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Authentic Ginger Podcast

Tosh Taylor & Darin Roche

The Authentic Ginger Podcast is inspiring redheads globally and to expose compelling stories from our guests, to educate the masses about the culture, and to bring the much needed awareness, inspiration and empowerment it deserves.

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We are so excited for today's episode. We sat down with Dr. Sandy Skotnicki to discuss the best season of the entire year, freckle season!
Dr. Sandy Skotnicki is the founding director of the
Bay Dermatology Centre and is Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, Department of Medicine in the Divisions of Dermatology and Occupational and Environmental Health.
Widely regarded as the “go to” Dermatologist in Canada for ingredient reactions and safety, she regularly provides commentary and contributes to medical journals, media outlets (e.g. Flare, Glow, Elle Canada, Toronto Life Fashion, Zoomer, Chatelaine, Toronto Star, and The Globe and Mail, CBC Radio), and speaks on reactions to chemicals in the skincare industry.
Dr. Sandy takes us through what we all have been wanting to know, why freckles, how did they get there, and what do they mean? Answers to all of these questions are within the show! Enjoy this one!
Dr. Sandy Skotnicki is also an author and her book (Beyond Soap) can be purchased here!
Follow Dr. Sandy on instagram here!

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