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Art of the Cowgirl Podcast

Art of the Cowgirl

It’s no secret that women have played a significant role in ranching and the western way of life. Most of today’s successful ranchers and western artisans have wonderful stories to tell about a wife, mother or grandmother who influenced their lives. Art of the Cowgirl is designed to spotlight these wonderful women while sharing the stories of their families, marriages, and partnerships that in turn shaped them. Please join us as we celebrate, gather and connect Western women around horses and western art. We will feature female makers, master artists, silversmiths, braiders, saddle makers and horsewomen. The event will not only provide entertainment and honor women of the West but will also provide fellowships to individuals to further their knowledge with master artists in the trade of choice. The contributions of these cowgirl makers are truly worth celebrating and we look forward to sharing them with you.

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