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Beauty Aside

Jentri Quinn

Bite size beauty delivered weekly, plus inspiring stories from leaders in the beauty and entertainment industry!

From high school drop out to seasoned beauty entrepreneur, Jentri Quinn, is not only your Beauty BFFL, she's also a storyteller who flips the script on how we see beauty by taking you behind the scenes to discover what dreams are really made of!

Jentri also spills her 20 year's worth of beauty wisdom and skincare secrets here with ya, too!

So if you're frustrated with all the misinformation out there on how to treat your skin, and short on time, our digestible beauty bites are made just for you!

Remember, the more you know, the more you GLOW!

If you vibe with us, sign up for our weekly emails for a super size dose of inspiration and beauty tips!

For more info on our natural beauty products and services visit our site:

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Are you tired of looking tired?

Have you tried all the natural skincare stuff and want more options?

In this special Skin Talks Series, I sit down with one of my BFF's to discuss ALL THINGS BEAUTY!

Me and my esti sidekick, Seslie, usually talk about ways to holistically heal your skin.

But what do you do when an eye cream just isn't enough?

What if you have a special event coming up and just want a one-time extra lift?

My next guest, Clare Henderson, has experience with a variety of beauty treatments, including non-surgical facial treatments, botox, juvaderm fillers, and body contouring!

In this episode, Clare breaks down the most popular, tried and true alternatives to holistic beauty that really work!

Clare is currently the territory manager for Invisalign in the London area.

Stay to stay connected with Clare on IG.

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Have you ever dreamt of starting your own non-profit? Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of making the magic happen?

My next guest helps us unpack it all. She’s not only one of the most generous people I know who genuinely leads with her heart, she's also the founder of Beautifully Loved, a non-profit organization that helps support families in need battling chronic illness. She’s also the creator of the Dell Children’s CBCC Fashion Show where teens are pampered and celebrated as they walk the runway!

During our time together, Aysa shares her successful strategy for opening a non-profit, how to keep motivated during the more challenging times, her lessons learned, and the secret sauce to keeping the dream alive when it feels a little scary!

Stay connected with Aysa and Beautifully Loved!

Instagram: @beautifully.loved

Facebook: Beautifully Loved


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Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to be a fashion influencer, what the process is of becoming one, or how they get paid?

If this is something you've ever dreamt of, or pondered, this episode is for you!

My next guest is a successful fashion influencer, blogger and new mother who’s been on the scene now for over 6 years doing what she loves, and boy does she have some good insight to share!

From transitioning her Texas roots to England and starting over, Kaley takes us behind the scenes on a fashion lover's journey to reveal what it’s really like to make it in the influencer space and shares the reality of what goes on behind all those pretty images we see on social media.

Kaley also lets us in on the secret to growing a meaningful brand and vulnerably shares how she handles anxiety, and of course -- how to make money.

"You're only a success for the moment you complete a successful act." (yes, we talk about this, too!)

-Phil Jackson

Connect with Kaley on IG here.

Check out Kaley's blog here.

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05/29/20 • 9 min

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05/24/20 • 67 min

If you've been on the fence about how to make your dream work for you, instead of against you, this next episode is for you! Filled with encouraging determination from a relentless hopeful, we are inspired to open our minds to the many ways we can merge our wildest dreams with reality to live a life we fully love!

My next guest is the star of the hit documentary, The Pretender, that premiered at the Beverly Hills Film Festival and he’s also the creator of the Yo, Philly! Rocky Film Tour. He’s spent his entire life impersonating and paying homage to his favorite character and movie, Rocky (which also happens to also be mine!)!

During our visit, Mike shares his transformational journey that started at the age 11 when he first watched Rocky, to now in his 50's -- being the star of a hit documentary and successfully running The Yo, Philly! Rocky Film Tour while enjoying life in Philly with his wife, Sue!

The Yo, Philly! Rocky Film Tour

Watch The Pretender Documentary

Follow Mike on Youtube!

Be sure to sign up for our inspiring newsletter for weekly skincare tips and The Beauty Brand Bootcamp course updates!

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05/15/20 • 44 min

Are you a multi-passionate soul or entrepreneur who dreams of waking up each morning to do exactly what it is you love to do, while making a difference in the world? If so, you'll LOVE this next episode!

My next guest is a triple threat. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she’s insanely smart and multi-passionate.

Libby Hill is 2019’s Miss Earth USA, a soon to be registered dietician, model and personal trainer who makes time to volunteer with organizations related to environmentalism, animal welfare, and veteran communities.

In this interview, Libby shares her intimate journey towards becoming Miss Earth USA, her behind the scenes struggles that led her to focus on a career in health, her passion for the environment, and ways we can all feel better by surrounding ourselves with positive messaging and body images.

And if pageantry is your dream, you've come to the right place. Libby shares some easy ways to get started so that you can turn that dream of yours into a reality!

This is truly one of the most honest and refreshing interviews that will inspire you to be the best version of yourself, and maybe even see the silver lining in all of the challenges that we're facing today!

How to stay connected with Libby:

@libbybhill (FB & IG)


Resources Mentioned:


For our one year anniversary listeners, take advantage of our special offer by emailing to receive an exclusive gift (offer expires 12/31/20).

Stay connected with us at and sign up for our newsletter for weekly inspiration, skincare tips, and our beauty brand bootcamp course updates!

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05/08/20 • 11 min

Have you been wanting to get your products or services featured on local TV but have no idea who to contact or where to get started?

One of the biggest things that PR can do is give your business and brand credibility, raise your perceived value to the public and connect you with greater opportunities you may not have otherwise.

I love to help small business and entrepreneurs succeed and avoid some of the mistakes I've made along the way, so today, I'm giving you all the goods - we’re going to be breaking it all down and talking about how you can be your own PR superhero with zero money!

I'll take you through a simple step by step process to set you up for success, and if you follow this I promise it’ll boost your chances of once and for all getting that special story and product of yours on local TV and becoming your own PR superhero!

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Are you struggling with signs of aging, particularly around your eye area? If so, you're not alone!

Welcome back to another round of Skin Talks, our special once a month skincare series where we address all things skin-related and offer a holistic approach to aging gracefully.

On this episode, me and my dear esti friend, Seslie Recker, talk about some of the most common concerns and frustrations women over 35 face -- bags, wrinkles and dark circles around the EYES!

We also address another common frustration women express to us - large PORES -- and we offer simple solutions on how to make them appear smaller.

Don't forget to join us on IG and send us a DM if you have questions you want us to address on our show!

Seslie's IG: @Sesboog and HillCountry_SkinCareNerd

Jentri's IG: @Jentri_Quinn and @JentriQuinnMakeup

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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How many episodes does Beauty Aside have?

Beauty Aside currently has 54 episodes available.

What topics does Beauty Aside cover?

The podcast is about Dreams, Beauty, Entrepreneur, Inspirational, Fashion & Beauty, Online Business, Motivational, Wellness, Podcasts, Support, Tv, Arts, Business and Tv & Film.

What is the most popular episode on Beauty Aside?

The episode title '3 Tried and True Beauty Solutions for Tired Aging Skin' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on Beauty Aside?

The average episode length on Beauty Aside is 33 minutes.

How often are episodes of Beauty Aside released?

Episodes of Beauty Aside are typically released every 7 days, 1 hour.

When was the first episode of Beauty Aside?

The first episode of Beauty Aside was released on May 1, 2019.

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