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Audio Drama Insiders

Craig Hart

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Interviews and conversations with the most prolific and talented audio drama creators.


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04/26/22 • 22 min

Trisha and Craig speak with Rachel Pulliam of Sole Twin Audios, a production company that focuses on recreating Old Time Radio programs. Rachel talks about what attracts listeners to that vintage sound and the importance of community within the audio drama space. Stay tuned at the end of the show for some trailers featuring Rachel's work!

Rachel Pulliam is the founder of Sole Twin Audios, whose tagline is “Stories created solely with a vintage soul in mind.” Rachel has been voice acting for audio dramas off and on for a number of years and played many different parts, including her favorite kind of role, the villain. In addition to voice acting, she has produced a number of audio plays for studios such as Dream Realm Enterprises, The Sonic Society, the Mutual Audio Network, and the Narada Radio Company.

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04/12/22 • 21 min


Audio drama renaissance man JD Sutter joins the inaugural episode of Audio Drama Insiders to answer the all-important question: What exactly IS an audio drama? We also talk about the current state of audio drama, its future, and how newcomers can get started.

Hosts: Craig Hart and Trisha Rose
Guest: JD Sutter

Check out JD's podcast, Audio Theatre Central, an amazing review website that focuses of high quality, family friendly audio dramas.

Main Points

  • What is an audio drama?
  • What is the difference between audio fiction and audio drama?
  • How can someone get started?
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08/21/22 • 31 min

Christina Castaneda is a writer, producer and digital strategy geek who loves combining writing with podcasting. She is the host of The Savvy Creative, which features award winning audio dramas with magic, romance and dark thrillers, fully produced by indie writers and creative talent.

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Christopher Green is the producer of multiple audio dramas including "Shadows and Daylight" and "The Jimmy, Sam & Tommy Show", as well co-creator of "Greenhorn Tales" and founder of "The Audio Drama Alliance". Residing Canada, he lets his Canadian perspective shine through in his productions. He likes to create dramas with purpose, whether that purpose is to share his love of Jesus, or to make people laugh.

Hosted by Craig Hart and Trisha Rose.

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12/22/22 • 34 min

In this episode, Craig and Trisha speak to Darby Kern, who is most known in the audio drama space as a writer and director. It's a show jam-packed with great insights on the craft from one of the most talented creators in the industry. Buckle up and tune in!

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