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Wrongthink, Badspeak, and Malcontent

Wrongthink, Badspeak, and Malcontent

Baked and Awake

Baked and Awake Podcast

Episode 113

January 27 2021

  1. Retiring from Social Media, watching censorship happen in real time, Corbett Report struck from YouTube, hardening my personal digital best practices, and using democratized, decentralized, and peer to peer platforms to the greatest extent possible. Get comfortable using the Brave Browser for clearnet activities, and the Tor browser for darknet activities.
  2. Sharing some email highlights from Tony, others. Reflecting on the challenges of continuing to speak truth to power in today’s world.
  3. Should we revisit Wilhelm Reich?
  4. LBRY and my future on YouTube
  5. College plans, Riding Content, other projects? New Years’ Resolutions Review the show PLEASE! No New Reviews in 2020?! WTF
  6. Deepest thanks to DJ Quod and Begin Scarseth for the new Baked and Awake musical theme!

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New 2021 Baked and Awake Podcast Theme Song by The Family Quod ( ) with original Viola Composition from the very talented Begin Scarseth ( ). Follow @thefamilyquod and @beginscarseth on Instagram to hear more of both of them.

Additional Ambient Music generously provided by Antti Luode (,

Most other creepy, ambient sounds you hear were provided with permission by Independent Artist Northwest Grab aka

By the way, I'm a Wikipedia Editor! (and you can be, too)

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01/27/21 • 61 min

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