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Tamara "Tami" Patzer

We’re On the AIR, Author Interview Radio brings you the hottest authors publishing on the planet today. Listen in on these private conversations!

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Becky Norwood is CEO of Spotlight On Your Business since 2009. Her main area of focus has been teaching and working with entrepreneurs and small business owners to establish their knowledge and expertise, and find ways to stand out in our busy, noisy world in powerful ways.
Spotlight Publishing was developed in conjunction with her main business as she studied what is working...and not working to grow a business. Becky now expertly guides her clients to become authors and understanding the big picture behind authoring books by implementing tools, tips, and resources that make publishing worth the time and effort. Her team has successfully brought over 200 authors to #1 Bestseller due to a unique system and powerful affiliate connections.
Becky is herself an International #1 Bestselling author and became an entrepreneur at a very young age. With a wide variety of businesses in her diverse background, including owning and operating her family’s saw blade sharpening business, a lingerie boutique, and a gift basket business, she understands what business ownership is all about.
Having been a single mama for twenty years while raising two beautiful daughters, Becky has been married to her amazing husband Mark for twelve years and enjoys a blended family of five adult kids and a growing number of grandchildren...soon to be 14!
When not serving her clients, Becky enjoys family time, crafts, traveling, and camping.
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Author Interview Radio — You are ON THE AIR!
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Melody Keymer Harper, is an international speaker, 6 times bestselling author, entertainer, and TV/Podcast host of “Ignite Your Influence Now!” and “Speakers Money Train!”
She has over 40 years experience in showbiz and the world of business teaching speaking, communication, story telling, and stage presence strategies to: Stand Out as the Expert in Your Field, Make an Impact With Your Message, and Magnetically Attract New Clients to catapult your business to greater heights.
Aside from acting in the movie Double Trouble with Elvis Presley, Melody has worked with and also shared the stage and screen with some of the most highly sought after speaking giants including: Brian Tracy, Les Brown, and Jack Canfield and celebrities including: Elizabeth Taylor, Johnny Carson, Suzanne Sommers, Anthony Hopkins, and many more.
Twice a year Melody enjoys presenting her 3-day intensive “Ignite your Speaking Power” Bootcamps and 2-Day “Speakers Money Train” Retreats for business professionals, speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs who want to get more high paying clients, more speaking gigs, and more profits in their business.
Learn how you can drive a stampede of new customers rushing to the back of the room to sign up for your programs every time you speak. Melody can help you put your train on the Right Track in 2020!
Author Interview Radio — You are ON THE AIR!
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Chetan Parkyn was schooled in England, and traveled the world as a troubleshooting mechanical engineer and ocean-diving engineer. In India, in 1979, while with the enlightened mystic Osho, his abilities to read for people surfaced when his gifts were recognized by two savants, who told him to “get ready” for a system that would come into his life and that he would introduce to the whole world.
Chetan was encouraged to use his gifts to “Read” for people, and he commenced reading hands, cards, the IChing, astrology and other esoteric systems to prepare himself for the “new system.”
In 1993, he was introduced to Human Design, recognized right away this is what the savants had foretold, and has studied, read and taught it worldwide ever since.
His first book : Human Design, Discover the Person You Were Born To Be was first published in 2009 by Harper Collins UK, and is now available in 12 language versions, reaching best-seller status in Chinese, Russian and Bulgarian. Two more books on Human Design, The Book of Lines, and 21st Century View of the IChing, and The Book of Destinies, Discover the Life You Were Born To Live are already being translated and released in other language versions.
26 years after being introduced to Human Design, Chetan continues teaching Human Design online and in person, often with his wife and partner, Carola Eastwood.
Chetan presently resides in San Diego, California.
For free software and your free Human Design report, please visit
For the free Human Design App :
For personal Readings and Mentoring, Chetan can be reached at
Author Interview Radio — You are ON THE AIR!
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From FL to NY Share One Man’s Journey by Foot to Bring Happiness up the US Eastern Seaboard.
From FL to NY is a powerfully written and motivating book that outlines several important factors needed for life: 1) How the skill of “Being Calm” is critical in tough situations; 2) The power of “asking” and its ability to open closed doors 3) Taking challenges and turning them into strengths. 4) How questions and actions lead to amazing results. 5) Benefits of a “Never give up, never surrender attitude.” From FL to NY is a wealth of information and a guide for overcoming the challenges of everyday life.
In 2006, Edward Rodriguez’s life devolved into a series of difficult challenges. He faced a business disaster, a grievous loss in the family, and his own serious illness. As he struggled to regain a foothold on his life, Eddy had an idea. He would reach out to others every day and share a smile.
“Smiling made me feel better,” Edward shared. “I decided to dedicate my life to sharing happiness.”
The Smile and Wave Project began in 2007 as Edward worked toward his goal of touching 10 million people with a smile. As part of the Project, Eddy decided to take a Walk for Happiness Awareness. In March 2011, he left South Florida with only a backpack. He added a stroller, and eventually a rolling cart, as he logged around 2000 miles. Sharing the smile along the journey, he walked up the east coast, stopping in Myrtle Beach, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and many small towns all the way to New York City.
From Florida to New York recounts Edward’s many adventures on the Walk for Happiness Awareness. Despite a lack of resources, he was able to secure lodging, eat in restaurants, and stay with friendly strangers from South Florida to the Big Apple. His journey inspired him to open a new chapter in his life story. It is his hope that From Florida to New York will do the same for readers.
“Edward’s story is touching, and really opened my eyes to the kindness of strangers,” shared Jaimie Engle, editor and writing coach on the project. “To have gone through all the trials and still desire to spread happiness shows me the strong spirit and heart we share as humans, if we choose to smile!”
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Author Interview Radio — You are ON THE AIR!
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You want to listen to this interview and take notes from Superstar Publisher Suzy Prudden!
Known as “The Mind Magician!” Suzy Prudden is a master of masters.
“If Suzy is talking about it today, you can be sure the rest of the country will be talking about it tomorrow” — THE NEW YORK TIMES
Prize Winning International Speaker, Workshop and Seminar Leader, New York Times Best Selling Author (from before the internet) Master Hypnotherapist, Fitness Expert, Body/Mind Pioneer, Success Coach, TV host and Publisher.
Suzy Prudden has been featured on Oprah who said, “In order to heal your relationship with your body, you have to go inside. The answers are all in Suzy Prudden’s book, Change Your Mind, Change Your Body.”
• Author of Twelve books including the best selling, Suzy Prudden’s Spot Reducing Program, MetaFitness: Your Thoughts Taking Shape, and Change Your Mind, Change Your Body.
• Winner of the Women in Business: 1994-95 Most Inspirational Speaker Award and the International Federation of Hypnotists 2001 Award for Excellence for Integrated Therapies & 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award.
• Guest expert on over 1,000 radio and television shows including Oprah, The Today Show and Good Morning America.
Co-founder and President of Itty Bitty Publishing and Legacy Press Books, Suzy’s companies have created over 65 best sellers within 3 years and helped her authors move their companies into high 6 figure businesses.
Check out Suzy’s TedX Talk on her website.
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Author Interview Radio — You are ON THE AIR!
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