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For all you folks who can’t get enough good music, Beats+Crates Radio is up and running. It’s brought to you by your favorite DJ and mine J1 aka THE DEER. He’ll be creating a series of mixes from his collection & having special guests do their thang. Hold on tight and crank up the volume, it’s going to be an experience.
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06/05/12 • 45 min

Pool-Pah "Sour Soul"
Wiz Khalifa + Big Sean "Off To The Races"
Twin Sister "Meet The Frownies"
Kendrick Lamar "The Recipe"
Jon Brion "Phone Call"
Jay Electronica "Eternal Sunshine"
Imogen Heap "Blanket"
Diz Gibran "City Lights"
Lonnie Liston Smith "Bridge Through Time"
J*Davey + Blu "iFeel"
Herbie Hancock "Textures"
Sa-Ra Creative PArtners "Hey Love"
Liquid Crystal Project "A Tribute to Tribe"
Oddisee "Mattered Much"
Angela Bofill "Gotta Make It Up To"
John Legend "Magnificent"
Sade - War Of The Hearts
Droop-E + E-40 "I'm Loaded"
Curtis Mayfield "Give Me Your Love"
Belvi + Richard Wright "Stepping Out"
Freddie Joachim " Interlude for J Dilla"
J. Bizness "Dionne"
Astrud Gilberto "Who Can I Turn To?"
Q-Tip + Will.I.Am "Like That"
Loose Ends " Nights Of Pleasure"
Suga Free "Doe Doe & A Skunk"
Major Harris "Love Won't Let Me Wait"
Pac Div "Take Me High"
Ohio Players "Funky Worm"
Nipsey Hussle "LA Confidential"
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06/05/12 • 56 min

Episode 008: Purple High
And now for the long awaited next episode of Beats+Crates Radio mixed by DJ Mantron. Purple High is for all you music lovers that want to feel grown. DJ Mantron, through some J Dilla, Mos Def, Nicolay & Kay, The Pharcyde, and J*Davey, brings you a mix that will have you dancing. Lately I have been driving a lot, and Purple High has been my soundtrack for the road. I’ll tell you Life Is Better with Purple High in heavy rotation. Download DJ Mantron’s episode of Beats+Crates Radio: Purple High here. Click “Continue reading” below to see the whole playlist. BIG thanks to DJ Mantron and J1 aka THE DEER.
Norman Conners – Invitation
Mos Def – Brown Sugar (Fine)
Q-tip – Life is Better
Basic Vocab – Sex
Madlib the Beat Konducta – Yo Yo Affair
P.H.E.A.R – What Happened
Avila Brothers – I Want You Now
Jackson 5 – Where Almost There(Dj Spinna Remix)
Shania D – It’s U
Nicolay & Kay – The Lights ft. Myth &S1 and Nicole Hurst
Erykah Badu – Honey (DJ Day Remix)
Morgan Zarate – Sticks & Stones
J*Davey – No More
Solange – CampagneChronicKnightcap
J Dilla – So Far To Go ft. Common & D’Angelo
Jill Scott – Crown Royal
The Pharcyde – She Said (Mike Caren Remix)
Sylvia – Sweet Stuff
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episode art

08/31/11 • 39 min

Episode 007: First Class
All right we have another episode of Beats+Crates Radio for your ears. Like my man Abraham would say, just like records we have come full circle. Back to the creator of Beats+Crates Radio J1 aka THE DEER with First Class. Yes this is a ticket into his record collection, and there’s no other way than first class. This is the guy who’s digging up the samples from Hip Hop tracks to the undiscovered. Your ears will love you for it. The stars must have been aligned when J1 made this mix. I seen a couple of joints from the Heavy Traffic soundtrack, and I was like no way. I watched Heavy Traffic for the first time a few months ago, and thought to myself, I needed to buy this soundtrack. I don’t want to spoil the goodness, so download J1’s B+C Radio episode First Class here and enjoy. Also be on the look out for Starship 27 Vol. 2: Take Off on Insect Records. BIG BIG thanks J1 for all that you do for Beats+Crates.
1. Heavy Traffic Soundtrack – Scarborough Street Fair
2. Faze-O – Ridin High
3. Roy Ayers – Searching
4. The Expressions – Money Is King
5. Jimmy McGriff – That Healin Feelin
6. Dr. No Soundtrack – The Island Speaks
7. The Gerald Wilson Orchestra – California Soul
8. Heavy Traffic Soundtrack – Michael’s Scarborough Street Fair
9. Eddie Harris – Ambidextrous
10. The Cannonball Adderley Quintet – Hummin
11. The Moments – Sexy Mama
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episode art

08/31/11 • 47 min

Episode 006: Modern Funk Flavor
I love it when another episode of B+C Radio pops off. In this episode DJ R-Cade presents Modern Funk Flavor. DJ R-Cade is bringing the funk in a proper way. He’s grabbed everything from Curren$y, Proh Mic, Termanology to a Max Kane remix of Al Green. Modern Funk Flavor has a chill vibe with energy that gets you dancing... Even for those of you that don’t dance. One way or another R-Cade dropped a mix that will get you moving. Download B+C Radio: R-Cade presents Modern Funk Flavor here. Check out DJ R-Cade on Twitter and NOAFF. BIG thanks R-Cade for bringing that modern funk to our ears. And a BIG shout out to Teeko.
Track list:
1. Bent Twig – California Dreamin’
2. ChexMex – Table for Two
3. Spinna – Holiday (Remix) [R.Cade Synth Edit]
4. Electric Wire Hustle – Perception
5. Sivion – Older Now
6. Sivion – Here We Go
7. Freddie Joachim – I Want to Know
8. Al Green – Stay with me [Max Kane Remix]
9. Approach – Watermark [B.Bravo Future-Funk Redux]
10. Curren$y – Skybourne
11. B.Lewis – Day 2-When the wise men fall
12. Reggie B – Future Music Groove
13. Sam Champ – Left & Right [sam champ remix]
14. Skuf’L – Welcome
15. Panacea – Flashback to freedom [DJ Spinna Remix]
16. Reggie B – We R Here
17. Proh Mic – Life feat. Adad
18. Stardus t- Music sounds better with you [Mux Mool remix]
19. Ski Beatz – Cream of the planet
20. Termanology – Pay Jay
21. Proh Mic – Material Girl
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09/14/10 • 52 min

Mr. DJ Sean O. has blessed us with a dope episode for Beats+Crates Radio. This episode is jammed pack with everyone from the Lootpack to Devonwho. Summer’s End has a real chill lounge vibe, but retains some energy. Very similar to DJ Sean O.‘s personality. You’ll never need to be in the mood to play Summer’s End because it’s right for every moment.
If any of you don’t know Sean O., he’s a mellow cat with an eclectic music collection. Sean O. is always down to share his knowledge and love for music. Catch him on KPFK’s (90.7FM) Soundwaves with the host with the most Mr. Abraham Beltran and the lovely Ms. Cecilia choppin it up. Sean O.’s Sound Cloud account must be full, I swear this dude kicks out a mix a day. If you run into Sean O. or see him DJing at a spot, take a moment to say what’s up. He’s a truly a cool cat and a good friend. Check out DJ Sean O.’s newly redesigned site at, Twitter, MySpace, and everything else on the Internet. Download B+C: Summers End here and enjoy. BIG thanks to DJ Sean O. for bringing some dope tunes to Beats+Crates Radio. I also want to thank ISO50 for inspiring the artwork.
Track List:
1. Beatfanatic – Intro (Adventures In The World of No-Fi Beats)
2. Dizz1 – Knontakosukeyaro
3. Juno Complex – Dirty Chip Stack$
4. Devonwho – Funk
5. SiFunk & Garmunkle – Gabby
6. Dert – Dert Is Out Of Love
7. Lootpack – Episodes III (mv)
8. Jaylib – Heavy (instrumental)
9. Illa J – R U Listenin’? (instrumental)
10. Paralex – Rainy Thursday
11. Samiyam – Rooftop
12. Take – The Start Of Our Ending
13. Kev Brown – Intro
14. Svetnik – Looking Back On Old Days
15. Outkast – Mainstream
16. DJ Jazzy Jeff – Musik Lounge
17. Joe Beats – Outro
18. DJ Krush – Passage
19. FS Green – Preppy Lady
20. Quasimoto – Put A Curse On You
21. Bulljun – Fat Morning, Central Park
22. Presto – Drama
23. F.A.M.E – Indulgence
24. DOK – Taste!
25. Suff Daddy – One For Rawls
26. Kero One – Keep It Alive!
27. Y Society – Peace Im Out The Door
28. fLako – Shake It Harder
29. Ras G – Random Selection
30. Pete Rock – U Are What U Are
31. Kixnare – Kix Jazz Pt.1
32. Katrah-Quey - Radio Tag
33. Dibiase – Castlevania
34. Jurassic 5 prod. by Shafiq Husayn – Contribution (instrumental)
35. Paul White – Time Wars
36. Teebs – Untitled
37. Ta’raach – Millie
38. 14KT – Miss U (For Lost Loved Ones)
39. Peanut Butter Wolf – Summers End
40. 40 Winks – Rap About That
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06/24/10 • 53 min

Episode 004: Hangin Wit The Homeboys
­To start off, I have listened to this episode of Beats+Crates Radio 12 times (and counting). No joke. J1 has got a group of talented friends, and P.U.D.G.E. raised the bar on this one. P.U.D.G.E. is a DJ, emcee, a beat maker, and continues to crank out the projects. This episode of Beats+Crates Radio, Hanging Wit The Homeboys, covers the Hip Hop gamut in 53 minutes. I asked P.U.D.G.E. about the title and he answered, “Cuz I know and/or am associated wit everyone on the playlist.” I stopped for a minute and was like “wow,” and proceeded to go over the playlist a 2nd and 3rd time. Yes, that dope. P.U.D.G.E.’s got quite a few projects out now, but is getting ready to drop another in a few days on BandCamp. Keep your eye and ears open. Download Episode 004: Hangin Wit The Homeboys here. Check out P.U.D.G.E. on MySpace, Twitter, & BandCamp. BIG thanks P.U.D.G.E. for knocking this one outta the park. Click below “continue reading” for the tracklist.
Track list:
1. FlySwat – GreatJsn (the Weirdoz)
2. Bad Neighbor – Dibia$e(Green Llama)
3. Good Afternoon – The Cool Kids
4. THX Sound – DJ. Pound
5. Ologist – Mndsgn (Klipmode)
6. Solar Exposure – G.r.a.m.z.d
7. Advanced Fiber – Knxwledge (Klipmode)
8. Bibimbap – Knxwledge (Klipmode)
9. Deal Wit It – Quelle + Denmark Vessey(Crown nation)
10. What if? – No Alias (The Lepht)
11. Gospel Slap – Dibia$e (Green Llama)
12. Can u See? – Kutmah (
13. Kinky Girl – Breezy LoveJoy
14. Order Another Round – Malkovich + Sumkid {the Palms Wknd)
15. Pop – Roc Marciano
16. Here Come The Live 1‘s – Rhettmatic Ft. Frank Nitty
17. Enigmatic Sea Turtle – Mono/Poly
18. Fantastic/untitled (rmx) – Georgia Anne Muldrow
19. HellOnEarf – GreatJsn
20. Potholes(Mort) – Mndsgn
21. Trucks – Dilla
22. Dance Or Die – Janelle Monae ft. Saul Williams
23. Bobby Womack(Get It) – Crown Nation
24. Charlie Brown – Ghostface (prod. by Doom)
25. The Whole umi says – Dj Amdex(Yamin Semali)
26. Black magic – The Milky Way
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How many episodes does B+C Radio have?

B+C Radio currently has 6 episodes available.

What topics does B+C Radio cover?

The podcast is about Los Angeles, Music and Podcasts.

What is the most popular episode on B+C Radio?

The episode title 'B+C Radio: Summer' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on B+C Radio?

The average episode length on B+C Radio is 49 minutes.

How often are episodes of B+C Radio released?

Episodes of B+C Radio are typically released every 81 days, 18 hours.

When was the first episode of B+C Radio?

The first episode of B+C Radio was released on Jun 24, 2010.

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