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Arts Management and Technology Laboratory

Arts Management and Technology Lab

This monthly podcast explores the intersection of technology and arts management through interviews, product reviews, humorous dialogue, and more! The Technology in the Arts podcast is produced by the Arts Management and Technology Lab, a research center of the Master of Arts Management program in Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University. The AMT Lab staff currently includes Dr. Brett Crawford (Executive Director), Lutie Rodriguez (Chief Editor of Research), Angela Johnson (Podcast Producer), B Crittenden (Technology and Interactive Content Manager), and Devyn Hinkle (Social Media and Marketing Manager).

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In part one of this two-part interview episode, Alyssa Wroblewski talks with Elliott Mower and Rachael Wilkinson about their experiences moving from working in the nonprofit professional arts sector into the tech sector. They reveal not only their own personal adjustments, but also what useful tactics arts managers could adopt from that industry. This episode delves into lessons learned with approaches in both industries with collaboration processes (waterfall vs. Agile) and collaboration tools.

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