's business that she co-created along side her daughters, Kyleigh & Elliana!
Come be our besties over on instagram! @besties_and_business @heyimjessjacobs @stepherhard


06/13/23 • 58 min

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We are SO excited for you to listen in to this amazing episode that's filled with LAUGHTER, POSITIVITY & just the BEST energy! Today on the besties & business podcast, we were joined by entrepreneur & real estate agent, Anthony Battle! Anthony is one of those people who just has the most contagious energy that you can't get enough of... so get ready to experience it!
Along with his AMAZING personality, he really brought us on in the highs & lows of his experience as a real estate agent, & what it has really been like for him to create a brand that is LIMITLESS & true to him!
We chatted a ton about the challenges that come with being a YOUNG person in your field & how he has navigated that. We chatted even MORE about the challenges that come with being in a field that is known for its COMPETITIVE nature when YOU truly believe in COLLABORATION.
Something that we have in common with Anthony is that we ALL value the importance in COLLABORATING & supporting one another along the way. His dedication to collaboration really shined through & we appreciate that so much about him as a person & as an entrepreneur!
Anthony is doing AMAZING things in this world & we just feel so lucky to be a part of his journey. Watching him grow over the last few months & getting to record this episode with him is something we will ALWAYS remember!
Let's get to know Anthony before getting into the episode!
Anthony Battle (@BattleRealEstate) is an award winning residential and commercial realtor associate for Daunno Realty Services, LLC. Working with Daunno Realty allows Anthony to service all of New Jersey through referral partners who are among the most elite in their field. Anthony has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he brings to each transaction he completes. Believe me when I tell you #BattleSellsTheShore
Go get in touch with Anthony on Instagram! @BattleRealEstate
Come be our bestie over on instagram! @besties_and_business @heyimjessjacobs @stepherhard


07/18/23 • 44 min

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