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What do you do when you aren't listening to podcasts?

What do you do when you aren't listening to podcasts?

Baked and Awake

Baked and Awake

Episode 116

Updates, News, What’s on The Radar

  • New destinations for the Podcast, Deezer and Gaana
  • Highlights of countries the podcast is listened to in-
  • Look for some moto related content coming to my YT channel soon
  • Prepping topic- time to start your gardens!
  • What else is going on (WSB, Crypto, Linux, Network Security, Retro Tech)
  • Life after Instagram, nine weeks on.. I don’t even miss it
  • New reviews in the App Store from: JEFFARGH, Eye on The Baal, Rusty Shacklefordt, and BC Meadows
  • The gardening season has begun at our house
  • Special Thanks to: Tony

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New 2021 Baked and Awake Podcast Theme Song by DJ Quod with original Viola Composition from Begin Scarseth. Follow @thefamilyquod on Instagram to hear more

Additional Ambient Music generously provided by Antti Luode (,

Additional Music Provided with permission by Northwest Grab aka

I'm a Wikipedia Editor! (and you can be, too)


03/10/21 • 37 min

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