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Bad Jew

Bad Jew

Mr. Thrive Media

What is a bad jew? What does it take to not be one? Is it anti-Semitic to say? Or is it just a phrase that Jews use to cruelly judge one another? Chaz Volk, a newly observant Jew, shares that the greatest way to embrace your identity is to question everything. And we mean EVERYTHING! Chaz questions the Torah, law, politics, standards, communities and even G-d itself in this confrontational and edgy show. About Chaz: Chaz Volk grew up in Thousand Oaks, California where he began Torah studies until he was Bar Mitzva'ed at Temple Etz Chaim. From a young age, he was very aware of his uniqueness and how he was the token-Jew outside of Jewish settings. In middle school, Chaz experienced his first taste of antisemitism which brought him closer to his identity, despite his adversaries' wishes. Later, he'd attend San Francisco State University, where he'd get deeply involved at SF Hillel as a volunteer and intern. SFSU's social climate and its perspective on Jews and Zionism became clear from an early point. He'd later become the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit known today as Volk v. CSU Board of Trustees. In this class action case, Chaz Volk and his representation won. Since then, Chaz has proudly immersed himself in his identity and partaken in communities across southern California. Most recently, Chaz's emotional awakening occurred on an organized trip to Israel. There he adopted new practices that he instilled in his lifestyle to this day. Today, he's a volunteer and frequent of Aish HaTorah's programming and plans to use this show to promote their programs, events, and resources along with valuable Jewish teachings. Want to engage with our online WhatsApp community? Email: [email protected] Brand partnership: [email protected] IG: @badjewpod TikTok: @badjewpod
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How many episodes does Bad Jew have?

Bad Jew currently has 68 episodes available.

What topics does Bad Jew cover?

The podcast is about Spirituality, Religion & Spirituality, Podcasts and Judaism.

What is the most popular episode on Bad Jew?

The episode title 'What is a Bad Jew? Part 2 with Igor Milgram' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on Bad Jew?

The average episode length on Bad Jew is 35 minutes.

How often are episodes of Bad Jew released?

Episodes of Bad Jew are typically released every 7 days.

When was the first episode of Bad Jew?

The first episode of Bad Jew was released on Jan 5, 2023.

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