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Art School Taught Me

Laurens & The Other Guy

Art School Taught Me is a weekly topical podcast hosted by Laurens and The Other Guy. New episodes every Monday. Please lower your expectations.

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First thing's first, I'd like to apologize about the sudden jump in audio around the 50 minute mark, I fucked up and had the wrong settings on the recorder. Which I'm real bummed out about because I've been looking forward to this episode for almost 10 months now. On this episode I sit down with Raniel of Wednesday. He was actually the first person I met when I first got here. This meeting was the catalyst to this whole series actually. For this episode we talk about Wednesday, the importance of upcycling, social issues regarding the environment and what we can do as individuals to change in the world. One important topic I'd like to highlight is where we discuss the role, responsibilities, and obligations streetwear brands have, if any, toward the general public when it comes to pressing matters. These are my favorite types of episodes because we get to highlight the opinions creatives have and the issues that matter to them most. It's informative, educational and worth a listen. Thanks! Again, I'm sorry about the audio issue. I really wanted this to be good because I feel like Raniel is a key figure within the community and his opinions on these topics are important and worth hearing. Wednesday in itself, I feel is very inlined with the Art School Taught Me's ideologies of pursuing truth, a better future, and providing a platform for issues worthy of discourse. — Raniel would like to thank: Vince and Mil of DBTK Bryan Sochayseng, Paulo Reyes, and Lex Celera of Monday Off Cleo Colon, Aaron Lim, Argie Alcantara and Jap Regala of Wednesday Marvin Conanan and Sara Martinez of PURVEYR George Balobalo of Bawal Clan Kieran and Kirsten Francisco Dustin Calde Jeg Nealega, Lean Torres, Robert Pabiling, Joshy Pascual, Pusangkalat, Vector Tears, Angelo Alpasan, Joshua Villanueva, Heaven, and Boris Garcia of Season Pass.
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