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Art/Work/Play is a podcast by the Canadian video game collective SpekWork. Our biweekly episodes cover art, games and interactive media with a critical focus on the politics of production. Hosted by Jonathan Carroll, Ben McCarthy, and Cat Bluemke, with guest art-, game- and community workers.

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“And what I now see is that the new virtual world that our children are growing up in is so addictive precisely because it satisfies the need for reply and response, and because it does so immediately. In this way the virtual penetrates to the core of the social and provides us with all the rewards of the social realm without requiring us to pay the corresponding price, so that we can now sit entirely alone, on our own island, without the mechanical interaction ever causing the urge for other human beings to rise within us and tear wildly about like a recently caught animal in a cage.” --Karl Ove Knausgaard Legal, political and bureaucratic systems often move slowly in response to labour unrest and injustice. Not only does this function to quell the energy required to organize these actions, but too the hope required to sustain them. The gang talks a bit about these techniques in application to the Foodora Unionization vote and the Regina Co-op Refinery lockout, before launching into a play-through of Jon’s beautiful new first person shooter Tower Fantasy. Check it out yourself. Tower Fantasy: Bandcamp: Coverage of the Regina Co-op Refinery lockout: No Man’s Sky and 10,000 Bowls of Plain Oatmeal: This guy on Perlin Noise: Therapy Font (Jon, Cale, and Ben’s generative and improvised music project): Find Ben’s fancy theatre podcast: SoundCloud: Or an Apple Podcasts: More on the play and the Trilogy: Find us elsewhere:
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A special episode with activist, playwright, gig-worker and union organizer Thomas McKechnie. Thomas talks about the under-reported case before the Ontario Labour Relations Board between Foodora and its employees. He also takes us through strategies for organizing app-mediated gig-workers and his motivation for writing Remembering the Winnipeg General. Caveat emptor: Because Ben’s computer is ancient and it’s battery dies unpredictably, because his art practice does not afford him the ability to keep himself in working gear, our recording died midway through the session. Happily Jon took a back-up recording, which if you squint your ears ably captures Thomas and Ben’s rich contributions to the middle part of the exchange. Nota bene: Ben is available to offer his professional recording, engineering, and sound design skills to paying customers. Hit him in his DMs. Details on Rally for Worker Rights in the Gig Economy: More on Thomas: Find Thomas: Twitter: @postbrechtian Zeitpunktheatre: The Foodsters: Twitter: @FoodstersUnited IG:@ unitedfoodsters Facebook: Find us elsewhere:
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