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Bantu Otaku


What's up, I'm RA-RA @Bantuotaku He | Them | Trickster | Griot I'm a Problack(BN), NB who's a Black American. God Body, Intersectional Bliss from New Jerusalem I love to make content of all kinds and make hell for a reason!!! Bantu Otaku mean Black Nationalist, It's just an double entendre to showcase my intersectional nature if that makes sense. My pages are meant to be an Online Underground RailRoad for Black Content so enjoy!!! Engage with me and other within our boundless perspectives and build a sense of solidarity. It's like that say development comes one brick at a time... ✌🏿 Support this podcast:


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11/14/19 • 0 min

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11/14/19 • 0 min

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12/03/20 • 2 min

Also, I make no money for this...
You can pay me tho by supporting reparations in it's entirety!!!
If your looking for Books on Black/African ppl
#blacknationalism #organicblackpill #problack #blaxploitation #anime #ados

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12/03/20 • 2 min

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List of Movies and ShowsLink to Bantuland For Black Queer Movie suggestions not listed above...
00:00 Intro
01:08 My Problem with Growing UP on Queer Media!
03:52 My House(2018)
04:34 Love @ First Night(2016–2020)
05:25 Janelle Monáe - Dirty Computer[Emotion Picture](2018)
06:01 No Shade Series(2013)
06:37 The Watermelon Woman(1996)
07:00 Kiki (2016)
07:23 Leave It On the Floor (2011)
07:57 Check It(2017)
08:11 Breathe(LGBT Web Series)(2017)
08:35 TRIANGLE(2018- Present)
08:55 POZ ROZ(2021- Present)
09:16 Bait(2015)
09:40 Legendary(2020)
09:54 BlackBird(2014)
10:11 Pose(2018-2021)
10:28 The Skinny(2012)
10:42 Brother to Brother(2013)
11:18 How Do I Look(2006)
11:52 The Dl Chronicles & The Chadwick Journal
12:17 On The Low (Gay Short Film)(2014)
12:39 Animal Drill(2013)
13:05 Haus(2018)
13:20 Naz & Maalik(2015)
13:36 LUV Don't Live Here(2016)
13:50 Living 4 the Weekend(2017- 14:03
Chasing Pavement(2015)
14:35 Love The One You're With(2021)
14:57 What's the Function(2019)
15:15 SMASH : The Official Short Film (2018)
15:27 L.I.T. The Series(2017- Present)
15:55 Moonlight(2016)
16:11 Single Man Problems(2019)
16:21 Ken(2013- Present)
16:38 Nubia Amplified(2020)
16:50 Gays in Prison(2015)
17:17 Jewel's Catch One(2016)
18:55 Major!(2015)
19:12 Party-N-Play(2021)
19:23 The Infamous T(2016)
19:51 LiME(2020)
20:02 Voguing: The Message
20:21 StudvilleTV(2012- Present)
21:14 Paris Is Burning(1990)
21:28 Tangerine(2015)
21:45 Tongues Untied(1989)
21:54 Black is... Black Ain't(1994)
22:32 Punks(2000)
23:13 Bessie(2015)
23:22 I Am Not Your Negro(2016)
23:46 The Color Purple(1985)
23:57 Holiday Heart(2000)
24:27 The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson(2017)
24:48 Pariah(2011)
24:58 B-Boy Blues(2021)
25:09 District (2018)
25:21 The RainbowConnection(2010-2014)
25:31 A First Time For Everything(2014)
25:44 The TS Madison Experience(2021)
26:07 Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce(2013- Present)
26:32 Turnt Out With TS Madison (2022- Present)
26:44 H.I.M (2017- Present)
27:45 About Him (2016-Present)
27:58 Noah’s Arc(2005-2006)
26:14 Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom(2008)
28:28 Chasing: Atlanta(2017- Present)
28:45 The Unhinged (2021)
31:55 Outro
Credited Music ♫:
ChillHop Playlist
L'Indécis - From The Top
Evil Needle - Cruising
chromonicci - Limitless.
Ian Ewing, Akinyemi - Fall Down - Instrumental
The BREED - Smunchiiez
Evil Needle - Hypnosis
chromonicci - Window.
Smile High, Teddy Roxpin - Odyssey
Misha, Screen Jazzmaster - Memories
Aviino - Creswick
sadtoi, Relyae - Ending
cIan Ewing, Akinyemi - Fall Down

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02/17/22 • 33 min

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Visual here

Here is a link to all the Discord messages and IG DM.

Along with other stuff I showed on stream.

Read them and come to your own conclusions!!!

Tweets used in video

Discord Deleted Tweet

Cookiee Convo on Blackness Tweets

My Twitter Post marking my leave on 9/15

Youtube Vids Referenced
On 'white Male Rage'
PSA: #YesAllwhitePeople
Why is "LeftTube" So White?
The Anti Black Pipeline: Vaush, Black Nationalism & Racism
Many of You Are Not Really Black Nationalists
White People don’t matter

Link to Bantuland so you can talk to us...

00:00 Intro

01:07 Discord being deleted

12:22 Discord Msgs

28:48 IG Dms

01:15:05 Cookiee Jar Msg

01:33:47 Outro

01:34:58 Lion King
#bantuotaku #CookieeKawaii #CookieeMonster #problack #organicblackpill #blacknationalism #scorpio #breadtube #lefttube #idpol #identity #politics #discord

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05/20/22 • 98 min

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04/19/23 • 21 min

Thanks, for watching! The key take away is that WE NEED AN ORGANICALY GROWN MOVIE(like a literal movie😭)! Also, Support the Locals🧑🏿‍🌾... 🐈‍⬛🐾🐾🐾 TimeStamps🔖 00:00 Intro 01:28 Preface 02:32 My Media Diet 09:58 My Into to Jersey Club 13:20 An Era 20:29 Outro Jersey Club Documentaries🎥
Dj Tameil Youtube channel very resourceful SeratoDJ Presents DJ Tameil Vs DJ Technics (Jersey Club Vs Baltimore Club) SUB.Culture JERSEY CLUB DOCUMENTARY Why Is Jersey Club Music Everywhere Right Now? Journey In Dance: Jersey Club | Ministry of Sound Jersey Club Articles📰 Jersey Club Music Wiki What Is Jersey Club Music? DJ Uniiqu3 and The Rise of Jersey Club The Sky’s The Limit: An Oral History of Jersey Club Jersey club: From Newark to the world The 41 Best Jersey Club Songs Ever Meet UNIIQU3, the global ambassador of music’s most influential genre How “Just Wanna Rock” Helped Jersey Club Take Over TikTok JERSEY CLUB MUSIC IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD, FIRST STOP: JERSEY Sources and Citations📚 hey hasani Tiktok @praxispapi Tweet Blog Era of Hip Hop Wiki Vogue/Ballroom Wiki The FBI has a history of targeting black activists. That's still true today Black Identity Extremists Wiki Jeremih - RAINDROPS ft DEM BOYZ Grinding (dance) Pretty Ricky Pacman Your Body feat Dem Boyz Grind Video Soulja Boy Tell'em - Pretty Boy Swag New Boyz "You're A Jerk" MV officiallystylish Legendary Leggoh JohVera ithl123 Vogue Dramatics Ballroom Throwbacks Television Open To All Entertainment


04/19/23 • 21 min

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04/26/23 • 28 min

Content warning: Conversations of unaliving and disposition!

Thanks, for watching I hoped you enjoyed the content! 💖 I was talking about coryxkenshin situation around 4min, my bad bro for not remembering your name! A playlist filled with a variety of Black leftist views on the inconsistencies of the Eurocentric Left(Breadtube/Lefttube) and the pervasiveness of White Identity Politics... This playlist also have videos I referenced too!

The Antiblack Pipeline Resources🤫

Black Nationalist Bookshelf Pt.1 Black Nationalist Bookshelf Pt.2 Black Nationalist Bookshelf Pt.3 BantuOtaku | Reads Central World View and Philosophy (Black Nationalism)✊🏿🌍🧑🏿‍🏫 All music Played in video can be found @ Support the Locals🙏🏿🔥💖 Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live

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04/26/23 • 28 min

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How many episodes does Bantu Otaku have?

Bantu Otaku currently has 6 episodes available.

What topics does Bantu Otaku cover?

The podcast is about Society & Culture and Podcasts.

What is the most popular episode on Bantu Otaku?

The episode title 'Bantu Otaku (Trailer)' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on Bantu Otaku?

The average episode length on Bantu Otaku is 31 minutes.

How often are episodes of Bantu Otaku released?

Episodes of Bantu Otaku are typically released every 333 days, 11 hours.

When was the first episode of Bantu Otaku?

The first episode of Bantu Otaku was released on Nov 14, 2019.

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